I have to admit, Blazblue is one of my favorite fighting games. And I wish it receives some more recognition. Though given the popularity of the heavy hitters like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Street fighter. I do understand why it's not as well known. That and the story is pretty complicated and confusing. Which actually interests me as I really do enjoy knowing the lore on a franchise. Now to business...I have to admit that I rather enjoy the pairing of Ragna and Noel. Not that the other pairings with him are bad, like Tsubaki and Ragna, or Nu, or Rachel, they all have their merits and I'm perfectly fine with them. And some of the stories involving them are done pretty well. (Especially the one called On Strange Wings by Velvien, which I have to commend the writer for making. It's really well done in my opinion.) It just that...I enjoy the pairing more. That and the one with Lambda, but enough of my ramblings. Now, I'll be honest, I wondered what would have happened if Ragna didn't drive Noel away during Continuum Shift. Lot's of things could have been prevented. So, I decided to give it a try. Also, can someone help with making a new name for this story. Cause I'm pretty bad at coming up with names. I would appreciate it.

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Chapter 1

Ragna sighed to himself as he and Noel were sulking in a rooftop on an unfinished building that was near the edge of the still under construction Kagutsuchi. The two had been traveling together for some time now and Ragna had been on edge now more than ever. After leaving the NOL branch, he'd been thinking about what Terumi said to him and how much it boiled his blood. Yet…he'd also been thinking about how much Noel looked so much like Saya. A bit too much, if you ask him, but still…it made him want to stay away from her, but also be around her. It confused him and he didn't like it. He was then snapped out of his thoughts when Noel began to talk to him.

"Mr. Bloodedge, sir?' Asked Noel timidly. "Can I…ask a few questions?"

"Why would I waste my breath with something so stupid." Said Ragna, looking at her with bored eyes. Hearing this made Noel shrink from hurt, which made him feel ashamed and annoyed.

"Why do you have to be so mean?" Asked Noel with hurt eyes. He winced at the hurt in her voice, but he kept talking.

"Just go away." Said Ragna without thinking. Noel looked hurt by this statement but shrugged it off.

"Okay, I'll go. But the next time we meet…it'll be as enemies." Said Noel with a shaky voice before walking away. Seeing her go made him question himself and what the hell he'd just did. Would he have done the same to Saya? And what would she say after seeing him turn away a girl that was confused and just wanted to talk to him? Plus, much as he'd rather not admit it, he'd rather liked having her around. Though he can make do without her clumsiness as well as her shyness. Sighing to himself, he called out to her just as she was about to take the stairs that would lead her out of the roof.

"Look, sorry about what I said. I…I didn't mean it." Said Ragna as he walked over to her. "Besides, I was getting tired of being alone. Might as well as have someone around to keep me company and prevent me from going crazy. Even if it's someone like you." Though a bit offended at the last remark, Noel nevertheless smiled. Just when she was about to converse with Ragna, he suddenly raised his head with an irritated expression. "Hey stalker guy. Care to show yourself or do I have to do it myself." He then grabbed his sword's hilt and pointed it toward the shadow of the building that was behind them. From out of the shadows emerged, to Noel's shock, Carl along with his faithful companion Nirvana. "The kid vigilante? You're serious?" Asked Ragna to no one in particular as he stared at the Carl. "Let me guess, you want the bounty on me, right?"

"Not really." Said Carl as his robotic companion stood still like a mannequin. "Though I will admit that it will be a nice bonus. I'd rather have your grimoire."

"Fat chance in that happening, kid." Spat Ragna as he adopted a fighting stance. Before it could divulge into a bloody battle, Noel stepped in between the two.

"Stop it, you two!" Yelled Noel, extending a hand for each of them. "Let's resolve this peacefully as possible." She then turned to Carl, who was shocked that Noel was protecting Ragna the Bloodedge. "Carl, I don't know what you want with Ragna's grimoire, but I want you to stop now. Please." Silence then ensued as Carl looked at Noel in thought. After awhile he sighed to himself.

"I'm sorry, Noel, but I have to do this. Not for me, but for my sister." Said Carl before getting into a fighting stance along with Nirvana. Seeing no way out of this except fight, Ragna held his sword and prepared for Carl's inevitable attack. As soon as Carl charged at him, he countered charged, forcing Noel to duck out of the way. As soon as Noel was out of the way, Ragna slashed at Carl with his sword, who was forced to duck out of the way. However, this caused Nirvana to take the hit, which, after a few more hits, caused her to shut down in order to repair herself. Gritting his teeth, Carl then threw a few of his gadgets at Ragna as a distraction before throwing a kick at him. The kick barely phased Ragna before he grabbed Carl and threw him aside. After landing roughly on the ground, Carl glared at the grim reaper.

"*Sighs* Give it a rest kid." Said Ragna as he looked at Carl with a bored expression. He may be a killer, but there's no way that he'll go all out on just a kid. A crazy kid, but still. Besides, without Nirvana, he's just a punk with a few toys. "I don't want to hurt you. Not too much anyway."

"Please, listen to Ragna, Carl." Said Noel, not wanting to see Carl get hurt. Hoping to make him listen, Noel summoned Bolverk as a means to intimidate him to surrendering. Seeing that he was outmatched, Carl just gritted his teeth. He then looked at Nirvana and sighed to himself.

"I'm sorry about this Noel." Said Carl with true regret. Confused at what he said, Noel then felt Nirvana's sharp claw-like fingers impale her from behind. "But I have to do this." He then charged at Ragna while he was distracted with the sudden surprise attack, managing to land a kick on Ragna's face, which was followed up with a punch from Nirvana, knocking him to the ground.

"Okay, that's it!" Yelled Ragna as he got up and charged. Morals be damned. He then threw a gauntlet hades at Carl before following it up with a hell spike. Not yet done, he used Carnage scissors on Carl as a finisher. As he laid on the ground, Carl moaned as he shakily got up, too weak to fight. Nirvana, meanwhile, stood in front of him, claws at the ready. As if hearing Nirvana speak, he then spoke.

"Alright, sis." Said Carl, struggling to get the words out. "We've got to get out of here."

"Yeah and stay out of my way, next time." Said Ragna as he stared down at Carl, who winced at the tone of voice Ragna was using. Seeing the battle was over, Nirvana grabbed Carl and jumped away to find a doctor. Seeing they were gone, Ragna rushed toward Noel, who was holding her stomach in order to stem the bleeding. "Shit, they did a number on you. Can you walk?" Asked Ragan as he examined her wound.

"I don't think so." Said Noel, struggling to get the words out as blood began to seep from her mouth. Cursing to himself, he then carried her bridal style, much to her embarrassment, before rushing to a certain village he knew at the bottom of Kagutsuchi, actually hoping that he'll make it on time.


Ragna sighed to himself as he watched the village elder as well as the Kaka tribe's best healer tried their best to tend to Noel's wound. Though the healer wasn't as good as Litchi or any certified doctor for that matter, he still tried his very best to help her, which was better than nothing. Seeing that that Noel was in the best hands available, he left for the hill near the village that had one of the few sources of sunlight available for the Kakas, but not before telling the elder where he's going. Upon going there, he sat on the grass there before closing his eyes. As he lay there resting, he had no idea how much had been changed because of his single choice.

First chapter is short, I know, but I'll try and make them longer. Now, I'm planning to make two crossovers with Blazblue, both with Ragna in it. One with Fairy Tail and one with RWBY. Problem is, I need to know what exactly happened to Ragna after Central Fiction because I have no idea what happened to him. I know he erased everyone's memories of him at the end and that he's stuck in the boundary with the master unit, but other than that, I have no further information on the matter. Please place your answer in either a review or PM me, which will be very appreciated.