Chapter 5

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"You can let me go now." Said Noel with a blush as Ragna continued to hold her bridal style. Sighing, Ragna looked at Noel before letting go, allowing her to walk on her own. She was still exhausted, but she could at least walk now. "Thanks." Waving his hand, Ragna looked at the girl that looked so much like Noel, just with red eyes instead of green.

"She's kind of creepy." Whispered Ragna, looking at the girl just starring at them with her blank eyes. Noel looked at Ragna with a disproving frown.

"That's hurtful, Ragna." Said Noel, scolding the reaper. At first, she would have been afraid to so much as talk to Ragna, but after traveling with him for a bit, she got comfortable enough to scold him for his behavior.

"Can't deny its true." Whispered Ragna, looking at Noel with annoyance visible on his face. "Just look at her." Sighing, Noel looked back at the girl, who just looked back, staring at her with her soulless eyes.

"Okay, you're right." Whispered Noel. "Buts its still mean." Sighing at that, Ragna decided to change the subject.

"Before the fight, you said that asshole was the son of that crazy boy. Carl, right?" Asked Ragna. Nodding her head, Noel explained.

"Carl didn't really talk about his family all that much. I mean, aside from his sister, he didn't really talk much about them." Said Noel, remembering how Carl would speak so fondly of his sister, but not so with his mother and father. "I'm not sure if he hated Relius, but he never really spoke warmly of him. Though he did speak warmly of his mother too, whenever he spoke of her."

"So, what exactly happened?" Asked Ragna. "You used to be friends, right?"

"Correct." Said Noel with a sigh. "I don't know what happened. He just…dropped from the academy. He was doing extremely well to. I don't know what happened. All I know is that, there was an incident with his sister and that he had to leave to take care of her." Ragna hummed at that. He then remembered how Carl would treat his doll, referring to her as his sister. It was crazy, but was it possible that doll was his sister.

"Whenever I face your friend, Carl, he refers his doll as his sister. Heck, before he left, he referred to it as his sister. You don't think that…" Asked Ragna. Noel widened her eyes at that theory and placed her hands over her mouth.

"I hope not." Said Noel as she thought of the possibility that Carl's father did something to his sister that turned her into Nirvana. Though that would explain why Carl was so distant from his father. As she thought of this, she suddenly received a spasm of pain on her left knee that caused her to nearly fall, but Ragna caught her in time.

"Let's get you some medical help." Said Ragna as he held Noel while the girl stopped and observed them. "And her too. What's your name?" Hearing that and seeing Ragna look at her, Lambda spoke.

"This unit's name is Lambda eleven." Said the girl, speaking in a monotone voice. Waiting for her to speak more, Ragna rose an eyebrow when she just stayed silent.

"Anything else?" Asked Ragna. Instead of answering, Lambda just stayed silent, causing him to sigh. "Alright. Stay with us Lambda, we're going to get some medical help for you and Noel. That is, if you want it." Again, Lambda stayed silent, causing Ragna to groan. "Why do I even try?" He then led Noel, who complained about his behavior towards Lambda, towards the lower levels of Kagutsuchi with Lambda following.

Orient Town

Litchi Faye-Ling

Miss Litchi was busy humming a tune as she prepped her clinic for an early closing. She knew that it was unprofessional of her to close her clinic so early and abruptly, but there was something that she needed to do. Something that had to be done.

Confident that her apprentice can handle herself and the clinic, Litchi was about to fix a bed when she received a knock.

"*Sighs* Of course." Thought Litchi as the knocking continued. Praying that it wasn't an emergency, but knowing that it likely was, Litchi went to the door to her clinic and opened it. Upon opening it and seeing the people behind it, she widened her eyes in shock. In front of her was Ragna the Bloodedge, an young NOL soldier, and a young blond woman with red eyes, wearing a tight black suit with a poncho over it. All in all, a very strange sight.

Blinking in shock, Litchi was unresponsive until Ragna coughed.

"Hey, these two need a medical check up, and you're the only doctor in the city that doesn't run away when they see me." Said Ragna before walking in, trying hard not to bump into Litchi.

"Ragna! That's completely rude!" Yelled Noel as she saw this happen. "You should have asked permission first!"

"Well the more I stay in front of her store, the more people will wonder what's going on. And when they see me, they'll assume I'm vulnerable and try to take that bounty of mine." Said Ragna as he sat on a bed. Noel pouted at his answer and was about to speak when Litchi finally recovered.

"It's okay, little missy." Said Litchi, looking at Noel, smiling down at the girl, unfazed by Ragna's behavior. Upon seeing the girl's face, however, Litchi's smile turned mischievous. "Oh, she is just perfect." She then looked at the other girl and her smile turned even wider. "And so is she! Oh, Ragna. You shouldn't have. Hmm…I always did want to see if gothic Lolita can work on blonds. This the perfect opportunity to find out!"

"Um," Started Noel, a bit creeped out by the woman's devious smile. "If you don't mind, me and my friend, Lambda, were hurt recently and we hoped that you could provide aid." Upon hearing that, Litchi stopped her nefarious planning and went back to being serious.

"Of course." Said Litchi before beckoning the two inside. "If you two would sit on an available cot, I'll start examining you two for any lasting injuries or injuries that require immediate aid." With those instructions, the two girls entered the clinic and sat next to each other. Once they were inside, Litchi closed the door and began to get out some basic medical supplies. "Alright, let's see the damage. Let's start with you." She then began to examine Noel and checked her for any injuries.

"This will take a while." Thought Ragna as he sat on a cot as he saw Litchi work. "Might as well stay still and relax. And think of what Terumi is up to here."


Lower levels of Kagutsuchi

"What is Noel thinking?" Ask Tsubaki as she moved around the levels of Kagutsuchi, Noel, and Jin. Officially she was to bring justice to them, either arresting them or, if they resist, kill them. Unofficially, she just wanted to speak to them, wanting to understand why they did what they did. Jin, while cold and apathic towards others, wouldn't just march off from his line of duty and face Ragna the Bloodedge alone. It just wasn't in him. And Noel, for some reason, Hazama had ordered her to be brought forth as well, accusing her and Jin of treason. Why, she didn't know and she'll never know if she didn't ask them what they did to be accused of such acts.

But with what she heard. Of a young girl in the garb of the Praetorian Guard traveling with Ragna the Bloodedge. She suspected that it involved Ragna the Bloodedge.

She could be paranoid, it could just be another girl that had foolishly decided to help the criminal in spreading death and destruction. But she knew that wasn't likely. The description given to her by some people sometime ago fitted Noel perfectly.

Even if it was Noel, though, it made her wonder why Noel would even think of working with Ragna the Bloodedge. The man was a terrorist who did nothing but kill and spread misery across the NOL. Noel, in contrast, was a sweet, young woman, who saw good in everyone. She trembled in fear whenever Jin would glare at her and whenever she saw a spider. So why was she traveling with Ragna the Bloodedge? The biggest mass murder in modern history. She had to find out. She just had to. She refused to believe that the sweet girl that she befriended in her military academy days was secretly a cruel woman that loved murder and mayhem.

Sighing, she continued to walk amongst the streets of Kagutsuchi. With her Wings of Justice garb, people were giving her a wide berth. An appropriate reaction. A soldier from the Wing of Justice unit was only sent when orders come directly from the Imperator themselves to do so. Though they officially don't exist, enough of their work was publicized that people fear them as they were known as the soldiers sent in when other, official, soldiers have committed great crimes against the NOL. And if a Wing of Justice soldier was around, one can assume that something big is going down soon. And that it be best for them to be away from them as far away as possible.

A few minutes later, Tsubaki overheard a conversation between two people about a clinic. She would have ignored the talking when they spoke about a man looking like Ragna the Bloodedge going into it with two young, blond girls. Upon hearing that, Tsubaki went over to them and demanded to know the location of the clinic.

Litchi's clinic


"All done!" Yelled Litchi with a satisfied smile as she finished checking up on Lambda and Noel. "I'm glad to report that they've suffered no permanent injuries nor any injuries that require them to remain here."

"That's great." Said Ragna as he got up and went over to Noel and Lambda, looking over them, satisfied that they were fine. "How much does this cost?"

"Well," Started Litchi, putting a finger on her lips and smirking. "Unless I'm mistaken, you don't have much money, correct, Mr. Bloodedge?" Ragna, raising an eyebrow, nodded slowly, getting a feeling that he wasn't going to like where this was going. Noel as well thought that she might not like it as well. "So what little money you have at the moment will probably be not enough to afford this basic checkup. Even if you do, I very much believe it'll leave you unable to afford even the most basic of accommodations in Kagutsuchi as well as food. Normally this would cause you to work for me until you pay it off, but I have something that is quicker at paying off your debt."

"And what would that be?" Asked Ragna, crossing his arms. As much as he had a bad feeling about this alternative payment, they had no choice on the matter. They needed to do this in order to save what little they for future emergencies of necessities. So, with reluctance, prepared himself for what the alternative payment was.

Few minutes later

"Okay, what the fuck is this?" Demanded Ragna as he looked at Noel and Lambda, wearing outfits similar to that freaky doll that kid Carl had or, even more creepy, a female version of his own attire. Litchi, who was right next to him, was happily clapping her hands rapidly while having a very happy smile on her face.

"Yeah." Said Noel with a hard blush on her face as she wore the attire of Carl's doll. It was a good dress and all, but it really wasn't for her. Plus, Ragna was here and it was making her nervous at him seeing her in this outfit. Lambda, meanwhile, was just stoically doing all this with a blank expression, not knowing how to react to all this. "With respect, Miss Litchi, but why are we doing this instead of something more…normal?"

"Well, I thought you and Lambda would look cute in these outfits." Explained Litchi as she got out several other outfits. "And I just have so many of these outfits that I don't know what to do with them. Plus, they're all too small for me to wear unfortunately. But your friends, on the other hand, just so happens to fit them quite comfortably. So, both as a way to see if these outfits are up to my specifications and to find a use for them, this is what I want you all to do. At least the girls, that is."

"Yeah." Said Ragna, a bit creeped out at seeing Lambda in his outfit. How the hell did this crazy chick get someone to make an outfit of his that was do damn accurate anyway? "How many more of these do they have to do in order for us to get the hell out of here?"

"Just three more sets." Said Litchi as she brought out two outfits for Noel and Lambda to wear. "Then you all can leave for whatever business you have on Kagutsuchi."

"You're being awfully generous with us, miss." Said Noel as she took an outfit that Litchi was giving her before she gave another to Lambda. "You're sure that Ragna won't do anything bad, right?" Ragna raised an eyebrow at that, wondering the same thing as her. Litchi just smiled.

"Well, I've met Ragna before and I know that, despite his flaws and anger issues," Ragna rolled his eyes at that. "He's not as bad as the NOL makes him out to be. You just need to get to know him to understand him and his intentions. Even if his methods leave a lot to be desired." Litchi then sighed before placing the rest of the outfits on a bed. "Once you're done with those outfits, wear these and you'll be free to go." Noel nodded at that before she went to another room in order to change. Sighing, Ragna was about to find something to read when the door to the clinic was knocked.

"This is the NOL! Please come out now. There are questions that I need to ask of you." Said a feminine voice as she knocked again. Upon hearing that, Ragna swore to himself and looked at Litchi, who widened her eyes in shock. With that look, Ragna could tell that she didn't rat them out and that she'll be in big trouble for helping out them out. Looking at Noel and Lambda, one looked impassive to what was going on while the other widened her eyes in worry and shock.

"Is there any other way out of this clinic?" Asked Ragna, looking at Litchi with a serious look on his face. Litchi, looking at him, nodded.

"There's a back entrance that you can use to escape." Said Litchi before pointing at a sliding door to the right of the patient beds. "Take that door and it'll lead you to a back entrance out of the clinic. I'll try to distract them as long as possible. Just get out of here quick." Ragna just nodded at that before motioning Noel and Lambda to quickly wear their original clothes so they can get out of there. Nodding, the Noel quickly removed the outfit she was wearing and began to put on her NOL uniform. She then quickly helped undress and then dress Lambda, who was still watching Ragna stoically. Once they were done, Ragna quickly led the two girls out of the room, allowing Litchi to go to the door and open it, revealing Tsubaki. Smiling at the young girl, she asked what she wanted.

"I've heard reports that you assisted someone that looked suspiciously liked Ragna the Bloodedge." Said Tsubaki. "If this is true and the person is indeed the Grim Reaper, you will be taken in for conspiracy and harboring a fugitive of the NOL." Litchi just continued to smile.

"I understand, officer." Said Litchi, recognizing her uniform as a Wing of Justice uniform, a sort of internal affairs force sent to deal with traitors of the Library. It didn't take a genius to know who she was looking for in addition to Ragna. "I'll assist you as much as you wish for me to do. So, please come in." She then opened the door, allowing Tsubaki to enter the clinic. Upon entering, she spotted the outfits on the floor and clinic beds and it caused her to raise an eyebrow in surprise. "Oh those? Well, it's a long story." She then began to explain the clothing as a means to give Ragna and his girls more time to escape.



"Do you think that Miss Litchi will be alright?" Asked Noel as the group left the clinic and stealthily leave the area, trying not to have people spot them as they made their escape.

"I don't know." Said Ragna truthfully. "Depends on how nosy and smart that NOL lacky is. If they're really smart, or just plain stupid, they'll arrest her and bring her to the branch headquarters here."

"Then we have to rescue her." Said Noel upon hearing that. Ragna sighed at that. He wanted to argue with her that they didn't have time to waste on rescuing Litchi, but one look from Noel caused him to shake his head.

"I guess we have to. It's our fault she gets arrested anyway." Grumbled Ragna, wanting to just focus on getting to the bottom of what Terumi is up to, but this girl was just so stubborn on being a goody two shoes. It would be endearing if it weren't so annoying. But a good annoying. Noel, hearing that annoyed tone in his voice, caused her to pout.

"She helped us during our time of need, Ragna." Said Noel. "Even doing it for free in terms of money. That deserves at least some gratitude, right Ragna?" Ragna just sighed before nodding.

"I guess." Said Ragna. "Alright, fine. I'll fucking save her if she gets arrested by the NOL. Just don't bring this up anymore. Fuck." Noel sighed at his language before nodding in agreement.

"So, the branch headquarters, yes?" Asked Noel. Ragna nodded at that.

"Yup.' Said Ragna. 'Better get ready for a fight. I very much doubt Terumi will let us just prowl around the branch headquarters to figure out what he was doing here." Noel nodded at that.

"I'll be ready and give it my all." Said Noel with determination in her voice. Ragna smirked a bit at that, amused at it. "But…what do we do with Lambda." Upon hearing that, Ragna looked at Lambda, who just starred at the two with her typical blank expression, gauzing at them with no indication of what she felt about them. Groaning, Ragna himself wondered as well. Truth be told, he didn't know what to do with her.

Why Kokonoe hadn't brought her back to Sector Seven is beyond him. Was something preventing her from doing so? If so, was it Terumi? Or that Relius guy?

Whatever the reason, it's only a matter of time before Kokonoe comes to take her back and that was something that he refused to let happen. He didn't know much of the little cat devil, but he knew that she'll just use this girl for her own ends and he wasn't going to let this girl be a pawn for that woman. If only because he didn't want her to send this Murakumo against him anymore. He was confident he can take this Murakumo on, but he didn't want another person after him if he can help it.

So, perhaps they should divulge some time to drop her off to the Kaka village. They'll be glad to have another person with them that wasn't another Kaka. So, there shouldn't be any problems, especially if he told the village elder that it would be a personal favor from him.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but let's drop her off with the Kaka village." Said Ragna, looking at Noel. "She'll be safe with them. At least for a little while." Noel nodded in agreement, finding it logical. She wanted Lambda to be safe, despite the fact they fought before. When she wasn't wearing that scary body armor, she actually was adorable.

"Let's do that. We can resupply with the Kakas' as well." Said Noel, making Ragna nod in agreement. With that, the three went to go to the lower levels of Kagutsuchi so they can drop off Lambda. As they were walking, however, Ragna suddenly felt something and it caused him to stop them all. Blinking in surprise, Noel was about to ask him what was wrong when she also felt it. Hearing something disorienting behind them, Ragna looked behind them and clinked his tongue in annoyance.

"God damnit." Said Ragna as he saw a little girl with blond hair tied in long twin tails that went to her ankles in length and red eyes that looked at Ragna in amusement. She wore a black and white gothic Lolita dress that complimented her blond hair as well as her pale skin well. With her was a giant black, plushy like cat and a smaller red cat that floated near her head. Ragna knew who this was and it annoyed him that she was here at the moment. "What the fuck do you want, Rabbit?" The girl that Ragna called rabbit just smirked at him in amusement before speaking.

"Merely to see you struggle and fail to accomplish your goals, Ragna." Said the girl. "It's quite amusing to see you struggle to succeed the one goal that you wish to accomplish." Ragna growled at that but restrained himself.

"Cut to the chase, Rachel." Grumbled Ragna as he glared at the girl, causing Noel to look at him in concern. "What the heck do you want? Normally, you deliver a cryptic message while annoying the fuck out of me. So, what the hell is it?"

"Ah, so eager to rid of me, Ragna. I'm hurt." Said Rachel with a fake look of hurt on her face before sighing and adopting a duller look on her face. "This is not the place to discuss it, however, we must depart for a more secure location. If you would, allow me to bring you to a more…secure location." Before Ragna and anyone else could protest, Rachel cast a teleportation spell on all of them and they all teleported away from Kagutsuchi for a more…secure location in order to discuss what Rachel wanted to speak with Ragna about.