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Five hundred years ago, Lithuiqwir, daughter of Lithuilas, met the love of her life. He was older than her, by one thousand years, and was a prince, but he was perfect. Lovely silver-gold hair and silver-blue eyes, along with that creamy white skin. His voice was a low tenner, and so beautiful. His laugh was contagious. He. Was. Perfect.

She was certain that they would marry someday, but then that wretched Avari half-blood had swooped in and stolen him. How dare she! She was a nobody from nobody parents! How could he fall for that, that dark, impure, worthless creature over her? She was high-born. She was a pure-blood Noldor.

How could he even stand to be near that horrid creature? Lithuiqwir was determined to make him realize the mistake he had made. She would make him see that she was the one and only one for him. She would make him love her, and she would bear the future of the realm. Not that wretch. She would not allow the wretched creature to corrupt the royal line!

Over the following weeks she tried all that she could to catch Legolas' eye, but he seemed unable to notice her. He was so caught up in that dark creature's spell. That was it! The wretch was using a spell to keep him in her thrall. Well, two could play at that game.

The biggest obstacle that blocked her path was the dragon that the prince had brought home. How it had convinced him that he should keep it, she did not know. How he convinced the King to let it stay was an even larger mystery. Regardless, it was always near him, and almost always growled at her! And it liked the wretch. Why it would even be remotely accepting of such a dark thing when Legolas claimed that he and the beast were somehow bonded, but not in a marital way. How could something, even a beast, like something so dark when it was so deeply linked to one so bright.

Perhaps she could convince the beast to help her? No, certainly not! Who know what it would do? Eat her? Burn her alive? No, she merely had to wait for the right moment to get his full attention...