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~Proof and ceremony~

Celebmeril was content, very content, with how her life had turned out. She had been taken from her uneventful, rather dangerous life to being engaged to the Prince of Eryn Lasgalen. Legolas was beautiful, glowing, and royal; but that was not what attracted her to him. She loved him because he was brave, loyal, and strong. He would make good, strong children.

She knew that some didn't approve of her, but she didn't care. Legolas was hers, the wedding was merely a formality. Perhaps she should prove that to the others, Lithuiqwir in particular, who had been making trouble for her, Celebmeril thought with a grin. Perhaps it was time for a child? Yes, that was what they should do, try for a child.

The wedding was only three weeks away, the signs of pregnancy would not be obvious in body, so a human would never notice. An elf o the other hand, would see the changes to her fea immediately. Yes, this would silence any and all doubts.

~that night~

"Legolas, I wanted to ask you something." Celebmeril asked nervously.

"Yes, meleth-nin?" Legolas responded.

"I would like to try for a child, do you wish for the same?"

"Aye… do you mean you wish to try tonight?"

"Aye, is that… is that alright with you?"

Legolas suddenly swept her up in an embrace. "Of course, that is alright with me!" he replied happily. "But are you ready for this?"

"Yes, I am. Come, let us try…" Celebmeril beckoned him seductively, and he followed. They went to their bed…

~The following day~

Lithuiqwir could see something different about the wretch today, but couldn't name what. The dark elleth had a new glow about her, she also looked very smug. "Elleneth," Lithuiqwir addressed an older, wiser elleth, "Do you know what is different about Celebmeril today?"

Elleneth smiled and replied, "Oh, you don't know?"

"Nay, else I would not have asked."

"Ah, yes, I always forget how young you are."

"Enough about me and my youth, what is going on with Celebmeril?!"

"She is pregnant, young one."

"No, you, you must be mistaken!"

"Nay, I would recognize it anywhere, the Princess is pregnant." At Ellenath's declaration, Lethuiqwir fainted.

Later that day, Legolas and Celebmeril ran into Thranduil. He looked at Celebmeril for few moments and then exclaimed, "You are with child!"

Legolas nodded and asked, "You do not approve?"

"Are you joking? You were conceived two months before your mother and I wed." Thranduil laughed.

~Three weeks later, after the wedding~

Thranduil was beaming with pride and joy. His son was married, and soon to be a father! This may have been one of the happiest days of his life! The ceremony had been beautiful, and grand. Celebmeril's dress had been a dark green silk, and Legolas had worn robes to match. His son and new daughter-in-law were sitting contentedly in their seats, their eyes never leaving each other.