Hey, so this is a rewrite of a deleted chapter. Cheers!

Link was in his room in the middle of the day looking out his window. He had pulled his pants down to his knees, and had his cock in hand as he looked out over the backyard pool at Lucina. She was swimming in her skimpy but gorgeous blue bikini, showing off her tremendous DD tits, her long, athletic legs, and her big ass. Link was mesmerized by the swordsman's perfect body, and stroked his enlarged cock as he watched and fantasized her.

Lucine swam to the shallow end, reached behind her back and removed her top and then bent down and removed her bottom. The sight of his crush entirely naked pushed him over the edge, and he let out a powerful grunt as he came all over the window.

Link aggressively pulled his pants up. He decided that he would finally have sex with his crush. With this motive strong in his mind, he stormed out of his room. As he made his way down the hall, he noticed fem-Robin's door was open. As he reached to close it, he heard water running, and Robin moaning in the shower.

Link was suddenly torn. He wanted to fuck Lucina, but he was so tempted by the cute noises the Fire Emblem character was making. He figured a minute or two looking at the sorceress wouldn't hurt.

Link silently stepped into her room. There were spell books cast along the ground, and posters of different video game characters. He looked at the bathroom door. It was wide open, with her robes in the middle of the passage. Link stepped in the door.

The bathroom was all white, and at the far end was the shower. It had glass doors, but they hadn't fogged up yet from the steam, giving Link a clear view of the girl. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He began to slowly stroke his dick while looking at the girl.

Robin was beautiful. She had short, slender, sexy legs that led up to a perfectly round ass, and an hourglass figure. Her tits were huge for her short size, about D cups, and they gracefully hung from her chest. Her face was soft and pretty, with dark, beautiful eyes, light pink, tender lips, and white hair that elegantly rolled off her shoulders and down her back.

She had a hand in between her thighs, indicating that she was fingering herself. She let out light moans in a rapid succession, indicating that she was enjoying herself under the hot stream of water. Every few seconds, she would hit a tender spot, and she would slightly twitch. This caused her tits to jiggle, and her body to clench up. Link was enjoying the view as he massaged his 8 inches. He knew he wanted to fuck Lucina, but he couldn't take his eyes off Robin. Then Robin began to speed up, and softly moaned a name. "Link...harder…" Hearing this made his already throbbing erection burst into streams of sticky cum, landing on Robin's clothes strewn out beneath him. Robin began to quickly accelerate, before letting out a loud moan as her tight walls clenched around her fingers, and she came.

Link saw his opportunity. He discarded his clothes, rubbed his cock back to full mast, and walked into shower. Robin initially looked shocked and scared, but smiled when she saw who it was. She pulled the twink into the shower with a kiss, and the two began to have fun. The two made out under the running water as she grabbed his cock and massaged it. Link responded by inserting a finger into her dripping sex. As she stroked his cock, he pumped her pussy, and the two moaned into their kiss. He ran his hands along her body, feeling up her ass and legs, while she felt his powerful abs and pecs. She moved her hand down to his throbbing 8 inches and began to tug the skin, while Link moved his hand down to finger Robin. The two moaned together in their kiss as they touched and toyed with each other's sex. Robin then lowered herself onto her knees and kept her face eye level with Link's cock.

She opened her mouth, but before she was ready, Link grabbed her black hair and thrust his cock inside her. Her eyes shot open as Link shoved his enormous cock down her throat. Robin teared up as he continued to slide his dick up and down her throat, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. She felt his balls hit her chin as she was forced to deepthroat the blonde's huge cock. She felt his dick widen her throat as it was repeatedly shoved in her mouth for her to swallow. To pleasure her partner, she began to play with his balls, furthering his pleasure and encouraging him to throat fuck her faster. Link eventually let go of his dizzy partner's head, and spread her in front of him.

Robin purred loudly, "I want your cock inside me, baby!" She made it loud and clear what she wanted from him, and he couldn't resist to listen to her every demand. He entered quickly and began to pound her pussy like she had never felt before. Every thrust moved Robin's big tits about wildly. She loved the feeling of his huge cock moving into her, and she began to loudly moan in tandem with his powerful thrusts. "Deeper! Deeper!" Robin cried out. "Cum in me baby!" She pleaded as her world started spinning. She licked up his neck to his cheek. Link then pinned her down, giving her a passionate kiss. The grip he had on her breast tightened as he sunk his teeth into her bottom lip, sucking softly. His thrusts became harder making her body fall victim to pleasure. He could feel her walls clamp onto his erection while a loud moan shot out of her mouth. He clawed above her chest leaving a quick-to-fade red mark. Link put more of his weight onto her body, leaving her feeling more under his control; just how she liked it. They were both almost done. Robin's moaning increased with the number of thrusts Link took into her tight pussy. Her body was twitching as she could feel his cock rubbing against her most sensitive area. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum." Robin, on the edge of orgasm, began to spasm in sheer pleasure. She drooled as Jaune rammed his cock into her tight pussy. Her moans into his mouth pushed his limit closer. He could feel himself about to reach climax. Link realized he had hit her G-Spot when she utter a small whimper. In response, he began to feverishly pound away at Robin's pussy, hilting himself deep inside her with everyone thrust, sending the couple into a new world of pleasure.

Robin broke off the kiss and yelled a wildly erotic, "AAAAIIIIEEE!" as she came hard on her partner, her walls clenching on Link's throbbing 8 inch cock. The sudden tightness experienced pushed Link over the edge, and his dick erupted in his newfound lover, with jets of thick, sticky cum shooting into her pussy.

The two laid in ecstasy for a few minutes before Robin removed herself from Link's cock. She lathered herself with some soap, rinsed herself off, and washed the cum out of her vagina. She kissed Link on the cheek before leaving the teen to sleep in the stall with the water falling on his body.

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