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Link made his way down to the pool to finally fuck Lucina. When he made it down there, he was shocked to see that Lucario had beaten him there, had his dick out, and was in the middle of making out with her. His tongue penetrated her mouth as the couple's hands wandered along their bodies. Lucina grabbed Lucario's exposed 12 inch cock while he held her leg up to his, rubbing down to her bikini-clad ass.

Link wanted to fuck the warrior, but didn't want to interrupt. He decided that the best thing to do would be to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. He hid behind a table, unbuckled his pants, pulled them down over his ass, and grabbed his cock, which had hardened from the ongoing sight. He began to masturbate, slowly stroking his 8 inch cock. As the Hyrulian warrior lightly tugged his penis, he watched the pair sexually engage with each other.

Lucario brought his hand up to her breasts, grabbing her bikini top, and ripping it off her body, freeing her huge tits. The Pokémon knelt slightly and began to lick her nipples, forcing the warrior to moan and throw her head back in ecstasy. Lucario rubbed his face around her tits as she held him closer to her chest, loving the treatment she was receiving. He pushed her onto her back, threw both legs over his shoulders, and positioned himself at her vulnerable entrance.

With a single thrust, he pushed past her folds into her tight pussy, forcing Lucina to moan, "AAAIIIIEE!" Lucario began to lightly push himself in and out of Lucina's entrance, his size being enough to please the warrior beneath him. However, as time passed, his pace increased, along with his power. His cock, held in a firm grasp by Lucina's tight pussy, began to pound away at her soft sex, pushing her closer to her limit. He, too, felt the pressure within him begin to increase, his cock throbbing with need.

Lucario took her legs off his shoulders, and leaned in closer to the woman below him. He placed his hands next to her head and began to increase his pace yet again, pushing harder into Lucina's pussy. His head hung loosely above the warrior, her tits pressed against his torso. He leaned in and brought her into a passionate, lustful kiss, his tongue pushing past her soft, luscious lips into her mouth, fighting with her tongue for control. Lucina wrapped her arms around the Pokémon, pulling him further into their kiss. Lucario began to thrust harder into the princess, hitting her G spot. In response, Lucina pulled him in even closer with her legs, wrapping them around his strong body. The Pokémon now pounding at her softest spot, Lucina felt her orgasm begin to rapidly approach. Finally, with Lucario pounding away at her limit, the blue haired girl came hard onto her partner's throbbing length, waves of pleasure being sent throughout her nubile body. The Pokémon above her also felt his cock approach its limit, and, with Lucina's walls tightening around his massive length, he felt his penis thrown into a wave of ecstasy as he came hard into the princess, ropes of semen firing into her tender sex.

Lucario then pulled himself out of Lucina's pussy, leaving it dripping semen. He turned the warrior over onto her chest and positioned his cock at her ass. The princess held it up slightly, for the Pokémon to more easily access. To her surprise, Lucario wasn't aiming for her pussy, but, rather, her asshole. He readied his cock and forced it deep

into her ass. Upon initial penetration, Lucina let out an empowered scream of intense pain and odd pleasure.

Captain Falcon, who was in the kitchen again with Samus, looked over to the bounty hunter and muttered, "There's fucking children at this mansion."

Lucario grunted as he pushed himself deeper into her tight ass. He looked down at the princess, who squirmed in pain and pleasure, as he slowly began to speed up his pace. Lucina began to moan uncontrollably as Lucario continued to thrust into her asshole. His dick, engorged with heavy desire, began to pound away at the warrior's anal virginity, as Lucario grabbed onto the princess's hair to further increase his power. Lucina began to twitch with need, as she just wanted to cum onto her partner, the initial pain of penetration having faded away. His dick then began to throb, so he pulled out, made his way over to Lucina's mouth, and thrust his cock inside of her again. He spun the princess onto her back, leaned over to her pussy, and began to lick. He continued to pump his pulsing cock deep into her throat, past her luscious lips and lapping tongue while he ate the princess out. It only took a few to push her over her limit, as she came almost immediately from the Pokémon's soft tongue. Seeing Lucina spasm from pleasure prompted Lucario to cum again, this time shooting a heavy, thick load of cum down her throat.

Link, now overcome with immense pleasure, increased his own pace on his penis. The sight of Lucina being as sexually dominated as she was and of Lucario's throbbing cock was so erotic that it pushed him to the edge. The when he saw Lucina lay naked on the ground, cum splattered across her body, he was forced over the edge, and, letting out a grunt, came all over the ground in front him.

Lucario heard the Hyrulian boy, and walked over behind him. When Link turned around, he was facing the intimidating dog Pokémon. In only a few seconds, he was forced onto his knees, while Lucario entered his tight ass.

Link's cock began to harden from the assfucking, and it only took a few moments for him to return to full mast. Lucario thought he was tighter than Lucina, and began to moan. He felt the teen's asshole tightly grip his immense cock, and reached around to grab Link's hard penis. The blonde teen couldn't bear all of this pleasure he was receiving, and, as a result, quickly came on the floor I front of him.

Lucario continued to ravage the boy's asshole, roughly pounding him into complete submission. Link loved the feeling of being fucked, and it didn't take long for him to completely reharden. Lucario's thrusts began to become faster and powerful, his dick reaching farther into the nubile teen's asshole. He began to increase his pace, whilst also continuing to jerk the Hyrulian boy off. Link's thick 8 inch dick was on the edge of cumming yet again, when Lucina bent over directly in front of the boy, freed Link's cock from Lucario's paw, and took the entirety of him into her pussy. The hero was unable to control himself, and came all inside of the warrior.

Lucario remained unflinching in his resolve to cum into the teen's asshole, began to up his pace, as Link began to thrust as well. The pair coordinated so that the hero pulled back every time the Pokémon thrust inwards, allowing for him to reach as far into his ass as possible. Link, all the while, was pounding Lucina as hard as he could, her fat ass clapping against his strong, slim body. Lucario then grabbed the boy's sandy blonde hair and came hard into his tight asshole, his engorged cock finally releasing the pressure that had been building for so long. He fired several long, thick ropes of hot semen deep into the hero's asshole, filling him up with semen. In his final thrusts, he hit Link's G spot, which forced him over the edge yet again, as he came into Lucina's pussy a second time.

While Lucario pulled out, Link continued to fuck Lucina's tight pussy. He grabbed her hair as he began to rapidly increase his thrusting pace, now being free of the Pokémon's grasp. His cock reached deep into the warrior, roughly penetrating her folds and going farther into the girl. Her cunt tightly gripped his throbbing length and massaged it each time it passed her entrance. Link felt his engorged cock reach its limits, as the throbbing he felt in his penis began to increase in both power and frequency. Lucina, also at her limit from both her partner's treatment of her, began to spasm against the hero. When Link thrust deep into Lucina, the two were forced over their limits, cumming simultaneously. Her pussy clutched his cock as he fired several ropes of thick, white cum into her.

Link collapsed next to the princess, tired from the ordeal.

"Let's do that again," he said.

"Sure," replied both of his partners.

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