She still couldn't believe Ron had left them. It had been months since the hunger, anxiety and homesickness had erupted in an angry outburst. The golden trio had split and it felt like they'd never be whole again. Hermione wasn't sure how long Ron had
/been gone all she knew was that it was Christmas and harry and her had just escaped Nagani in Godric's Hollow. She didn't think life could get any more unbelievable for the once shy muggleborn. But it was all about to change.

Apparating back to the camp with an injured Harry had drained hermione, she was running on adrenaline and sheer determination to out live the war. They landed with a thud hermione collapsing onto Harry. For an awkward second their eyes locked andthen
they lost themselves in an all consuming kiss. The events off the day tumbling out in tongues and groans. Melting into each other and the snow they allowed months of pent up emotion to burst free.

Breaking the kiss for barely a second hermione breathlessly said "tent". They stumbled and fumbled into the somewhat drier and warmer tent, loosing clothing as they went. For a brief second they both had thoughts of stopping but brief it had been.

Soon they were crashing into the camp stretcher, Ron's ironically. Hermiones hair cascading around them, harry shifted from her face searching her eyes for permission. He found it and entered her with renewed passion. They were soon both on the precipice
/of fulfilment, both thrusting like their lives depended on this one moment. That this encounter would make up for the hunger, the cold, the sleeplessness and the desperation. Each finding release, hermione with a guttural "harry" and harry with a
/breathless "hermione".

It was at that exact moment Ron decided to wander back into their lives.

The end