"My favorite agent"

A/N: Callensi fic, slightly OC. Characters and series credit to Shane Brennan, JP Kousakis and R. Scott Gemmill. Inspired by other fanfic authors and their Callensi stories. A little post-Densi fun because I'm evil.😈

A/N #2: I redid the story so it has five actual chapters.

Summary: Callen and Kensi are cut from the same cloth. It was bound to happen eventually... just took 9+ years to get there.

Chapter 1: mid-morning in the bullpen

The male members of the team were sitting at their desks, glaring intently at the stack of overdue paperwork which greeted them upon arrival. It's been nine months since Michelle passed and three months since Kensi and Deeks called off their engagement.

Sam sorely missed Michelle, as did the rest of the team. He still has his moments but the late night parties with Otis the seal have considerably lessened since that fateful day of the hangover from hell.

Kensi and Deeks breaking up was a shock to everyone... except themselves. Ever since Kensi was called to assist with a crisis involving a missle and a guy she dated 10 years ago, things have been tense between herself and Deeks.

Any talks of wedding plans suddenly took a backseat to whatever nightly argument transpired. The same nights ended up with Kensi staying with her mother and Deeks wondering what had happened to them.

They finally had a heart-to-heart and realized there were too many unresolved issues that need to be solved before they could fully commit to one another. The situation with Lt. Bates and Det. Whiting made Deeks want to run the other way. He has a feeling the past will eventually catch up with him and he doesn't want Kensi hurt by it. Seeing Asakeem brought up the crash and extended hospital stay for Kensi. Deeks seems to have forgiven Asakeem but, with Kensi, it'll take a while longer.

Kensi and Deeks insisted on remaining partners, knowing they will always look out for each other. This made Callen and Sam happy, as they didn't want to train a new agent for their team.

Deeks suddenly spoke up "has anyone seen my partner? Her car is in the lot and her stuff is here, but where is she?" Before Callen and Sam could call her cell phone, the Wonder Twins and Harley appeared, stating Kensi is with Mosely in OPS speaking to Director Vance via videoconference.

As Callen said "not again", his desk phone rang. It was Mosely calling from OPS, requesting the rest of the team plus the Wonder Twins and Harley come to OPS immediately. As everyone filed up the stairs, each felt a sense of unease over the pending case; a feeling that will make itself known throughout the course of the case.