Chapter 5: Reunited in the bullpen

48 hours later, no one had heard from Gibbs or Torres regarding Kensi. The Wonder Twins were exhausted looking for any clues that could help them find Kensi. Sam had to practically restrain Callen, as he was more than ready to hop a plane to Portugal - with or without permission. Mosely even had half a mind to ignore Vance's warnings but thought better of it.

Later that night, Callen was the last one in the hacienda. He insisted Sam, Deeks and all go home while he slept on the very familiar couch, continuing the search for Kensi. Gibbs had eventually called but didn't have any new information.

A sound of something dragging caught his attention from the couch. He quietly got up and drew his gun, in case it was an intruder. What he didn't expect was a slightly bruised but very much alive Kensi, dragging her work bag as she was exhausted from the flights.

"Kens!" Callen ran to Kensi and swept her up in a tight hug and several kisses. "Hi G... I missed you too." Kensi tried and failed miserably to hide her smile in between kisses. Callen pulled back and quietly said "I need to tell you something, Kens. Wait, you called me G instead of Callen." Kensi rolled her eyes and smiled "Is it wrong to call the man I love by his first name/letter?"

Callen chuckled "No, not at all. Hold on, what did you just say about me?" Kensi rested her arms on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. "G, while I was away I had a lot of time to think about things. I kept going back to that undercover op where we kissed, really kissed. I wanted more but things were getting good with Deeks, so I ignored my feelings for you and wrote them off as part of the op."

"After Deeks and I broke up, my feelings for you came back full force. I wasn't sure how you felt about me, so when the assignment came up, i jumped at the opportunity. I felt it gave me the space I needed to figure out if my feelings for you were real."

Callen asked "And now, what do you think?" Kensi smiled "I think I want to do something with my feelings. Are you interested?" He kissed her passionately instead of answering her question.

Callen then wrapped one arm firmly around Kensi's waist and walked her over to the couch, grabbing a bottle of water for her. "Now that we've cleared up our feelings, what happened in Portugal Kens? We thought everything was going well, then the next thing we heard was the explosion."

After sipping some water, Kensi explained. "Our building was in a complex with other U.S. government buildings. It was another building that was initially hit. A chain reaction occurred and that's what you saw on screen. A local family who knew my real identity as their daughter, Andreia, worked with me, gave me shelter until I could leave Portugal."

"G, while I was waiting to return home, I kept thinking how I couldn't bear the thought of not telling you how I felt and didn't want to do it over the phone. I was terrified I wouldn't see you again. By the way, am I still your favorite agent?"

"What kind of question is that? You will always be my favorite agent, in addition to being my girlfriend er girl." Kensi had a huge grin on her face "Good. I think I like the sound of girlfriend, too."

"Me too." They kissed again. After notifying the others of her arrival, telling them they'd see them in the morning, Callen and Kensi fell asleep on the couch together.

The End.