Hi Guys Whats Up !

This is my first time writing a fanfiction.

So I am sorry if my grammar is bad or the story is so boring.

I choose Highscool DxD because I once saw it anime and I must say it is pretty nice that i want create a new version based on my imagination.

And because I like playing Assasin's creed, I decide to make crossover of Highscool DxD with Assasin's Creed

Let's not Waste time and continue on the fanfic.


Prologue : Memories


"Stop there you Pirate!" that officer said. Damn it! if only that woman doesn't shout this wasn't gonna happen.

Right now, I am being chased by some Officer because I steal that woman wallet. It's not my fault that the woman wallet is being stolen by me. It because that woman is to focused on those rich people after all, that make me have a chance to steal it!

And now i have to run to get away from this nonsense thanks to that woman scream after all. *sigh*

"Stop right there or we will kill you". kill me?! Oh come on! you guys only have those shiny spear after all. You doesn't even know how to use that do you?!

After running for 5 minutes i ended up on some dead end. *sigh* I guess there is no fight or flight option now.

"You! stop there and surrender or die"

"What?! are you guys gonna kill me with those shiny spears of yours?! come and fight me now!"

And with those words left, they start rush to me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... Okay there's five of them. This should be quick.

The first officer swing his spear to te left of my body. I backed away a bit and when the spear slice the air instead of my body, i quickly drove forward and drove my hidden blade into his chest where the heart is there. He then die instantly

After that the second and third officer trying to gang me from 2 directions, front and back. The officer on the front trying to stab me using his spear while the one on the back is trying to block my body in order to make me not moving.

But that is a big mistake.

When he (the one in the back) trying to block me, I manage to duck in time and jump to the side when he (the one in the front) is going to stab me. Then instead of his spear hit me, his spear instead stab his friend in the eye, killing him instantly.

Then without wasting the moment when he is surprised, I immediately stab him with my hidden blade in the back of the neck, killing him immediatly.

The last two officer then began to fear that I may kill them without mercy. I realize this and turn to them.

"You there!" I shouted at them. Both of them then facing me. "If you want to live, give me your money and leave from here. Now!"

Both of them then nodded furiously and leaving their money while run away from my sight. I then look at the contents of the wallet

"Curse it! all of this mess is just for 4 gold coins?!" I cursed it.*sigh* "Well at least it was enough to buy some rum after all".

I then put on my hood back and start walking to the bar to buy some rum.

end POV

Somewhere (3rd person POV)

Inside of some old house, a man was seeing lying in the floor sleeping. Then he awake in alert while sweating bullet, just like having a nightmare.

"That memories... those from my ancestor Edwars Kenway huh? well I do indeed seem to have pirate blood inside me."

The man then stand up while cleaning some dust from his clothes. The man seems to be in his 18's. He has hair like L from death note but maroon in color. his eyes are dark gold. His attire consists a white jacket while inside he is wearing a red shirt, a black jean, and a pair of white Boots with black accents.

The man then bend his neck making a sound from doing it. He then begin to look around his surrounding.

"looks like there is nobody here. Well, I think I must go now before somebody mistook me as a beggar." he then begin to leave that place. "oh right, I must ask rega what kind of school I will attend in Japan."

POV end

OC Bio

Name : Kenshiki Suguya

Gender : Male

Age : 18

Like : Sweet, Classic Music, Peace

Dislike : Person who want to kill him

Hobby : sleep, travelling, reading

Ability : all ability that assasin's had

Association : the Creed ( Curent )