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Thanks to the Great Saiyaman54 who review this fanfic, now I remember some important issues about my OC.

First, my OC is NOT the red dragon emperor, that title is still belong to Issei Hyodou. Secondly, he is still get the stuff of a proper Assasin such as hidden blades and smoke bombs. Thirdly, my OC is NOT going to be apart of Rias Gremory Peerage, he just want to befriend and help them and not going to became her peerage.

And Finally I will say this, My OC sometimes get raged when seeing something bad like crimes happen near him, it's because he has a Justice Complex that makes him wants to deliver Justice who deserves it.

Now let us proceed with the story.


Chapter 2. Fight

Kenshiki POV

After the lunch in the rooftop, I'm walking in the hall heading to class. I can't help but smile when remember the time when I talk to Koneko-san. It is my first time talking with anyone outside from the brotherhood.

Usually, when I have a talking with someone from outside of my group, it usually connect to the mission that given to me, such as killing some templars, fighting some tugs, and saving the world from the shadows.

Okay, maybe the last one is a little excessive. But, hey! those missions almost made me dead so it's okay to exaggerate about it sometimes.

When I was near my class, I swear that someone is spied me since I was with koneko until now. Let's hope that it was not some creepy stalker like I watch on tv.


School End

Haaaah! finally! I can come home and have a got sleep. Right now my head will gonna explode if I take some more lesson.

Right now it was 7.30 PM. I got late to home because I was buying some ingredients for my dinner tonight.

While I'm walking toward the direction of my house near the park, I hear a women scream followed by the sound of someone being punched. I decide to hiding behind the park bench.

After a few seconds, there is a group consist of six thug where one thug that looks more big than the others looks like holding some unconscious women in his arm. They were walking into the park and placed the women in one of the bench.

"Hey Boss, nice girls you got there" one of the thug said.

" Of course! I got her while he was with her boyfriend when they are on a date." the one that been called 'Boss' said.

I silently walking towards them while hearing those thug laughed because of the fact that the boss is 'snatched' the women from his boyfriend while on a date. Sounds like a Coward way to get a girl to me. Good thing I'm always carrying some smoke bomb and my hidden blades in case of emergency.

"So what are we gonna do to her Boss?" said one thug with a pervy looks on his face.

"You know what to do right?"

"But boss, what if her boyfriend tell the police if we are gonna ravish her?"

That question makes me paused for a while when I'm ready to throw my smoke bomb to them. He's right. If her boyfriend tell the police about them, then the problem will end in the court. That's the general justice. After all, her boyfriend did saw the 'Boss' face right? So it's gonna make the police find him more easy.

But I froze when I hear what the Boss said.

"He won't. Why? Because I kill Him. By using this knife" he pull out a knife and true there is a blood on the blade. "And when we done with his girlfriend, we will gonna kill her too." He said with a smirk.

All of the thug then laughed so hard because of it. They did expect their leader to kill someone after all.

These... These guy...

are criminal...

Not wasting a chance when their laughed, I threw my smoke bomb to them and it exploded, making the area get thick by smoke. I then raise collar of my uniform.

I take advantage of the opportunity when they were surprised and drove in the direction of their leader with my hidden blades out, stab him in the throat and his heart killing him instantly.

Then i focusing my target on both thug that were behind him and stab them in their heart, killing them.

Three left.

One of the thug seems to wake up from the shock and start attacking me by kicking me. I'am not aware of the attack then got kicked in the chest really hard. Damn! looks like they can hit really hard.

The two of the thugs then also awake from the shock then start attack me from both directions of my side when I'm down from the attack.

Big Mistake.

When they near me, I stand up and extend my hand then grabbed both of them in the neck. They didn't have a chance ti scream when I activates the hidden blades. The blades then pierce trough their neck make some blood gushing out from their neck.

One left.

When I pull out my hidden blades, I saw the last remaining of the thug then start to tremble with fear seeing his friends were killed by me.

"P-please ha-have m-mercy" he said while trembling.

The moment he said it, I looked towards him and recognize he the one who ask his boss what to do with this women.

Then I saw the women that lying on the bench at my side.

The women is so young. Looks like nearly 20 and to suffer this fate.

That when I caught the thug neck when he is trying to sneak attack on me. When he is trying to beg for mercy again, I look into his eyes and say:

"There is no mercy, resto in pace si dannati bastardo !"

and everthing gone red by his blood in the night.


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