Jonas Dandelion, 17

District 9 male of the 41th Hunger Games

The iron platform rose, the already old mechanics scratched. Jonas was lifted into the arena. With a quick look around he scanned through the arena. He was in the middle of a group of high topped mountains. The air was freezing, it made his skin even more pale.






Then his eyes fell onto the girl from four. The cold mountain wind blew through her blond hair. He hadn't seen anyone like her yet. If Jason wouldn't win she had to.






Jonas realized he was dreaming away, and should have been focussing onto the Games. He looked into the cornucopia and spotted a big camping backpack. Next to the pack there was a belt of knives. Jonas had trained knives in training and knew he needed them.



Next to Jonas was the brown haired career boy, with his big brown frowning eyebrows. Jason was fast, but the career was going to put his speed to the test. Jonas had to be ready, he rolled his shoulders and stretched his legs



Jonas sprinted off his platform, as quick as he could. He heard the boy, who was twice Jonas's weight, breathing behind him. The cornucopia was close. The pressure on his knees and feet was big every step. He sprinted even harder and grabbed his tent and throwing knives. Then he saw the blond career from four standing in the opening from the cornucopia. She ran over to me and punched me a couple of times. She didn't have a weapon. Jonas tried to grab a knife and stabbed the girl. She quickly smacked his knife away and punched him in the stomach. The throwing knives belt fell onto the ground. The girl's hands seized to his neck and started pressuring. Jason tried to get away but the girl threw him to the ground. Four placed her knees onto his arms and again put her hands down onto his neck. The air flowed out of his lungs.

Way four: Choked