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Chapter 2

Time of Grey

Versalius – 70 CE

"Its tight…" Said a groaning Yuianna pulling at the fabric of the pilot suit she was given, it was a back up one for female pilots. She had a mostly flat chest, so it wasn't due to that, the suit itself was just tight in general which was something she was use too as she puts it on.

"Yeah, yeah… They said it was a backup, maybe a pilot suit tailored to you might be more comfortable but just made due with that already Yuianna. It's not a good way of getting rid of your nerves you know." Cell told her from the locker; she had put the communicator down on it, so she can talk with him while watching the monitor.

Cell's icon was on it for a moment before flashing quickly to a series of schematics of a GINN, it was the unit she would be piloting for her first deployment. "You are listening though right?" Cell questioned Yuianna who sighed softly to herself as she checked her helmet slowly.

"Heavy Sword, Heavy Assault Machine Gun for the standard equipment. D-Equipment was…" Yuianna began to say thinking trying to remember. "Canus, short range missile launcher, Parus which is fixed to the GINN and is a longer-range missile launcher. Then there is the recoilless rifle known as the Cattus."

Cell have a ding to show she was right. "Mhm, it seems the other two are going with the explosive equipment. Its weird though considering how things are it seems Heliopolis is a neutral place…"

"Neutral place?" Yuianna inquired to Cell as she untied her ribbon in her hair to use it to tie up her hair up a bit.

"Yeah… It is controlled by a placed called Orb… Not sure who that is but regardless the machine Athrun captured was made by the Earth Forces which led to all of this happening to Heliopolis since they were harboring the machines in secret." Cell explained.

Yuianna was silent looking at the window that considered the hanger where the mobile suits were housed. "So, it is in that state now because of a few selfish people perhaps?"

"Reminds you a lot of our situation in our timeline, people seeking power on way or another." Cell stated. "Regardless I'm keeping away from all the data on their captured suits, for now I'll just be your support AI for your GINN."

"So, you're going to make me handle the controls?" Yuianna asked sweating.

"I can't take control all of the time, I'll step in when you're in trouble, but I'll only give you assistance." Cell stated. "I already hacked and plugged myself into your GINN's system to make it easier on both of us as well."

Yuianna stared at the communicator housing Cell before imaginary sweat drops appeared on the communicator. "I-I asked Rau first! Honest!" Cell quickly noted.

Yuianna just shook her head slowly before focusing back on getting herself ready nodding before picking up Cell's communicator. "Well since you are already in it nothing can be done about it now…"

"Are you ready?" Asked a voice surprising Yui making her turn to the door to see it opening revealing Athrun on the other side of the door making her calm down with a sigh.

"For the most part, I just got a run down on the weapon systems of the GINN from Cell." Yui stated to Athrun who was observing her silently. "Athrun?"

Athrun blinked before focusing back on Yui. "Hm? Oh, sorry Yui, I was just thinking about something… Anyways, are you sure you want to do this?"

Yui was silent before looking toward the window with a nod. "Better than doing nothing, I was a busy girl in my old timeline so just sitting around here or in whatever area would be hell for me. But, I can't help admit I am nervous." Yui tightens the grip on her helmet a bit before loosening up.

Athrun stared at her before smiling. "You won't be alone at least, that should give you some confidence and reason to relax a bit." Athrun attempted to assure her.

Yui stared at Athrun shaking her head. "This is a battle though Athrun, an event that can potentially kill me." She said softly rubbing her hands a bit using her arms to hold the helmet to her torso for a second before relaxing a bit. "But thank you for the attempt at least." Yui thanked Athrun before floating slowly toward the door before her arm was grabbed.

Yui was surprised as her arm was gripped a bit, it wasn't a tight grip but was more of concern as she looked to Athrun's eyes. "Just come back safe, I rather not see someone else die on my watch."

Yui just stared at Athrun narrowing her eyes at the grip Athrun had on her arm. She listened to the words Athrun spoke, but something nagged at the back of her head before she recalled back to Mia's grip that was on her before they were engulfed in the green flame of the nuke. She was silent before slowly removing Athrun's hand from her arm.

"I don't plan on dying today Athrun, I am not that weak after all." Yui stated to Athrun calmly before going to the door. "I'll be back!" Yui stated into the room before the door closed.

Yui was silent staring at the door before hearing Cell in her ear. "I prepped the GINN, we are all set… Are you ready Yuianna?" Cell asked.

Yui turned and began to go down the hall to get to the door that lead into the hanger bay putting on her helmet making sure it was firmly in place before entering the hanger then answering Cell. She eyed a few of the mechanics and soldiers noticing their stares before focusing on her path. She could see both giving her glares a bit; but, she ignored them as she was heading toward her assigned GINN which had mechanics at it messing with machines that were linked to the open cockpit.

"Yeah I'm ready." Yui stated to Cell just as a mechanic saw her then nodded to her.

"Yuianna Shiromi, your GINN is ready for launch! All we need is your D-Equipment!" The mechanic stated.

Yui stared at the mechanic as she stands at the opened cockpit then nodded. "Get me the Cattus then. No D-Equipment." Yui stated simply as she turned then floated into her seat.

"A Cattus? You want that?" The mechanic questioned.

Yui nodded to the mechanic. "The other two already have what they need to fire at that ship. Someone needs weaponry to face off against the other machine… Right?" Yui questioned to the mechanic who stared at Yui then nodded.

"Sounds good to me Yuianna! We will set it up before launch, be ready to go at any moment!" The Mechanic stated as Yui nodded before the cockpit closed leaving her in darkness like before but then there was light with monitors all around. She took out her communicator and puts it on the side of the cockpit just incase to give Cell his own monitor before his icon appeared on one of the GINN's monitors.

"I'll be here for every moment Yuianna. Just be calm and run through the steps in your head. Think of it as a giant computer game." Cell assured Yui who slowly nodded looking around making note what is what. Cell was then putting up a small image detailing what buttons were what; especially, the ones that controlled the suit.

"Throttle, right arm, left arm… I see." Yui stated to herself and kept listing and looking at the controls and buttons before nodding. "Alright, I'm good everything has been memorized I think Cell."

Cell removed the detail to give back the monitor to give her sight to the outside world before getting a ding. "Yuianna Shiromi, your Cattus has been equipped please proceed to the catapult. Miguel, Matthew, and Olor are already ahead of you so be quick!"

Yui breathed in then out. "Yes sir!" She didn't realize there was a third person coming but she didn't question it. She breathed in then calmly moved the GINN hearing Cell who was giving her instructions as she moved the GINN into place at the catapult. She did one last check of her systems before hearing Cell again.

"I'll give you updates on your systems, just worry about actually controlling the unit. Everything is green here." Cell stated for the people on the bridge to hear.

"Catapult is all green you are free to launch Yuianna!" Said the voice, making Yui only assume the person was her combat operator.

Yui's hands began to sweat as she gripped the controls, but the suit made those sweaty hands stay firmly on the controls without issue as she focused as her suit is lifted a bit seeing the tunnel light up green.

"Yuianna Shiromi launching!" She simply stated before her suit was launched forward along the tunnel then felt the cables that were connected to her GINN detach as she leaves the Versalius and was now in the darkness of space.

She was still in awe at the sights before she refocused closing her eyes before using the controls to launch the GINN forward seeing Miguel and Olor's units in the distance trying to catch up to them.

"You're late Yuianna!" Yui heard from over the communicator. It was Miguel from what she could tell.

"Quiet my gray knight in shining armor." She made a bad joke but there was a small chuckle over the communicator.

"I thought it was Athrun that saved you Yuianna! Olor here." Said the voice that claims to be Olor.

"Oh, Athrun did, but Miguel was the one that fought for us." Yuianna joked over the communicator.

"Shut up Yuianna! Anyways, lets just take down that machine and the three-legged ship! Yuianna I heard you got the Cattus so you will be with… Wait." Miguel's voice deterred off making her confused before getting a notice from Cell.

"It seems we have a 5th suit with us." Cell stated. "Athrun is tagging along."

"Athrun?! But didn't the captain tell him no?" Yui asked but Athrun was cuts in over the communicator.

"I did, but I feel like I need to be there!" Athrun stated with conviction in his voice; but for Yui, there was a hint of unknown and confusion in that voice. But it seems only her picked up on it as Miguel cuts back in.

"I like your spirit Athrun! Just don't complain if you don't deal the final blow yourself! Let's go everyone!" Miguel stated over the communicator before blasting ahead of the group with the others picking up speed to follow Miguel.

Yui looked as the red machine flied right by her before she reluctantly picked up speed herself, so she wasn't left behind leaving her concerns in the back of her mind.

Back on the Versalius Rau and Captain Ades look on from the monitor and the windows giving a view of Heliopolis and the mobile suits in the distance. "Should we call him back commander?"

Rau looked onward before smirking at Ades. "No, let him be. Besides it is a good chance to gather data on how the Earth Forces new machines work when facing each other."

Captain Ades was silent before viewing at the window. "And the girl?"

"Yuianna Shiromi… She will be an interesting development as well, I wonder how her first deployment will go..." Rau mused loud enough for Ades to hear.

"You have confidence she will do well?" Ades inquired.

"She didn't take D-Equipment after all and focused more on combating the machine than that three-legged ship." Rau noted. "But her skills of a pilot will be the real test."

"I see… "Captain Ades said softly before focusing back on the monitor. "Will we be telling the council about her?"

"I don't exactly have much of a choice… I must report everything to the council down to the exact details. Besides, a Natural from the pasts sounds like an interesting bit of information." Rau commented before sitting down.

"For now, we just wait and pray for good results Captain." Rau assured Ades who was still skeptical but relaxed and focused on the monitor.

Rau simply observed with a small smile then talked to himself. "A girl lost in time huh?"


"I was not aware there was a giant hole like this…" Yui noted through her observations as they traversed to the space colony noting a giant hole in the distance; one of their mobile suits went ahead of them and went into the space colony as the rest of them so the rest of them were going a different route to surprise the battleship on the inside.

"It happened during the commander's battle. You were in the med bay at the time so that might be why you were not aware." Athrun explained over the communicator making her think wondering what in the world caused that amount of damage before focusing forward.

"I've made contact!" Shouted a voice she believed to have belonged to Matthew which was their cue to crash into Heliopolis as the Aegis, which she learned was the shorten name for the unit Athrun piloted, along with Olor blasted another hole on the side of Heliopolis before Olor and Miguel blast through into the colony along with Athrun.

Yui's GINN followed behind the rest but wasn't far behind getting a much better and more clear view of the inside of Heliopolis. It still surprised her that there was a space colony built in this kind of way. It was clear that the colony's structure was fragile as well judging from how easy it was to bust holes into the colony. It wasn't built to stand against military attacks to it, that is for sure.

It made her wonder why people did not expect events like this to possibly happen and made these giant structures that housed thousands of lives impenetrable. But from the sound of it, that seemed a bit impossible to create unless there was a tough enough alloy that can prevent such until someone created a superweapon strong enough to bypass it.

"The other machine as been spotted its coming out of the three-legged ship right now!" Matthew noted.

She was drawn out of her train of thought before getting yelled too over the communicator. "Yuianna!" Yui shook her head softly before responding.

"Yes Miguel?" She responded calmly.

"You are with me and Athrun, we will go after the machine! Matthew and Olor will focus on the warship!" Miguel commanded.

"Understood!" Olor and Matthew noted before blasting off carrying their heavy-duty D-Equipment.

"Understood." Yui stated back to Miguel making sure to stay with Miguel and Athrun.

"Athrun! You came against orders so show off that spirit of yours!" Miguel noted.

Athrun was silent before replying. "Sure."

Yui looked up then looked at Miguel's equipment noting it was another D-Equipment that was slow, an ion cannon if she remembered correctly. It wouldn't be that effective against the new unit she thought, it had fire power sure, but it was slow.

"Guess you were right to not take one of the D-Equipment, mobility is the way to go Yuianna." Cell commented to Yui.

"We will have to wait and see Cell." Yui then observed the oncoming blue and white unit that was fitted with something new. "Cell what is that thing on the machine?"

The monitor on the side was processing the image and breaking it down as Cell analyzed it quickly. "It isn't part of the original unit at all; most likely, it is a pack used to help the unit perform better depending on the situation. Its focused on close quarters combat which makes sense if they are trying to no destroy the colony at all."

Yui observed the image that Cell broke down, it didn't give them details on how the weapons or equipment worked but it didn't matter. "Guess we will have to wait and see." She turned relayed the info to the others. "The unit is fitted for close quarters combat, be careful Miguel."

"I was wondering why it looks so different, luckily we are inside the Colony!" Miguel stated. "Thanks for the information, I'll be careful, but that unit is going down regardless!" Miguel shouted as he moved faster to get to the unit first avoiding the first strike then firing the ion cannon.

Like Yuianna expected the ion cannon's shot was avoided and it hit a cable that was connected to the giant rod that traversed the middle of the colony. It concerned her when the cable fell due to the damage, but it was too late to cry over it. However, Miguel was determined to hit the unit that couldn't hit them due to the inability to fire ranged weapons; but, the unit didn't let Miguel celebrate as the shots continued to miss over and over but, in the process, hitting the colony.

Yui staying back trying to assess on what to do, she wasn't the only one as it seemed that Athrun was being slow to assist Miguel as well. She then observed how Olor and Matthew were doing only to see the first barrage of small missiles land only one hit then the larger missiles being fired from Olor's D-Equipment. The missiles were intercepted while one flies by and hits at the base of part of the colony.

The damage that was continuing to be done to the colony was concerning her, but she didn't have the ability to stop it, she needed to focus on the mission, that mission was focused on the machine that Miguel was fighting who was still missing his shots.

"Dammit!" She heard Miguel cursing.

"Miguel, you need to cool down! Stop aiming at him and aim for where he is going!" Yui warned Miguel over the communicator but to no avail as Miguel fired away anyways.

"Shut up Yuianna! I got him!" Miguel shouted but was able to just barely dodge a spinning blade that was coming his way.

Yui's eyes narrow a bit, "Did that come from the giant sword?" Yui inquired.

"Yeah seems like it, I'm adding in everything we are seeing for later use." Cell said. "Athrun seems to be move weirdly still, we should probably go in ourselves Yuianna!"

Yui's eyes widen as she looked at Cell then noticed something from the spinning blade as it was slowly starting to have a boomerang effect to it. "Miguel! Behind you!" Yui warned as she blasted off toward Miguel warning him.

"Huh?! Miguel was confused and unaware as he was more focused on trying to shoot down the blue and white unit. The blade came back and cuts through the leg of Miguel's GINN throwing him off. "W-What?!"

The blue and white unit was then barreling toward Miguel's machine with the giant laser sword aiming to strike down at Miguel's confused unit nearly cutting Miguel's unit in half if it wasn't stopped by the blade of Yui's GINN. She was using the heavy sword to hold off the unit's strike.

"Y-Yuianna! Why did you interfere?!" Miguel shouted over the communicator.

"Saving your life obviously!" Yui shouted back as she forced the GINN to stay in a clash before the blue and white unit backed off. Yui then assessed the damage of her heavy sword seeing part of it was chipped. "Not the best of weapons to deal with that thing huh…"

"Yui are you fine?" Athrun asked over the communicator.

"Yeah, my sword is chipped but still usable. No physical damage to my unit at all." Yui calmly stated over the communicator. "Miguel how are yo- "She was cut off when Miguel suddenly pushed her unit to the side then rushed forward toward the retreating unit.

"I've got you now new unit!" Miguel shouted training the ion cannon at the unit ready to shoot.

"Miguel!" Yui shouted his name but it was too late as suddenly the blue and white unit fired off object from its shield that pierced through the ion cannon gun breaking it before the unit came in again then cuts through Miguel's unit for real this time. After a moment the unit moves away before all Yui could hear was a scream then nothing but an explosion.

Yui just stared at the cloud that was left making tears appear at the edge of her eyes only remembering the scene she saw before being brought to this time. She held back the tears the best she could as the unit was now heading for her as she heard Athrun's own screams from seeing Miguel die and ow the unit coming for her.

"Yuianna!" Cell got her attention which helped her focus just as Athrun was trying to get to her through the communicator.

"Cell how much data do you have?" Yui asked.

"Not a lot, but we can manage his movements are rough, but it could be just due to the environment." Cell stated as the unit barreled down on them.

Yui nodded. "Good." She stated as she pulled her GINN backwards and up to move away from the striking unit before putting away the GINN's heavy sword. "Switching to Cattus rifle." She made her GINN equip the rifle instead of the submachine gun it had. "Cell improve targeting with the data we do have on his movements match it with the rifle."

"Wait you want me to fiddle with the system?!" Cell asked.

"Yes! If we don't we might not have a chance right now!" Yui shouted just as the unit was chasing her throwing the boomerang again forcing her to fly to the side making sure to go faster that Miguel aiming the rifle to fire and knock out the boomerang only to miss it.

"Fine, fine, it will take a minute so hold on until then!" Cell settled down and focused on fiddling with the targeting system. "Applying combat data, analyzing movements, calculating movements and potential aiming points…"

Just as Cell was setting up the targeting system for her Yui was dealing with a barreling blue and white unit that was attempting to get her throw the boomerang and a slash of the blade to distract her, the boomerang does hit her chipping her unit's right wing which slowed her down a bit. "Darn!" She said as the unit saw it as a chance.

Yui was forced to aim the rifle and fire to force the unit to move or slow down enough for her to regain her speed using her GINN's heavy sword as protection by throwing it out with its face side out to help block and stop the slash before the sword was cut in half. It gave Yui' GINN enough time to back off but the blue and white unit was still barreling down on her.

"Cell!" Yui shouted.

"It's taking longer than I thought!" Cell shouted. "Calculating paths, finding weak points, applying data to rifle!" Cell said trying to speed himself up but was working as fast as the little AI could.

The unit that was after her was catching up using the thing from its shield to snatch her unit's left arm forcing her in place for a moment which gave the unit enough time to catch up. Yui's eyes widen seeing the energy sword that was about to slash at her unit unless she did something before seeing a rifle shot hit the unit forcing it to retreat.

Yui turned to see where it came from only to see the Aegis whistling by slamming into the white and blue unit to force it back. "Yui are you okay?" She heard Athrun say over the communicator before replying.

"Y-Yes. I'm fine!" She replied then checked on Cell. "Cell is just taking a while!"

"Cell is? What is he doing at a time like this?!" Athrun asked.

"Updating the targeting system to match its movements!" Yui firmly replied.

"And done!" Cell shouted loud enough to make Athrun hear. "The targeting system is set up and done Yui! A bit late but we are all good to go!"

"Keep the settings then and save the old ones for later use!" Yui ordered then focused back on Athrun. "I can target its pack from afar, you stay close to him does that sound like a plan Athrun?!"

There was silence making her looked up seeing that Athrun was just motionless staring at the white and blue unit. "Athrun?" Yui asked again over the communicator before hearing an explosion making her look to the right to see part the rod that was at the center of the space colony starting to collapse.

"The colony!" Yui shouted in shock then heard something.

"Olor!" It was from Matthew it seems then he suddenly shouted before charging at the warship from her view.

"Matthew! Wait-!" Yui shouted to him but she was too late as Matthew's unit fired off its rockets but was his unit was destroyed in the process, the rockets still traveled and hit the other end of the rod damaging it even further before the colony began to shake.

"W-What in the world?!" She looked down as if there was an earthquake that made the ground crack and split apart feeling force pulling at her unit.

"The rod was supporting the colony's structure! The colony is breaking apart, we need to get out now Yui!" Cell shouted, Yui knew that but all of this felt like a repeat of what happened in Sherwood. It made her gulp in fear before seeing the blue and white unit Athrun was staring at this whole time began to be sucked out of the colony.

Athrun paused before pulling out to get out of the colony leaving her to figure this out. "Great… Cell do you have a path or something?!" Yui called out to Cell.

"I got something maybe based off the forces pulling at us, let me take control!" Cell shouted making Yui not as she lets go of the controls before the unit began to move on its own. It then blasts off the unit shaking as its injured wing began to get more damaged due to the force. There was a move to the right then the left.

"This is a lot harder than I thought!" Cell shouted.

"Do you need me to take control again?!" Yui shouted holding onto the seat.

"No, we are almost there! Just give me a few moments!" Cell shouted before he moved to avoid some debris that was helping stop some of the force before after a few moments Yui's GINN was able to force itself out of the crumbling Heliopolis.

The right wing was destroyed but the GINN was at the very least mostly intact when it came to the rest of the unit. "Phew… We didn't take that much damage and we got out safely…" Cell said.

Yui just stare though at the huge amount of debris that was spreading as Heliopolis collapsed, there were life pods that were being ejected from the space colony at least meaning civilians did get out. It made her feel better about this, but such destruction was hard to stomach a bit.

"Just terrible huh? Man created such a feat and it just crumbles with no effort at all." Cell stated simply.

"… Reminds me of a lot of things." Yui stated before hearing a transmission coming in.

"Y…Yuianna… Shiro…. Versa… Are you... fe" It was broken up a bit then it got more and more solid.

"Yuianna Shiromi do you read me?" Said a voice again before she responded.

"Y-Yuianna Shiromi reporting, I am fine Versalius. Only minor damages and a loss of a wing." She responded back only to get a brief pause before a familiar voice came on.

"Good job Yuianna for surviving that." Rau's voice came on the line. "Report back to the Versalius immediately. You should have our coordinates just fine."

Yui was about to checks only for Cell to step in showing a map of the area with the Versalius's location. "I got it, you can drive again Yuianna." Cell stated.

"Right… I'll be there shortly commander." Yuianna stated as she began to move her GINN in the direction of the Versalius.

"Are you aware of who else survived Yuianna?" Rau questioned through the communicator.

Yui was silent before responding. "Miguel, Olor, and Matthew perished in the battle. Athrun with the Aegis is alive, but I am unsure where he went he left before I did right before the space colony fully collapsed."

"I see… Well you are safe now that is all that matters, we have visual on your movements. We will prepare to receive you." Rau stated.

"Understood commander." She responds before turning off the communicator for a bit then sighed.

"Well… Just as he said at least we are alive!" Cell stated.

Yui was silent unsure if she should celebrate or be outright ashamed. She sighed a bit before nodding. "You are right Cell…" She said before they arrived at the Versalius slowing down as the GINN flies into the hanger and slows down being caught by cables then being hooked up after a bit she powered down the GINN and picked up Cell's communicator before the cockpit opens.

Yui breathed in then out before slowly stepping out of the GINN getting a. "Welcome back Yuianna. The commander wants to see you right away in his office!" Said a soldier who came with the mechanics who were now working on her damaged GINN.

"The commander? Understood I'll be right there after I get out of my pilot suit." Yui stated as she heads for a door to get out of the hanger area getting a nod from the soldier.

Yui entered a half then closed the door behind her before removing her helmet after finding that she was safe now then goes down the hall into the locker room to change out of her pilot suit and into the ZAFT uniform looking out at the window seeing the Aegis arrive before leaving the locker room.

"I wonder why he wants to see you." Cell pondered to Yui.

"Who knows… I just hope it wasn't from us doing anything bad." She said softly as she fixed her ribbon back to its normal way, she didn't like her hair being held up by it. She reapplies the ribbon, so it was just holding her hair back like a bundle.

Yui takes the elevator for a moment before ending up on another floor then goes down hall after hall before ending up at Rau's office where he seemed to be already settled in. She just knocks on the door getting Rau's attention.

"Welcome back Yuianna, please come in." Rau simply stated focusing on his computer monitor it would seem.

Yui complied eying the computer a bit; she was wondering if was linked to a data network or something similar. It would help her with her lack of bearings a bit, but she kept those thoughts in the back of her mind and stood at attention. There was silence before the door opened once more revealing Athrun who floats in.

"You want to see me commander?" Athrun asked then noticed Yui a bit surprised. "Yui? You are here too?"

"I got here first after all, I was told to come here as well by one of the soldiers." Yui stated before going silent again focusing forward.

Athrun was silent before trying to say something but Rau interrupted him. "Apologies can come later Athrun if that is what your planning to say now. Right now, I need a report from the both of you on what happened. Details on the destruction of the colony will be handled by me before the council so just focus on the results of the mission."

Athrun was silent as if he was holding himself back forcing Yui to step forward. "Matthew moved ahead to get visual on the enemy warship. Once he had visual he told us where they were, we then made a hold to surprise the ship. By the time we arrived the warship had already launched the blue and white unit. Miguel split up the team with Olor and Matthew targeting the warship while me, himself, and Athrun were to focus on the unit."

"I see, as you reported the other three…" Rau inquired staring at Yui.

She lightly gulped a bit before continuing. "Yes… They all perished while fighting the warship and the blue and white unit commander."

"May I ask what you were doing before the colony collapsed?" Rau asked looking for more details it seems.

"I was behind the group when the battle started. I noticed the blue and white unit's strange patterns and tried to warn Miguel, but he waved them off. After I protected him from a fatal strike he pushed my unit to the side and was cut down a moment later. Then the unit turned its sights to me commander." Yui explained.

Rau thought for a minute. "Miguel was a bit agitated… Maybe it was wrong to send him back out…" Rau mused then focused back on Yui. "What happened during your engagement."

Yui was silent before continuing. "I was trying my best to not die at the very least. Even if I didn't have permission I asked Cell to help modify the targeting system as I delayed the enemy unit. The unit was using a combat pack that was different from your own report that was focused on close quarters, so I wanted Cell to monitor and adapt the targeting system to match that."

Rau was a bit impressed, even if it was mostly the AI's doing the idea to even attempt it was crazy; but, it was quick thinking that was needed to combat something new and unknown. "How was that process?"

Cell cuts in for Yui. "I was able to make it faster and sharper, but the targeting system isn't perfect for Yuianna or taking down that machine yet. I need more data to adapt the system even more. All in all, though Yuianna did a lot better than I thought she would."

Yui's eye twitched a bit but she kept silent as Rau listened. "I see, but is it ready for our next engagement possibly?" Rau asked.

Cell was silent. "I believe so, I will need to adjust it though to match its other packs, so this is most likely only effective for that sword version of that unit… Also, is there a better name for it besides us calling it blue and white?!"

Rau chuckled. "I believe it is known as the Strike in terms of a shorten name. But you are right there being at least another pack that the Strike used and there might be more. Just be prepared and try to focus on general movements for now then apply your extra data for the specific packs Cell."

Cell was calculating this before agreeing. "I see, what you said makes sense, so I'll be sure to do that. The GINN is back to normal though so anyone can use it. I can keep the data personally with me."

Rau nodded. "That is fine, actually it will make things easier when we go back to the PLANTs after this mission. Regardless for now we must focus on the Strike and that three-legged ship." Rau stated before standing. "If there is nothing else…"

"W-Wait sir…" Athrun cuts in making Yui look over at him silently before he speaks. "A-About my actions earlier…"

Rau was silent with his lips straight waiting for Athrun to continue before cutting in. "Yes, you were behaving strangely, you even disobeyed a direct order not to go out to the field. I will not punish you if that is what you are worried about."

"No, it is not that commander… You see, my old friend is piloting the Strike, he is a Coordinator from the academy so that might have affected my judgement… I just needed to confirm it was him in that previous battle." Athrun explained.

Rau was silent before putting his hands together. "War is full of irony isn't it?" Rau stated softly making her wonder if Rau has encountered such irony a bit. Rau moved around to the front of his desk. "I understand how difficult it might be to shoot a friend of yours. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I will be taking you out of our next engagement."

Athrun was shocked. "B-But sir-!" Rau puts a hand on Athrun's shoulder.

"I couldn't live with myself if I made you go through the mental trauma of shooting your own friend… Not to mention…" Rau continued before Yui cuts in.

"The fact that the pilot of the Strike is a friend you are less likely to shoot them." Yui stated Rau stared at Yui who get back to being silent. "S-Sorry."

"No, no… You are indeed correct Yuianna it is good you understand that as a teammate of Athrun's. A good teammate will calmly understand the flaws of another member of that team." Rau then looked to Athrun.

"S-Sir, he is just being used by the Earth Forces! I-I think I can convince him to come to our side or at least capture him! Please give me a chance." Athrun pleas.

"And what happens if he doesn't, what will you do?" Rau asked making Athrun silent for a moment.

"… Then I will shoot him down myself." Athrun stated, Yui stared at Athrun softly before sighing.

"You might as well let him try commander." Yui stated making Rau look at Yui.

"Why should I Yuianna?" Rau asked.

Yui turned to stare at Athrun then to Rau. "If they are truly friends then the pilot of the Strike will also hesitate just like Athrun here is." Yui stated making Athrun look at Yui before she looked back to Rau. "During the last battle both had a period of just staring and I assume talking at each other in confusion. So most likely both are conflicted on this situation, it would be safe for Athrun to attempt what he is asking for all things considered."

Rau smiled a bit. "I see, you read my mind Yuianna. I will approve of it but if things go south Athrun I expect you to shoot him down… Understood?" Rau asked Athrun.

Athrun salutes. "Sir!"

Rau nodded then look to Yui. "Are you sure you are a Natural Yuianna?" Rau asked making Yui be silent.

Yui looked to Rau while Athrun just watched in silence. "I was unsure what you meant when you first said the term… After a bit of digging on the word, I only have the small definition of it from Cell's research but… I believe so. I have no been genetically modified, it is not even possible for me as you know probably."

Athrun was surprised. "You aren't a Coordinator? How were you even able to pilot the GINN then?" Athrun asked making Yui shrug being careful since Athrun is unware of her situation.

"I only memorized what Cell coached me on, I use to be a programmer so half of the stuff was easier, not to mention Cell handles part of the work. I can do the piloting and other controls on my own." Yui explained to Athrun then focuses back on Rau. "Why do you ask?"

Rau sat back down at his desk putting his hands together in thought. "You know and are able to do things I thought Natural's could not comprehend. I don't fully trust the story you gave and thought it might be a more imaginative form of amnesia and you are actually a Coordinator."

Yui was silent a bit. "Its possible some things were enhanced in my body…" She was silent looking to Athrun who was confused then turned to Rau.

"Athrun can you give us the room for a minute?" Rau asked surprising Athrun who looked to Yui then nodded with a salute leaving the room. When they both confirmed that Athrun left Rau sat back in his seat. "What do you mean?"

"…Right before I was sent to this timeline commander… I mentioned a bomb, right?" Yui inquired to confirm.

"Yes, then right after you appeared in our time from the year... 2017 AD, right?" Rau asked.

Yui nodded before talking further. "I am thinking maybe the jump and the bomb itself that sent me here might have affected my body's make up a bit."

Cell was concerned. "Wait! Hold up! How is that possible?! You are perfectly fine!"

Yui nodded. "Yeah, but memorizing so far has been a lot easier for me here just like the commander is saying I shouldn't be able to do all of that naturally without training… Not to mention I was wounded for some reason either from the same explosion or something else. I can only assume the radiation or whatever I was hit with might have modified my body that way…" Yui theorized.

Cell hummed in thought. "I get your point, but wouldn't it be to far of a stretch to say you aren't a Natural?"

Rau was silent then nodded. "It is true since you jumped in time your ability to pilot that GINN should have been terrible, yet it wasn't. It would be best to study your engagements as we progress on this mission. For now, don't over think it Yuianna. You are an Natural, whenever or not that is a bad thing you more importantly are a member ZAFT. Understood?"

Yui was silent before nodding. "You are right Commander…"

Rau nodded then stood up. "Good, do no dwell on the past, it is no longer your home. As far as I see it this is your time of residence Yuianna and you already fit in." Rau checked the time. "With that out of the way, we must prepare for our next plan. You might want to rest and energize yourself while you have the chance." Rau stated motioning for the door.

"I will see you in a few hours from now on the bridge for a debriefing of our current situation. You might be meeting the other three of our team shortly too, I would be careful with how you talk about being a Natural around Yzak though…" Rau warned before he left the room along with Yui.

"I guess he doesn't like… Our kind I guess…. That is a really weird term for a race of humans though…" Yui stated sweating a bit.

"It is, but a word is needed to identify who was enhanced and who is not. For now, aside from if you are alone with me or Athrun say you are a coordinator instead of a Natural… I'll be sure to warn Athrun as well." Rau continued.

"Understood, I'll be going then." Yui stated softly.

"You have been prepared your own room, it was for one members that died but it is better than nothing." Rau noted finally before leaving for the elevator. "I will see you in a few hours." Rau stated before disappearing into the elevator with Yui looking on at the closed doors.

"Should we go get some rest?" Cell asked.

Versalius - Bridge

Yui just stared at the elevator doors before nodding then used the elevator herself to go to the quarters ward of the ship.

Rau arrived at the bridge shortly the room in a bit of chaos after the events transpired with Heliopolis. The space colony collapsing complicated things greatly as their objective to only take the machines would not be in question. Not only that but one was still in the hands of the Earth Forces along with a high-tech battleship.

He slowly floated to his command chair one leg crossed over the other hands together in thought as he was trying to figure out a plan in his head while contemplating what he is learning from Yuianna. "A girl lost in time who is a Natural yet is able to comprehend the coding language easily along with the ability to pilot a GINN to a degree…"

Rau smirked a bit. "I don't know how much Committee Chair Zala might like since if she is a Natural it might complicate things for him and his message. Maybe I should skew the results of these tests for Yuianna, it was her that came up with the possible theory as well…"

As he thought of this he wondered if what she said is true however. "If true, she is a dangerous girl not to mention she has that AI with her… At this rate she might be a valuable piece for ZAFT as a whole…" The things of the past interest him wondering who or what caused such an event and if more like her popped up. If it was just her then it made him question why her was only sent here… Maybe she is from this time maybe.

Rau frowned a bit. "It would be a shocking revelation and might damage the girl mentally who was strong willed and smart." For now, he will have to keep observing and come up with a plan on how to present this to the council when he will eventually have to go in to discuss the Heliopolis incident. He straightens himself then focuses on the bridge crew to come up with a new plan on what to do now.

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