Willow Sway- 11 Male-17

Maia Rox- 1 Female- 17

I swung at him with my bow

I dodged her hit

I ran back a few meters

I readied my scythe, ready to fight

I pulled out my knife, wishing I was better at close range fighting

I smirked, pretending to not be afraid

I glared back, not being able to pretend

I held out my weapon, trying to stop my hands shaking

I looked at him, looking for problems with his stance

It was time to fight

The crowd watched their screens with baited breath as the two fought. The movements were almost dance like and no one could tell who would win. The clever cocky boy from Eleven or the quick, careful girl from One.

No one remembered that they were both kids. That neither had turned 18 yet one of them would die.

The final strike seemed to take both a second and a year.

It was the day where I lost/won.

Maia, as many predicted was the winner. I worked out the deaths for this story using SN online generator.

First I created the names, and then I put them in. It told me the placement abd what killed them. I did change a few however. For instance, third place was originally going to be killed by Maia but it started flowing as Willow so I kept it.

There was also a little mix up in the middle where I accidentally skipped a few tributes and nearly had a dead person killing someone.

Do you want me to write Maia's victory tour?

Who was your favourite character?