Hello Reader! I am here with a story again, and I'm hoping that this crossover will find itself taking over one's mind with the possibilities like it has mine. I do not own Inuyasha or King Arthur, though I wish I did sometimes, but I could never make them as amazing as they are in other people's hands. Thus, I resign myself to being a devoted fan.

Without further ado, and annoying mumbling, I present my new crossover: The Caged Bird


As you can probably guess, the day started out with a terrific start… an unusual occurrence where the Inutaichi are concerned. Miroku and Sango awoke, finding that they had moved closer in the night, awaking feelings that both could no longer ignore. Pretending to sleep until the other members of there group awoke, they laid closer than before, fingers interlocked, and light blushes caressing the cheeks of the monk and demon slayer. Across camp, Shippo felt warm and protected in the cocoon offered by the arms of his new mother, and her sleeping bag that kept them warm through the night. Kagome felt blessed at having someone so close, someone she called son, and that the man she had come to love watched over them still from the branches of the tree above.

However, Inuyasha felt different. He no longer felt the tie to the others in his pack, his mind poisoned by the kisses Kikyo gave every time she was near. He knew the final battle grew near, and that strong ties were needed to beat Naraku, but everyday his mind floated to the clay pot. His detachment made the others think he had finally understood that humans needed to sleep and rest, since he no longer pushed them as hard. He failed to notice how a couple formed, that Shippo was growing into his kitsune powers with more control which would prove to be useful in battle, or that Kagome continued to train her skills with the help of Miroku and Kaede to that which could rival Midoriko. He refused to acknowledge how Sango trained her swordsmanship in the hope that she could defend herself when the enemy was too close for a bow, still believing her to be inferior to Kikyo no matter how she tried to improve herself, or how his less forceful demeanor cultivated a fondness from a woman that could heal his heart, unlike Kikyo's who would only use him to get her soul back.

This very morning, when everyone awoke to a pleasant sky without any rushing from the resident hanyou, no one took the time to take a closer look until it was too late. While breakfast was made, fish from the nearby stream that were caught by the proud kit, no one noticed the approach of the soul stealers. After the meal, they decided the day was for relaxation after the intense battle the day before with a large mantis youkai, allowing Miroku and Sango their privacy as Kagome, her kit and Kirara took a stroll to find some herbs in the hopes of restoring their supplies, and Inuyasha snuck away to meet his lover.


Hours past, healing herbs were replenished and minds relaxed, and at this moment the Inutaichi were separated and at their weakest. No one went after Inuyasha, leaving him to the whims of a deceiver, coaxing him to help achieve her goals.

Laying on the forest floor, robe of the fire rat covering her most valuable assets, Kikyo played with the sensitive ears of her lover. After a couple hours of romping, making sure Inuyasha could only feel her presence without distractions, ensured he would follow through. "Do you love me Inuyasha? Enough that you would mate me, claim me as your own?"

"Yes." Was all Inuyasha could respond with before he felt a sensual nip to his ears.

"Then what of my reincarnation? I can only be with you once I have my soul, and she has what is rightfully mine."

In ecstasy, Inuyasha didn't see the binding mark she was drawing on his chest, only that it felt good with her hands touching him so, heating him up for a third round. "Eh, she's just a wench; a shard detector, useless now that all the shards are accounted for." True, the shards were either with Naraku, Kouga, Kagome or Sango's little brother, but he didn't rationalize that her purity was the only thing that would keep the Shikon's darkness in check.

The symbol complete, Kikyo kissed the mark, infusing it with power that made it glow a dark purple. "Then Inuyasha, would you kill her for me?"

As soon as the affirmative reply escaped his lips without thought, the symbol boiled on his skin, and angry red glow taking place. He yelped, jumping up, and clawing at the flesh of his chest, yet nothing would make the mark stop its burning. Slowly, Inuyasha's beast came to the surface, eyes turning red, as if called by a force. "Mistress, when do you wish it done?" Inuyasha's conscience was locked in the confines of his mind, appalled at what he had allowed to occur, only able to watch as his body kneeled before the woman he thought he loved.

"Now." This was all Kikyo had to say, as she watched the hanyou, only in his hakamas, bound away, following the scent of his prey.


On their way back, Kagome took notice of how no birds made sound, as if feeling the presence of a predator nearby. Noting his mother's hesitance, Shippo sniffed the air for hints, looking to see what Kirara thought. Though both were still training to become strong warriors, Shippo and Kagome new to trust their instincts that something was very wrong. The hairs on the back of their necks stood, their bodies getting ready to flee in the hope of escaping the predator they knew was approaching. Kirara's fur bristled, knowing that she may be of no help. Transforming, she looked to her two charges, pushing them in the other direction frantically in the hope of saving them.

Turning, Kagome picked up her son and looked to the nekomata. "Kirara, run to camp and get help. We will be fine for a little bit." With that, the group split.

Mother and son plowed through the forest, fear forcing her muscles forward as she realized the growls behind her were getting louder. As if corralled, she new they were heading to a mountain, having just recently come out of the Northern terrains of Japan to retrieve the last shard. Only this time, they were being hunted.

Inuyasha, close enough to see his prey, decided to play until they were trapped. Sweeping closer, his claws swiped across her side, leaving gapping wounds on her torso, causing her to stumble before trying to flee again. Looking back, the female saw her attacker, but seeing Inuyasha's blood red eyes was not what she had expected, and it terrified her as she knew there was no reasoning with the beast if he was already at this point with tetsusaiga still tethered to his side.

Turning, she held tighter to Shippo in fear as her vision blurred with blood loss, barely avoiding branches and trunks as she continued to weave between trees. Shippo only cried, too terrified to help, fear making him useless. Another swipe at her thigh sent both tumbling into undergrowth, rendering her plight useless as even adrenaline could not help her continue to run. Curling around her son, all Kagome could do was wish for their safety, unaware of the consequences.

The jewel, knowing that its rightful guardian was in trouble, used its power to protect the priestess. Taking no heed for those who possessed it, and no care that its mischief would be for naught, the remaining jewel shards were summoned in fear of the approaching demon. Naraku's were suddenly ripped from his possession, leaving behind confused and enraged hanyou at having something he worked for for so long, suddenly disappear leaving him weakened as prey for those who sought revenge. Kouga found himself on the ground in pain as his shards were forcefully ripped from his shins, leaving gaping holes in their absence, with Ginta and Hakkaku worrying over their fallen brother. And finally Kohaku, shard ripped from his spine as he smiled sadly at the girl he helped walk home, happy that his life of painful memories ended with a beautiful girl face worrying over his absence.

A blinding light stopped Inuyasha's beast from taking a step closer, as the Jewel reformed over the mother and son, and surrounding them in a protective barrier. Forced into a dreamless sleep, the two were unaware that they had disappeared from the world, transported to one of another language and strife some 1000 years further in the past.