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They had set up further onto the lake, spread out enough that the ice barely moaned under their weight. Thoughts were running rampant as bows were strung and prepped, arrows ready to be fired, their shafts warm from the fidgeting fingers combing their fletching. Faces were stony as the Saxons came into focus; their marching having caused tremors across the ice for at least the last 10 minutes.

"Mother, don't do anything stupid." This caught Kagome's attention. To her right stood her kit, the one she had lost for so long. His beautiful blue eyes were glistening, too manly to cry yet too young to have a heart of steel.

Kagome's heart broke. She knew Shippo always went through this, but they had been through so much that the trust had never been broken. But here and now, in comparison, Galahad had never gotten the time. Months versus centuries, there was no contest. However, she couldn't lie. "Kit, if I didn't, it wouldn't be me." Her face broke in a gentle smile as her eyes told a tale of longing for peace, an era where she could just hold her kit safely, away from wandering eyes.

Galahad's soft laugh broke the glass tension that had formed around them. "I suppose no, Mama. But at least try." There was the playful kit she missed. And hell, if she would ever let anything happen to him.

As the Saxons moved closer, the knights grew restless. They were comfortable in their position to a point, but waiting for the enemy to flounce themselves into range was nerve-wracking.

The commander decided now was the time to speak up, and draw his knights into battle mode. "Hold until I give the command."

Lancelot turned to the lady Guinevere playfully, needing to lighten the frigid mood that refused to relinquish its grip on the air. "You look frightened. There's a large number of lonely men out there."

"Don't worry, I won't let them rape you." Guinevere's comment had Lancelot give a devilish smirk, while Kagome practically choked on her own damn spit. Damn, she's good.

Turning both ways, Kagome looked down the line. Her eyes strayed to the stormy blue eyes of the gentle giant, and the dark, warm brown eyes of the silent scout. Their eyes held the meaning behind, the eyes are the window to the soul, as they betrayed a completely different person than their harsh exteriors portrayed. Once this is over, how will I choose? Better yet, will they let me?



"We're out of range!"

"I can see that!" Cynric was beyond pissed. He was surrounded by pansy idiots, his father keeping the strongest and battle-worn for himself, leaving the jumpy buffoons for him. Asshole and he wonders why we never get things done. Let's finally get something right!


"I believe they're waiting for an invitation. Bors, Tristan."

As the designated men raised their bows, Guinevere had a sudden doubt in the mental capacity of the Roman Commander she was meant to woo. "They're far out of range."

Arthur ignored her, letting the arrows flying through the air prove him right as they lodged themselves in the enemy's frontline. After sending a little smirk at the woman in silent victory, his eyes gleaming playfully, his face morphed back into a stone-like those made for his Roman ancestors. "Aim for the wings of the ranks. Make them cluster."

Together, their arrows flew, soaring until their path was intercepted by Saxon flesh or armor. The Saxon's quaked, having to march closer in the hopes of getting into range, but unable to dodge each set of arrows as their ranks packed tighter and tighter. Cynric was cracking, his resolve sending him yelling at his men to hold ranks, but still, they didn't listen. However, the ice wasn't breaking. Cracks formed, but it was too thick and weight baring for the smaller Saxon force to actually fall through.

Arthur called for a retreat, "Back. Fall back! Prepare for combat." But Dagonet did the exact opposite, sprinting forward after catching the eye of the resident vixen, his face hardened in his resolve to defend those he loved.

"Dag!" "Cover him!"

Chaos was breaking out among the Saxons, their archers quickly moving into position, while the knights successfully kept most at bay. But the moment one bolt struck Dagonet in the gut, it was over for Kagome.

Her eyes bled red as canines lengthened, her grip on her borrowed bow turning white before it snapped in half, catching Galahad's attention. His crazed eye swept towards hers, meeting as an arm extended in the hopes of holding her back, but he only found air with words held in the air. "I'm sorry, kit."

Before their eyes, the knights watched the raven beauty rush forward, a light shining through her body as she ran before being fully enveloped. Not a moment later, a woman wasn't running in place, but a fox the size of a man, her paws pounding into the ice as she drove forward with a howl. The knights broke out of their trance, returning to their previous positions in the hope of keeping crossbows away from their comrades, Galahad and Tristan firing with anger and precision while a Bors waited for the moment to sprint forward.

On the other hand, Cynric and his men were captivated as the creature bounded towards them. It was the goddess Moona no doubt, her raven pelt reflecting the light with a blue sheen, silver tips on her ears and four tails leaving them glistening as if they were dipped in freshly fallen snow. But the moment Cynric locked eyes with the blood-red ones of the beast, he shook himself out of his stupor. "Move! Move! Kill him!"

"The ice is breaking!" Cynric didn't know what to do. His men were slipping, distracted from their target as they tried to avoid an icy demise.

On the other side of the breaking ice, Dagonet was one arrow in and finally made it to his feet again. The pain was nothing new, the will to continue and finish the job overcoming any sense of self-preservation. However, before he could strike again, his armor was grabbed from behind, a force pulling and tossing him back towards the other knights. Seeing the bolt fly above him made him thankful for the rescue until he realized his mission was incomplete. Who could throw his 6' 3" frame like that… NO…

Looking up, he found Kagome in all her glory. Beautiful and magnificent, she pounded her paws into the ice, trying to finish what he started. "Nooo, Kagome!" He tried to stand up and rush forward, but before he could even climb to his feet, he was being dragged back by Bors.

"Dag, she's strong! You can't go back out there, look at you!" But he wanted to refuse, his shield brother's words flying out the other ear, refusing to look away from the demoness. She better be fine!

Arthur and the others rushed to surround the group while continuing to cover Kagome. "She's breaking the ice! Cover her!" However, as the cracks rapidly escalated and whole chunks of ice cracked, the fear was no longer for whether they were successful, but whether she could get back safely. "Lady Kagome!"


Kagome, at hearing her name from the Roman Commander and her kit's shout, felt her rage recede as her beast relinquished its hold. What… where…. Suddenly realizing her position, Kagome quickly shifted back to a humanoid form, her ragged clothes barely covering her form anymore. She turned to return, her tail helping her balance on the shifting ice, but barely took a step before a thunk sounded.

For the knights, it was like everything had gone silent. In the background, the Saxons screamed as they were thrown into the frozen depths, but this scene's protagonist had their full attention. A hope had resonated, seeing the woman recede into her humanoid form and turn, a smile on her face as eyes sparkled in her success as protecting her new family. However, with her back turned and one step forward, she was unable to see the Saxon archer raise his crossbow, and release bolt at her back. The thunk sounded as the sharpened edge sunk into her unprotected flesh until is protruded from the opposite side for all to the damage done. Her eyes portrayed shock, looking down to watch her lifeblood drip off the tip, painting the ice beneath her feet. A hand raised, she moved to continue to her kit, but another thunk sounded as a bolt struck above her right knee, halting her progression and sending her to her hands and knees, the sudden weight on the ice enticing the cracks in her direction.

"Nooo, mother!" Galahad rushed forward, quickly followed by Gawain as Tristram made sure to sink his own arrow into the offending archer. However, their speed was no match for the lake's hunger, its waves no longer retrained in their winter dormancy. Yards away from Kagome, she looked up to meet her baby's eyes. Galahad could only watch on in horror, reading her lips' final words, before her sorrowful smile was the last thing he saw as her segment of ice flipped away, overturning its load into the lake. It flipped back up, the only evidence of her existence the smear of blood from where she slid off the block. Finally, the wind seemed to carry her last words to his ears, his body restrained by Gawain.

I love you. Please, forgive me.











AU: I know, I'm a dick… But not THAT big of a dick… Even though I really REALLY want to be…


Where… am I? Kagome opened her eyes, finding light filtering around her. Going to breath, she quickly realized there was no oxygen. SHIT! Despite the pain in her back and abdomen, she kicked and pulled as much as she could, but found that there was something blocking the light. Right… ice… Fuck that shit… Using the last bit of her strength and exhausted youki, she punched her arm up, using her claws to hold herself to the surface as she broke a slowly widening opening into the ice.

One arm found an escape, before disappearing into the water again to try and widen the hole for her shoulders. On the surface, however, the hollow pounding sound and emerging ebony limb from the ice caught attention. As she fought to stay conscious, the shouts and pounding of feet towards her caught her attention. Help… please… She raised her arm again to catch their attention before together an ax and her arm fought to widen the hole.

Once she could fit her smaller frame, she tried to climb out, her jelly-like limbs barely having enough strength to hold and scrape at the air-exposed ice. Almost, ah- The feeling of a large grasping the back of her hole-permeated tunic had her fully relaxing as the sudden strength lifted her onto the ice. The sudden impact jostled the bolts still lodged in her flesh, but the break of the one in her leg to fit through the hole elicited a weak scream. Oh right, breathing is a thing. To die trapped under the ice, suffocating, would truly be a terrible thing. "Thank…. You…" Her voice was weak, as her diaphragm spasmed, trying to remove the water from the lungs and replace it with the air she craved.

"No, thank you." Kagome stiffened, eyes widened and her breath caught. That is not a knight I know of. Turning her head, the only movement she had any energy to move at the moment, her eyes met worn leather boots, before finding chainmail, leather and metal-plated armor, and black and tan animal pelts surrounding the smirking face of Cynric of Wessex. He nodded to someone she couldn't see before she felt herself being lifted into the arms of another Saxon brute. "We'll take good care of you, Lady Moona."

Fuck you Fate.


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