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Chapter 2: The Clash At Bloody Dawn

It was chaos.

There were so many darkers outside of Warfang. The soldier was not kidding when he had said that there had been many darkers. It was like an ocean of dark bodies. The Dark Masters wanted to end the war.

But they were not going to destroy Warfang! They were Freedom Flyers! They will never let the Dark Army win!

Fox and Blazer led their team against a group of darkers, unleashing fire over as many as they can. A few tried to attack them, but they retaliated and kept them away from the less experienced civilians, who were struggling against even a single darker.

Blazer thought back, while slashing with his claws at a darker who got too close for comfort, at the state of the Freedom Flyers. He had always wondered why Cynder took in that ice dragon to train. When he asked why she chose him, she simply told him that he was special. Yet after eleven years, the youngling had not shown any special abilities. His parents were also not special, just some 2nd class citizens.

'And why…' Blazer thought, holding off another darker, 'does every member of Team Alpha keep anything personal about the child secret?' he always wondered why they were so secretive about him. Like he was some dangerous creature that could destroy the city. But he was not a purple dragon, he had no elements other than ice. And he didn't have purple scales. Unless-


Blazer's jaw opened wide, his eyes as wide as they could be. He looked down, struggling as he did so. He saw a large, shadowy sword, thrust right through his body.


The darker continued to drive the sword into his body. He coughed up blood, the metal of the blade cutting right through his body.

"Does that hurt dragon? Do you need your mother to save you?"


Fox launched towards Blazer and the darker, but was intercepted by a darker, slamming her to the ground, "Let go of me, you freak!" Fox yelled as she tried to struggle out of the hold.

"Get away from them!"

A large black form slammed into the darker holding Fox. All three of them rolled around before righting themselves. As Fox tried to recover, a splatter of blood and a slashing noise later, and the darker's lifeless body falls down. Fox looks up, seeing General Cynder, already running to save Blazer.

"Oh look, seems your general has come to save you," the darker sneered. "And such a lovely source of blood as well. Did you come just for me?"

"No Korfeo. I've come to kill you," Cynder lunged at the shadowy darker, using her wind element to separate the two dragons, leaving nothing to stand between them.


"There's so many of them out there!" Isky exclaimed, as she and Vale flew above the city, "how are they going to keep them out?"

"Let's just hope they can hold them off. Go join up with your team, I'll go check and see if mom's okay." Validor said.

"Alright. Be careful Vale," Isky nodded, and took off to join with Team Omega. Vale flew off towards the 2nd Class District, towards his house. He needed to find his mother. A strange rush of movement caught his attention, and when he looked in its direction, he spied a shadowy form slink out of view.

'Suspicious. What is that?' Validor thought. He needed to find out what it is. He flew over in its direction, keeping his distance in case it knew he was there. Looking down the alley that it had disappeared into, he caught sight of multiple shadowy forms, hidden in darkness, as they snuck behind a corner.

The presence of yellow, cat-like eyes did not go unnoticed by him.

'Darkers!? In the city!?' Validor thought in worry, 'how? How did they even get in?' if darkers were in the city, it could cause some major problems, especially if the guard were distracted elsewhere, 'but why aren't they just attacking everything? What are they doing?'

He didn't know what they were doing, but he wouldn't let some darkers go around the city unnoticed, 'I'll… I'll follow them. When I find a guard, I'll inform them. For now, gotta follow them,' Validor resolved. He made his way towards the roof, keeping out of sight, 'but, if they find me, and they…' Vale touched his collar, 'I can't… I don't want to be like them. I can't become like the ones before me.'

He kept quiet, staying as far back as possible to avoid detection. For some odd reason, the darkers were also avoiding detection. He was confused. Normally darkers just kill everything in sight. Perhaps they were… looking for something, 'we are getting a little close to the 1st class district. Maybe they are looking for someone there…' Vale thought, 'damnit, this is getting too risky. Gotta find a guard.'

He silently made his way out onto the street, walking around, panic slowly building as he kept turning corners. Suddenly, he ran into another dragon, "Hey, watch where you're going, kid!" the guard shouted angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I was trying to find a guard. I saw some darkers, sneaking around the district, over in that direction," Vale pointed back in the general direction of where he last saw the darkers, "can you at least check it out?"

"Fine, fine, just get out of the way." the guard rushed past, taking off and turning in the direction of the sighting. Vale felt relief flood his body, glad that the darkers at the very least won't be able to sneak around for too much longer, 'Just gotta get home.'


Validor felt a chill go down his spine upon hearing that. He turned around, dreading what he would see.

Towering over the forcefield was a massive golem, far larger than any seen before. Every section had a pair of legs, and it looked ominously over the wall, and therefore, the forcefield.

'Oh no. If that golem hits the shield…' Validor began a train of thought.

As he watched in horror, the massive golem reared its upper body, and slammed down upon the forcefield. A resounding boom ripped through the air as a sizeable hole in the field was torn open.

Suddenly, a large purple beam raced towards the monstrosity, crashing into the massive construct with the full power of Convexity. Validor knew that Cynder was behind that attack, who else could unleash an attack like that?

Suddenly, Vale could see two silhouettes in the distance, falling towards the city. They seemed to be attacking each other, biting and scratching as they fell.

"Wait, is that-"


Two dragons crashed through the hole in the forcefield, landing hard and fast into a building, smashing it into rubble.

The purple dragon picked himself out of the rubble, and turned towards the struggling figure of Incendicus. He quickly made his way over to him, and placed a single paw on his neck, lifting it up to look him in the eyes. He tensed, and-


Incendicus's body went limp, and was dropped unceremoniously on the ground by the Dark Master. Validor watched from the shadows as Spyro rose from the rubble. He ducked back behind the corner as the purple dragon began to look around.

'Please don't find me, please don't find me, please don't find me, please don't find me,' Validor hoped to everything.

(Over in the 1st class district…)


"Oh, who could it be at this time, of all things?" Plume groaned.

"You go get it, I'll go check on Tori," Zephyr walked over to the door to Tori's room, letting his mate go grab the door.

"I know you're still awake dear, I know better. So I'll say this only once; stay in your room and keep quiet. You're still grounded for the rest of the week, so tomorrow you'll be doing your homework," Zephyr called out, half expecting a retort. None came. Zephyr waited a few minutes, growing increasingly worried.

"Tori?" the wind dragon pushed the door open, stepping inside.

"Looking for someone?" the darker taunted the dragon as he entered the room, holding Tori in its claws.

"W-let her go!" Zephyr charged at the darker, but another one knocked him aside and pinned him against the wall. "You lay a single claw on her, I'll-AAGH!" the wind dragon let out a scream as the darker bit into his shoulder, tearing out a chunk.

"Get the lady. I'll handle the little meal," the main darker ordered the other darkers, which promptly left the room. It looked down at the young child in its claws, pinning her against the ground, "Are you ready to have some more fun, little meal?"

"Rrraaagh!" Zephyr roared as he pushed against the darker holding him to the wall, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. He rushed at the main darker, summoning a blast of wind, and he let it loose, but the darker simply pounced at him, ignoring the elemental attack as he rushed at his throat.

"DAD!" Tori watched as her father fell to the floor, neck slashed open and bleeding.

"Don't worry, you're next," the darker prowled back over to her, "and I'm going to enjoy th-"

A blast of wind knocked it aside, interrupting its taunting. It looked over to see the other wind dragon, having rushed into the room upon hearing the screams. "Very well, I'll simply kill you first!" the darker lunged at her, pinning her down before trying to strike at her throat. It was knocked aside by another dragon, armoured up, who pushed it away. "I don't have time for you!" the darker launched a wave of shadow fire at the guard, who took it head on. It prowled over to the prone dragoness, before thrusting its tail into her neck. It retracted its tail, looking back at the two remaining dragons, "Great, not enough time. I'll get her another day." the darker took off, leaving the scene behind. The other darkers followed closely behind, none wanting to get caught.

"Mom… dad…" Tori cried, watching as her parents slipped away from her. The wound on her chest burned, and she struggled to remain conscious, before fainting.

(Back to Validor…)

"That was… that was him, wasn't it?" Validor asked the old dragon.

"Yes. You are quite lucky, young dragon. If he had found you, I have no doubt that he would have done terrible things to you," the dragon replied.

Validor had been lucky.

"I feel like he would have done worse…" Vale muttered.

"Pardon me, but may I ask your name?" The dragon asked.

"Oh? It's Validor. Validor Starwing." He answered.

"Ah, Cynder's little apprentice. I've heard about you," the dragon said. "I must say, I don't exactly see why the good general chose you, but I know she has her reasons," the dragon began to turn and walk away, but stopped and looked back at Vale, "oh, and so you know, my name is Julius Warfang."

"Wait, KING Julius Warfang?" Validor only then realised that the ruler of Warfang was standing in front of him, who had just saved him from a purple dragon. He quickly scrambled to bow down. "I-I'm sorry, but thank you, your majesty."

"Please, there's no need to bow. I saved you. Anyone else would have done the same," Julius replied. He then proceeded to walk off, leaving the young dragon stunned.


Validor turned to look at the sky, seeing Isky and Heastah flying down to meet him.

"Heastah! Isky! What happened out there?" Vale asked.

"The Dark Army is retreating," Heastah explained.

"What? But… didn't they have the upper hand? Why would they retreat?" Vale asked back.

"I don't know, they're up to something," Heastah said, "

"At least you're okay. Cynder would hate to lose you," Isky commented.

"I think she'd die before losing me," Vale muttered.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Isky questioned.

"Not now Isky. I'll explain later. Right now, we need to inform your mother of some bad news," Heastah stated, "Vale, your father, we don't know where he is, we looked everywhere but we couldn't find him with the army. We have to assume he's dead. I'm sorry."

Vale's eyes widened upon hearing the news, "N-no…" he fell down and sat on his hinds as his mind tried to process this information.


"I'm sorry Vale, but there was nothing we could have done," Heastah comforted the grieving child.

It was at that moment, Vale noticed that one of Heastah's eyes was cloudy, almost misty. Not to mention the large scar running across his neck, "Heastah, your neck-"

"I have the general to thank for being able to get out of that alive," Heastah replied, "I'll be fine though, the darker that did this got worse off. And I still have one good eye. I'll manage."

"If you say so. You do know you are my teacher in the ice element within the Flyers, right?" Vale said, with Heastah giving a knowing smirk. Vale sighed, "I… I wish I was as confident as you, Heastah. You just seem to know what to do."

"You know what Vale, we'll go tell your mother the news. You go meet with Cynder. She'll be back at HQ by now," Heastah offered, "After what we've all been through, I think you of all people need time to settle. So go on, get going. We'll take care of things here."

"Th-thanks Heastah," Vale replied.

As the ice dragons took flight towards Vale's home, Validor took a few minutes to collect himself before he spread his wings. He flew as fast as he could, tears slowly returning but pushed aside. His thoughts were a confused mess of chaos. It took him a good fifteen minutes to get to the Flyers HQ, but upon landing, he knew something was off.

There were injured Flyers all over. Some with rather serious wounds, others with only a minor scratch. But what Vale noticed is that a good number of Flyers were missing. No doubt dead. He spied some notable members; Adelee was tending to Blazer and his grievous chest wound, with Fox standing next to him and holding his claw. Flame had a vicious bite wound, but fortunately didn't seem to be permanent, though it might impact his already futile chances at romance. Or not.

That's when it hit him. They had barely come out of that battle with their lives.

But soon Validor caught sight of who he was looking for; Cynder. She had a few wounds, some big scars, but she still kept that calm look about her. He made his way over to her, unable to hold the tears from coming back up. The large black dragon looked around at the soldiers, and noticed Vale.

"Vale?" Cynder asked, "are you… crying?"

Validor just stood there, looking at Cynder, tears he never noticed streaming down his face. He couldn't hold it back. He rushed forward, wrapping his fores around Cynder, as much as he could, crying on her as he let it all out, ignoring any stares from the other Flyers, "Dad… he's… he's gone…"

Cynder kept a strong face, but she laid a wing and a paw over the young dragon as he let out all of his tears, "I'm so sorry," Cynder comforted the distraught child. On the inside, she felt incredible sadness for what had transpired. Vale was a purple dragon, which meant that everyone would no doubt hate him when the time came to reveal his identity, and even despite any efforts on her part, she couldn't do anything to spare him of any of the pain she had suffered before, back when she was hated.

In a way, she saw herself in him. Someone who loses family and friends, and unable to do anything to stop it. It hurt her that she couldn't keep him away from the horrors of life while he was still young. She watched as Validor continued to cry out all of his tears.

"This must end."

Cynder paused, looking down at the disguised purple dragon.

"I need to stop this. I… I must stop the Dark Masters."

Chapter 2 End.

End of the Prologue.

Author's Note.

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It appears Validor has made a promise. Seeing Spyro kill Incendicus (Doucheicus to those who prefer his original name) off like that seems to have set something off inside of him. He seems a bit more determined, right?

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