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Chapter 7 – The Magic of Christmas

A few hours later, the Emotions regrouped in the main room after enjoying some rest and down time. Disgust and Joy both had beautifully painted nails, (which they were very eager to show off to everyone else!) Disgust had even brought along her nail art kit so she could decorate the nails of the female Mind Workers when they set out to help spread the Christmas cheer to the less fortunate inhabitants of the Mind World.

As Joy and Disgust chatted away happily and admired their artistic skills, the grumpiest Santa in the world made his appearance when Anger stomped into the room dressed in his brand new Santa Claus outfit. With his hat and long white beard covering most of his face, all that was clearly visible was Anger's frowning eyes as he stood before his amused co-workers with his golden bell in hand.

"Oh Anger! You look so cute!" Sadness commented shyly.

Disgust and Joy nodded and tried their hardest not to laugh as the red Emotion growled and muttered something under his breath.

Disgust raised her eyebrow thoughtfully at grumpy Santa. "Even I'm tempted to sit in your lap Anger. You look so authentic!"

Anger glared daggers at her as Disgust added mockingly, "And if I'm too heavy, I'll lend you my whoopee cushion so you can demonstrate to the Mind Worker kids what Santa really thinks of his job..."

Joy glanced out the window and noticed that it was getting quite late in the afternoon. "I hate to interrupt your fun guys, but we better get a move on! I want to be back here before the fireworks start! I heard that the staff at Dream Productions are organizing something spectacular this year!"

After making some final preparations, Joy, Disgust and Anger set off to donate their leftover food to some of the underprivileged Mind Workers, leaving Sadness and Fear behind to look after the console.


Fear woke up from a fitful nap shortly after the others had left. Thankfully, he hadn't had any nightmares about steaks! But to his dismay, he discovered that his stomach still hurt. Unfortunately Anger's indigestion tablets hadn't helped all that much.

The purple Emotion groaned and slid off the couch listlessly. He decided that he needed to make himself some mint tea since he knew that mint was supposed to help soothe an upset stomach. And right now his stomach wasn't just upset, it was inconsolable!

"Are you okay Fear?"

Fear gave an instinctive shriek of alarm as Sadness' soft melancholic voice interrupted his thoughts. He whipped around and saw that the blue Emotion was sitting on the far side of the sofa, watching him with concern in her eyes.

What is she doing here?! Wasn't she supposed to have gone with the others on their charity expedition to the Mind World?

Suddenly he remembered that Sadness had asked Joy if she could stay here and rest while the others went out.

Fear gave his blue co-worker a sheepish grin. "Oh Sadness! Sorry for that little outburst! You just startled me…"

"I'm sorry…" Sadness apologized and looked down guiltily. "I won't bother you if you want to be alone…"

"Oh not at all! I don't mind your company Sadness…" Fear assured her hastily.

He winced as another sharp pain came from his belly before adding, "I was just going to make myself some mint tea. Anger's tablets helped for a little while, but my tea works best when it comes to digestive problems."

Sadness gave him a timid smile and nodded.

Fear smiled back and said quietly, "I think I'll use that new mug you gave me as a present…"

He gave a nervous laugh as he remembered the message written on the mug and added, "After all, it seems very appropriate given my current situation!"

Sadness blushed and whispered, "Could you make me some tea as well? I want to try the new mug Anger got for me. It's very beautiful…"

"Of course." Fear replied amicably as he headed into the kitchen to prepare their warm beverages.

While she was waiting for him to return, Sadness started feeling a combination of nostalgia and contentment at the same time. This Christmas had turned out better than she ever hoped it would and the whole experience filled her with a sense of awe.

I don't know what's happening, but everything is just so beautiful and magical! Everyone is being so nice to each other…or at least trying to be! She sighed dreamily. A warm feeling flowed through her heart as she reminisced about everything that had transpired over the week leading up to Christmas.

I feel like we are finally a true family! Not just a bunch of individual Emotions co-existing together as we go about influencing Riley's day-to-day life…

For Sadness, Christmas wasn't about the presents or the food or the decorations. For her, the greatest Christmas gift of all was the unity and love that came out of this special day, as well as the generosity of helping out those in need and making them feel valued for once in their lives…

A short time later, Fear returned with two mugs of mint tea for them.

"Here you go Sadness." He offered her the mug that Anger had gifted to her and sat down beside her with his own brand new mug.

"I never enjoyed making tea this much!" Fear stated with a nervous chuckle. "I even used some of the special tea and honey you gave me as a present..."

Sadness smiled as she inhaled the scent of the warm steaming tea in her mug before taking a cautious sip. "It's not bad…" She remarked timidly.

Fear snorted in amusement as he took a sip from his own mug. "It's very good actually!"

"That is the tea you picked out as a present for me, not my tea-making skills!" He corrected sheepishly.

He blushed and looked away in embarrassment.

Sadness glanced at her purple co-worker admirably and offered, "Your tea-making skills are great Fear! I don't think there's anyone here who could make tea better than you…"

Fear looked at her gratefully and nodded as he sipped his tea quietly. Already his tummy had settled down quite a lot and he was in a much friendlier mood overall.

After a few seconds of silence, Fear turned to his blue co-worker and whispered, "This was one of the nicest Christmases we've ever had Sadness."

He reached out hesitantly and put his hand on top of hers fondly. The unexpected contact caused Sadness to gasp in surprise and she looked at him with a startled expression. Fear recoiled slightly from her gaze and took his hand away quickly.

He looked down in embarrassment and mumbled, "Sorry. I just feel like I should say thank you for making all this goodwill possible…"

This time, it was Fear who was surprised when Sadness placed her hand on top of his and squeezed it gently.

"It's not just me…we all did it together." She corrected softly.

Fear gazed into his co-worker's deep blue eyes thoughtfully. She gave him a tiny smile before removing her hand and turning her attention back to her tea.

Fear smiled back fondly and nodded in agreement. He gave a deep sigh of contentment as the two Emotions resumed drinking their tea in silent reflection.


A couple of hours later, Anger, Disgust and Joy returned to Headquarters feeling very pleased with their charitable work in the Mind World today. Anger in particular was in an uncharacteristically upbeat and merry mood upon his arrival!

In fact, both Fear and Sadness received quite the shock as their usually foul-tempered co-worker strolled up to them looking as jolly as Father Christmas himself, his amber-colored eyes glinting with pride as he began recounting his experience to them.

"Wow! I've never been so popular in my life!" Anger exclaimed as he took off his fake Santa beard and hat and grinned at his awestruck co-workers enormously. "Those Mind Worker kids really thought I was the real deal!"

He gazed at Sadness and Fear with a humbled expression on his red face. "You should have seen the smiles on their little faces! Everyone wanted to sit in my lap and take a picture with me!"

He shook his head slowly in wonder and uttered, "I've never felt so appreciated and loved in my entire life! It was amazing…"

Joy gave her red co-worker a pleased smile. "You see what happens when you're nice Anger? Maybe you should try it more often."

The smile melted from Anger's face and was instantly replaced with a withering scowl. "Ha! Not on your life! I have a reputation to maintain here!"

He waved his fist at her menacingly and warned, "Don't you get all touchy-feely on me or else you'll be sorry!"

Joy sighed and shrugged in defeat. "Well it was good while it lasted…"

Disgust tugged at her arm excitedly and the yellow Emotion turned to face her friend. "Oh Joy! Did you see how happy all those girls were after I decorated their nails?! And they loved our chocolate cake so much!"

Disgust's eyes lit up with pride as she confessed, "I've never felt so appreciated before! This was the best Christmas ever!"

Joy laughed in agreement. "Yeah, I probably won't be able to talk tomorrow after all that singing along to the carols…"

She held up her hand and examined her sore fingers gingerly. "My fingers have actually gone numb from playing my accordion so much!"

Just then, Dream Productions commenced their spectacular fireworks display and all the Emotions hurried to the back window eagerly to watch. As they admired and oohed and aahed at the beautiful explosions of color dancing across the evening sky in the Mind World, all five stood together in comradeship.

Disgust was at the far right and she lightly looped her arm around Fear's skinny shoulders. In turn, Fear placed his hand gently on Sadness' shoulder as the little blue Emotion held Anger's hand. Joy stood at the far left, propping her elbow on Anger's squat head, which earned her a growl of irritation...but keeping true to the Christmas spirit, Anger begrudgingly allowed his yellow co-worker to use his head as an armrest. (Just this once!)

After a while, Sadness whispered graciously, "Thanks guys…this really was the best Christmas we ever had!"

Joy nodded eagerly. "I agree Sadness! In fact let's make it like this every year from now on!"

Everyone nodded in agreement and the five Emotions remained standing together as they watched the fireworks long into the night.


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