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This isn't a real chapter someone got confused about the emperor so this is meant to explain how the emperor knew about revenant and how he's a dragon.


On an island far away from the kingdoms of Remnant, there was a tribe of dragon faunas, who had two Semblances. One is passed down through generations, the ability to partially or fully transform into dragons, and another that varies between person. In the center there was an elevated hill, 100 ft. tall, where a highly decorated house stood. This was the house of the Jun (chieftain). Suddenly there was a roar like jet engines, a few seconds later The Atlas Armada was flying by. "Fin Sos, Bo Quickly, Mu Fen Ru (The Bloody, come quickly, we must flee.)" Out of nowhere flew a very deep dark red dragon. "Geh Borma." (Yes Father.) " 'Switching to english' "Gather the tribe your mother and I will hold off the invaders." " NO father, I'm stronger and faster than you and mother, plus you're the chieftain, the people need you." "I know your faster and stronger, that's why your mother and I agreed on something. Fin Sos, I, Fin Grand, hereby name you, Fin Sos, Chieftain of the Dragonborn Tribe, lead our people to safety, and lead with honor." Looking on in surprise Fin Sos could only look on in stunned surprise as his father and mother transformed into their dragon form and went to fight, even though all three knew that two of them wouldn't make it out alive. Transforming too, and flying high and shouting, "Dovakiin your Jun calls you, we must retreat!" Following their new chieftain, they reluctantly transformed and flew away, but as they flew away, he looked back just in time to see the ships launch spears that pierced his parents through the chests, and for his parents to fall dead. "NOOOOO!" he roared. His anger attracted many Grimm, which the Atlas Armada quickly tried to dispatch. As he turned around, and got back to his tribe, the ships started to explode. 10 minutes after he left, the ships quickly retreated. As the Dragon Tribe landed in a far-off mountain, one tribe member asked, "What do we do know Jun?". "We rebuild, and prepare the Burial Ceremony for our fallen leaders." "Very well Jun." An hour and a half later, the Ceremony was prepared, the bodies were lain on a bed of straw, branches, and local fauna, while they were in their dragon form (the dead of the Dragon Tribe stay in the form of when they died). "My parents were some two of the fiercest, dangerous, kind, and honorable dragons that I ever knew, ever will know, and there ever will be. Their death will not be in vain, their death allowed us all to escape, and rebuild. I can only hope to even match them. I, Fin Sos, Jun of the Dragon Tribe, allow their souls to go to Akatosh. May they rest in peace and watch over us all" After Sos's eulogy, all the dragons transformed and roared, while breathing fire, in approval and agreement. "However," he started, "we are longer running, next time they attack, WE WILL FIGHT, WE WILL STAND OUR GROUND, WE WIL NOT RUN, WE WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST DRAGON! Starting tomorrow we are continuing the War Time Training Regiment, 4 hours a day, we will train for war, increase your strength, stamina, and speed." His fellow dragons could only look on in horror, the last time that was implemented was a millennium ago, when the Grimm first came into existence, and the Tribe was at the verge of extinction.

*Timeskip- 8 hours*

Later that night, a ship stealthily landed, a group of strange cloaked(robed) figures came out of the strange ship. "In the local village is where our target is, remember Jaba will pay more than enough that we could afford 100 planets and still have enough credits eft over." "of course, were not stupid" responded one of the cloaked figures. "Quiet! Let's go in and out without accident, we need him alive." Responded the third one which must've been the leader. They silently crept through the camp. Coming to the Chieftains hut, they took out a vial of a strange glowing blue liquid, "Remember we must pull this off without incident, let's go." As they got close the leader mentioned to one of the members to inject him. As the liquid went into Sos, he woke up with a start, just to fall asleep. When he jumped up, the three figures jumped back and pulled out weird guns. "that was close, we almost had to use the stun basters.", the second one stated. "Would they even work against this... this... monster?", asked the first person. "Let's not find out, let's get him on the ship and get out of here." Responded the leader. "Yes Sir" answered the other two.

*Timeskip- 30 minutes*

On the ship they put him into a giant square, that when they pressed a button a blue field enveloped the square and created a cube. After the field formed, it filled up with the blue liquid, just in gaseous form. "Let's get out of here before, the others realize that their leader was captured" person one nervously mentioned. " Huh, for once you had a good idea" Leader sarcastically remarked as the ship rose and shot of into the heavens leaving behind a small flash of light.

*Timeskip- 11 hours*

"My Lord Jaba The Hut, Supreme Leader of The Hut Clan, I preset to you the target you set us to acquire." Said leader, bootlicking Jaba the Hut. "Koose him noleeya at ONCE!"(bring him in at once!)" demanded Jaba. "Of course. Bring him in fellas" after the leader demanded that, the other were brought in the dragon. After he was set at jabas feet, jabas...assistant put a collar onto Sos. After the collar closed, Sos woke up. "U are ateema myo shag, u will do as mee settah." Jabas, droid translated, "The Honorable Jaba The Hunt stated that 'You are my slave, you will do as I say'". Of course, Sos didn't like that so he jumped up to roast them with, fire, only for jaba to press a button, and the collar shocks Sos.

" ROOOOOOAR" Sos screams in pain. After it's done, Jaba laughs and states, "But first, Do test, U verses Doe rancor." And with that Jaba slams a button and a grate opens under Sos. As Sos plummets, another gate opens and unleashes a starving rancor. When Sos see the rancor, he looks up to see if he could fly out, however the grate already closed, and the room is too small to fly properly. Seeing the only answer he starters to build up his flames. As the flames build up an eerie red glow lights up the room. Thinking quickly (for a rancor) the rancor decides to rush the dragon before him. When the rancor got within 10 feet Sos unleashed the barrage of flames. The flames badly hurt the rancor, but didn't kill it. Wanting to finish up the beast Sos, jumped up, pointed his tail down, and started to spin as he fell. When he landed, he landed on the rancor's head, killing it instantly. Suddenly a deep laugh broke out, " Ha Ha ha Ha HA", laughed Jaba. " Du Ateema on U will be down Ya Tah Crispo those MEE choose Tah Crispo." " From now on you will be down there to kill those I(Jabba) choose to kill", translated the robot next to Jaba.

*Timeskip- 10 years*

When some bounty hunters came by to kill jaba the hut, they unleashed Sos, thinking 'the beast' would help them, however, instead Sos, killed them all, transformed into his human form and snuck onto their ship. After a couple hours figuring everything out, he flew off to a planet called Coruscant. There he quickly killed a "Darth Sidious" and absorbed his powers and memories. Seeing a way to get back at the Atlas Armada, who by now might've killed the rest of his tribe, he took on the identity of Sidious. Calling himself Palpitine, he quickly rose through the Galactic Senate. Using something called 'The Force' to mind control a strange alien called Jar Jar Binks to get the senate to vote him into office and giving him emergency control powers to declare war. Over the years he quickly gained more and more power in the senate and a Jedi by the name of Anakin Skywalker. Using the 'Darkside' to push him over the edge to the darkside and used him to take control of the galaxy through the 'Galactic Empire'