Chapter 2

Obi-Wan Kenobi speed off the planet in Grievous' fighter. After he left the planet's outer atmosphere, he went into lightspeed to a secret place designated by the Jedi Council for all Jedi Knights and higher rank, Dagobah. As he neared the co-ordinates, he input a command codes. As he flies closed after putting in the command codes, as platform rises out of the thick cloud bank. Kenobi gently pants on the platform and shuts off the fighter. As the fighter shuts of the platform jerks and powered down into the cloud banks. The reason why the Jedi Council chose Dagobah is the to it unusually high medichlorian concentration that it's hard to sense Jedi and the fact that the clouds block out all scans to the surface. After the platform sinks just into the ground, Kenobi hope out as quickly as possible. "Finally I'm out of that deathtrap" he murmurs. As he looks around the only other ship he sees is Yoda's. "Just us two, it seems, hmm, Kenobi" Yoda states. "Yaaaa" yelps Kenobi in surprise. "Don't sneak up behind me". "ha ha ha ha" laughs Yoda.

Meanwhile on a Star Destroyer*

"We're on our way my master", Vader said to the emperors' hologram. 'Good, Good. Be careful, my apprentice, I felt a disturbance in the force, it felt like millions of people dying in a short time. Even more than when the Jedi died." Warned Palpatine. "Very well master", even though the stormtroopers and the Emperor couldn't see or feel, Vader was feeling uneasy. If his master who is stronger than him was warning him to be careful, than it would be wise to take heed. As the hologram shut down Vader turned to look out the window seeing the star zoom by as they were in the fastest Star Destroy at lightspeed. Vader felt weak as he wanted to take a Super Star Destroyer, however his master wanted to... help... the people, before quietly killing all the ones with this... Semblance. How The Emperor knew so much about this world, Vader didn't know, but he's too smart to question his master.

Super Star Destroyer*

Palpatine is meditating when he gets images: a girl with a scythe, another with armguards that also fired projectiles, a third that could summon strange creatures, and the fourth was part cat. After those 4, he got an image of strange frigate, and his Destroyers being obliterated, and finally, the Death Star blowing up. Confused and angry he stood up and watched in the direction Remnant was. "Soon, soon you will be ended pathetic human" he said in a raspy voice. As he said that dragon wings and a dragon tail came out from his robe.