Chapter 3

A.N: Today marks a sad day for the RoosterTeeth community, especially so for the RWBY community. Today 5 years ago we lost a great man, Monty Oum. Let us remember him as someone who believed in the human spirit, that it is indomitable. "I believe the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams are something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death." [Monty Oum, 1981-2015]

Meanwhile on Dagobah during the Grimm Attack*

Yoda was cooking in his tree house, while Obi Won was outside meditating. As Yoda was pouring the...liquid into the bowls both suddenly collapsed with the millions of screams echoing throughout the force. After it was over Yoda was on the ground with a headache, "Bad migraine, i have, uncomfortable it is". While outside Obi Won was unconscious due to the strain on his brain. After Obi Won woke up, he went inside, "What was that Master?" "Know, I do not. Sith, was not the cause. Strange creatures of darkness, it was." For once Kenobi understood what Yoda said. Sith weren't the problem, creatures of the "darkness" were.

On Remnant after the retreat to Beacon Academy*

Team RWBY JNPR, and CFVY were seen playing Battlefield on PS4. "YEAH WE WON!" yelled Yang. "REMATCH" called Nora. "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!" asked/yelled Qrow. As he walked in he saw the planets last hope playing video games. His jaw dropped and was about to ask why they were playing video games when they should be training when Ozpin came in. "I told them to play this game to increase their strategy and planning skills". "That's crazy, they should be training physically" replied Qrow. "True, but you need to be strong in both Heaven and Earth, not just Earth" argued Ozpin. "Then why not play shogi(chess)? asked Qrow. "We already did, each of us beat Professor Ozpin like 1000 in a row" responded Ruby. Qrows jaw dropped even further than earlier and looked at Ozpin who just nodded. "If that's the case than to should be training in 'Earth', shouldn't they" inquired Qrow. "I agree" said Adam. Everyone jumped, even Qrow and Ozpin, at the sound of his voice. "As it is they can't come close to my level, even if they can outsmart the oldest person in existence, that's no substituted for physical prowness" boasted Adam. "Very well, it seems I'm outvoted, starting tomorrow their training will intensify, I will no longer hold back against them" Ozpin replied. Qrow looked partly scared and Adam was smirking.

*Atlas Command

"General Ironwood sir.", a woman dressed in almost all white, with snow white hair alerted. "What is it Winter?", the General, an aged man, with black going white hair responded. "Sir, our scientists detected strange signals coming and going from above Remanent. Not only that, but they, with telescopes, discovered strange craft where the signals come from." "Where do the signals go?" "That's the thing Sir, they Don't go anywhere in Remenant. They come and go from further in space." "WHAT!?", Ironwood exclaimed. Suddenly, a soldier ran in, "General, Lieutenant," the soldier saluted, "There are smaller craft inbound for Remanent. THEY'RE ASSAULT CRAFT!" Instantly all noise, and movement in the Command Room ceased. "Shutdown Atlas, alert all other kingdoms and the council, and put our troops on standby. Miss Schnee, you are to accompany me to Vale, I'm going to need to speak to Oz immediately". Winter Schnee nodded. "Sir, I'll get your ship prepped now", the soldier stated. Ironwood looked at him and nodded, looked around the room, "Ladies and Gentleman, Atlas is now in a state of war, you know your duties.", and he and Winter walked off.

On the Star Destroyer*

Anakin was meditation when he was interrupted. "What is it CT-7567?" "My lord, we're approach Remnant, what should we do?" asked CT-7567. "Contact my master, i wish to update him on our progress". "Of course my lord". Soon a hologram flickers to life. "What is it my apprentice" croaks out The Emperor. "Mi'lord we approach the planet, should I commence the invasion?" asked Anakin. "Yes, but first kill of these creatures", the hologram than switches between every type of Grimm. "Of course, sir", Anakin responded. "Admiral", Anakin called out. "Yes Lord Vader?", the Admiral responded. "Gather the troopers, begin the assault immediatly." "Yes Lord Vader", as the Admiral then began to issue out orders. !0 minutes later Vader was looking out past the broken moon watching his troops deploy.