Chapter 1.

"We'll be in and out, you won't even know that you've been there."

Where had Hiro heard that before?

The recently-turned 14 year old followed his big brother into the long hallway and down to his lab.

"Where's the rest of your friends?" Hiro asked with somewhat passing interest.

Tadashi looked down at him with concern bordering on disapproving in his eyes before tapping on his transparent door to open it.

"We'll be in and out," he promised.

Hiro walked into the lab with his brother for the second time, looking around with some casual interest.

His brother wasn't fooled.

"What are you thinking about, knucklehead?" Tadashi asked as he rummaged through something in his drawer.

"Just thinking about how my older brother should be encouraging me to work on my project right now."

"Well today…" Tadashi looked up with a hinting smile. "We're working on something just as important."

"My will? Cause you're boring me to death." Hiro frowned at him, rocking back in his heels with his hands in his pockets. His eyes fell to a familiar red charger in the corner. "So how's… Bernard, was it? Beemore?"

"Baymax," Tadashi said casually as he took off his jacket, then rubbed himself down with suntan lotion and tossed it to Hiro. He picked up a SFIT tote bag and grinned at his leery little brother. "And I'm actually glad you asked, little brother, because we're taking the afternoon off and going out into the city with him."

Hiro's face couldn't have been redder; his eyes larger if Tadashi had just announced he was a superhero.

The absoluteness of this moment was in Tadashi's calm eyes. "It's all set up; the gang wants to get to know you better and I want Baymax to get acclimated to a world bigger then this lab."

Hiro bristled in the undercurrent of truth, of being compared to a stupid robot.

"… And I need your help to do that."

"Sorry Dora, you're on your own."


" WHAT?"

Tadashi handed him a rubber band and lowered his forehead. "I still owe you for that ducktape/lying to you about the Botfight thing…"

Hiro dangled it, unconvinced.

"You're bluffing."

"One clean shot."

His brother smiled at his exposed head, then seized his neck and noogied him mercilessly.

Tadashi flailed. "OwowowowowOWWW."

They both watched as Baymax inflated, spouting his protocol, then Hiro released his brother and walked away.

"Let's get this over with," he muttered moodily.

Tadashi watched as Baymax trundled up to him.

"Hey little brother," he called out to him.

Hiro looked up witheringly.

"Take a pic," Tadashi posed beside his creation.

With a smile somewhere between warm and amused, Hiro pulled out his phone and snapped one. He and Baymax met eyes briefly before the teen went to wait out in the hall.

To be continued…