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(Over Protective Parents)

The day went about like any other scenario. The students were socializing, doing homework, exploring the city, whichever activity they decided to come across during their weekends. And like many of those days, Ruby found her other Chibi friends socializing over in Team WYJR's room, the socializers consisting of Weiss, Yang, Blake, and Pyrrha.

"I'm telling you guys, if you want to talk about overprotective parents, my parents are the way to go." Weiss said. "They rarely let me out of their sight until I was eight, they never let me eat anything with trans fats like Pizza except for once a month if I was lucky, and they made it a priority that I wash my hands at least six times a day, not even including after I use the bathroom."

"Pffft, what?" Yang rolled her eyes shaking that off. "That's nothing. My dad never let me have a sleep over at someone else's house growing up. His motto was 'either we have it where he can see me or nowhere at all'. And don't even get me started on the one time I came home two minutes late from elementary school."

"Hey guys!" Ruby greeted joining the conversation. "What's everyone talking about?"

"Oh, we're just talking about who has the most over protective family out of all of us." Pyrrha answered.

"After I managed to get to the roof of a house when I was one, my parents had me wear mittens till I was four." Blake added to the conversation.

"Why the heck did they do that? Actually better question, how the heck did you get onto your roof?" Yang asked curiously.

"Hey, when you're a Faunus, you just happen to have slightly sharper nails than most people when you're growing up."

"Well that doesn't seem too over protective." Weiss commented. "Seems like a perfectly understandable reaction if you managed to climb to the roof."

"Even when it's the roof of a doll house?"

"...Oh..." That part made a little more sense. Naturally anyone would have a heart attack if they found their child, no matter how young, on top of their house which would be over twenty feet off the ground on a normal basis. As for a doll house, however, which usually only comes to an inch or two higher than any one year old... that was a bit more debatable.

"Hey, what about you Rubes?" Yang wondered. "You got any over protective stories?"

"Huh? Me?" Ruby scratched the back of her hood as she tried to think. "Of course not, my mom was perfectly fine with everything I did."

"Really? She kept you indoors for most of your life you know." Blake reminded.

"W-Well yeah, but that doesn't mean she's over protective! Heh heh...ehhh..."


Que in the natural 9-year-old Ruby donning her casual pink jacket as she was still living within the penthouse. With the elevator out of commission due to mechanical issues, the young child was going to have to walk her way down the stairs. Thankfully, with all the energy she had, Ruby could easily run several times up and down the ten flights of stairs, only taking about a minute to walk all the way down from the penthouse to this floor.

And who wouldn't want to go outside on such a beautiful sunny day! After all, with all the clear weather, nice breeze in the air, there were so many things she could look forward to doing! She could go to the park down the street, maybe hit up an arcade, go to the movies-

"Hold it!" Cinder yelped, suddenly popping up right next to mother. "Where do you think you're going young lady?"

"Oh no..." Ruby groaned to herself, hoping to avoid what was about to come. "Mom, come oooon, it's just the stairs."

"Yes! And ten floors worth of them!" The totally-not-in-a-million-years-over-protective-mother Cinder pointed out. "Do you want to break your neck?!"

"Mooom, please-!"

"Wait right here!" In the matter of three seconds, Cinder was gone, reappeared, and attached several safety pads to Ruby's person, including a yellow helmet, light blue elbow and knee pads, and two pillows tied around Ruby's front and back. All of this amounted to an annoyed yet not surprised looking Ruby.

"Mom, do you really think I need all this?"

"...Hmm..." The mother paused tapping her chin, looking over the well-protected child. "You know what? You're absolutely right."

"Thank you! Then can I just take off this-"

"It's much better if I escort you to the first floor myself!" She stated taking Ruby's hand.

"That's not what I meant-!"

"Now sweetie, it'll be much safer this way! All together now. One step..." She said, slowly taking a first step down the thirty steps of stairs. Ruby mentally rolled her eyes at this and she just looked ahead with annoyance. This was pretty much Cinder's constant reaction whenever it came to her safety, and why she cursed to herself that the elevator wasn't working today of all days. Even after she turned nine and her mother trusted her to go to the park by herself, seeing how it was just a block away, she still didn't trust her enough to walk down some stupid stairs? Something along the laws of logic didn't add up here, and no matter how much she tried to say otherwise she knew there was no convincing her mother.

So, with a sigh, Ruby slowly took a step forward to-

"HANDSONTHERAILING-!" Cinder nearly snapped startling the young girl. More mental groaning later. Right now, all she could do was use her other hand to hold onto the nearby stair railing, now taking twice as long due to how slowly her mother wanted her to walk down each of the steps.

This was going to take awhile...

*1 Hour Later...*

"Annnnnd done!" Cinder said happily as they finally reached the main entrance of the hotel.

Ten entire floors. Not just ones with a single staircase, each floor hallway had two sets of stairs before reaching the next floor, making the trip between each floor taking twice as long as the first set Ruby had to walk down them. Not only did she have to put up with her mother for the last hour of walking down a minute's worth of stairs, she had to do it while dealing with any slight embarrassment she encountered from various people she passed through the halls, some looking at her weirdly, other kids just chuckling at the sight of her.

Still, at least now they were finally at the bottom floor now. And she still had a whole day ahead of her, with who knows how much fun she could possibly have!

"Gee, thanks." Ruby still maintained some matter of politeness despite everything her mother put her through for the last hour.

"Now, be sure to call me if you plan on going anywhere else after the park. And dinner is at 6:30 tonight." Cinder instructed, watching as Ruby slowly removed her protection. "Do you have my number?"

"Of course I do." Ruby smiled back, digging through her pockets. "I mean why wouldn't I-?" Ruby froze. "Uh oh..." Only now did she realize that she forgot her phone back upstairs in her room, still charging from yesterday's usage.

But that wasn't the part she as worried about.

"What's wrong?" Her mom asked slightly concerned. It was futile to pretend nothing was wrong at this point. All she could do at this point as hope.

"Umm... I think I forgot my phone back upstairs..." She mumbled.

"Oh, don't worry sweetie. We'll go back for it!" She announced, taking her hand again.

"Mom! Noooo..." Ruby moaned once more. "Can't I just run up and get it? Or better yet, why can't you just go get it? I'll wait here, I promise."

"Now sweetie, you need to learn how to use the stairs properly."

"I already know how to use the stairs!" Ruby grumbled.

"Oh? And who just told me they would RUN up ten flights of stairs just now?"

Aww crap.

"Mmmmh Moooom..." To be fair, that was Ruby's own mistake at that point. Not that she said she was going to run up several stairs, figuratively in this case, it's that she said she would do something dangerous in a figurative manner to her mother, who wouldn't comprehend that fact.

"Upstairs little miss. The sooner we get those stairs the sooner we can walk back down again." Yup. That's what she was terrified of. Not only did she now have to walk ALL THE WAY BACK up the stairs, which was actually a more exhausting process than walking up them, her mother was going to escort her down the stairs once more afterwards. Now she didn't have to worry about another hour's walk back up the stairs, she was looking at a near two-hour walk just to get a stupid phone she forgot, and one she knew her mother wasn't going to let her leave without. "Let's go sweetie, nice and slowly now. Oooone... Twoooooo...That's it, good girl!" She cooed, watching Ruby slowly walk up the stairs with a snail's pace up the following two steps.

Suddenly going outside seemed like something she wouldn't mind skipping...

*Flashback 8 Years Ago*

"Happy Birthday!" The four adults, consisting of a mid Twenties Roman and Mid-twenties Cinder, followed by the two actual parents that were Kali and Ghira Belladonna, and a nine-year-old Blake cheered audibly, the thirteen year old Neo waving a dazzling sign that read "-HAPPY BIRTHDAY \^_^/!-" in the cheer.

Like any kid who just turned seven, Ruby just giggled at the happy festive mood the group was in at the climax of her perfect birthday. They played great party games and whacked around a piƱata, the very one that exploded to the girls' delight after Neo hit it just once, had Ruby's favorite Supper of Pasta with a small side order of chocolate chip pancakes as an appetizer, and she got to open many awesome new presents! From a brand new Scroll that was state-of-the-art, to a brand new pink jacket Blake bought for her, to even a brand new top hat like her uncle Roman had, one she's been begging for since last Halloween! And now, like all special awesome birthdays, she got to experience the greatest joy of every birthday.

"Now blow out the candles and make a wish, Ruby." Kali said, watching with anticipation as the young child prepared to blow out the candles.

"Wish for a never-ending supply of Tuna!" Blake pleaded. No matter how any times she always did, there just wasn't enough Tuna around her own household. Maybe it would work better if a different person made the wish?

"Hmmm..." There were so many wonderful things Ruby could wish for. She could wish for another puppy, or maybe even a kitty! Ooh! She could even wish to be real sisters with Blake! Or maybe she could wish for a daddy for her mommy? The possibilities were completely endless!

Yet, at this point, there was only one thing she could truly wish for.



"Huh? Mom!" Ruby yelped, all eyes turning to the nervous-looking mother tried to give her best innocent smile.

"Heh heh...ehhh sorry, just thought she was getting a bit too close to the fires." She apologized. With a simple flick of her wrist, she reignited the candles once more.

This was the tragic case they had to experience with every chili birthday. No matter how much older Ruby got, each and every day she was met with a mother that was always paranoid at the sight of her young one getting to close to any sort of fire. Now granted, most people would be just as worried if a child got towards any sort of flame. After all, what kind of good parent would knowingly let their child play around a flame without any form of worry hanging over their heads at the idea of their kids suddenly bursting into flames?

Cinder, on the other hand, was only paranoid about one source of flame, specifically the one Ruby had to put her face near. She could show off her fun-looking fire abilities to entertain Ruby, let the girl play around with her fingers as an infant while having a small bit of flame hanging on the ends of her fingertips, and she would happily help Ruby roast marshmallows over her flaming hands. Bowing out the fires on any sort of birthday cake? No matter how far away she kept herself from it, even if it was a good foot away from her head, every single time she came near to blowing out her candles, her mother would overreact and blow them out for her. The first one or two birthdays she could get away with after meeting the Belladonnas since Ruby was younger, but after the last several birthdays even they were starting to get annoyed with it, being too polite to say anything.

At least now she had the decency to actually relight the candles each time she blew them out herself.

With the possible irritation out of the way, Ruby took another deep breath and prepared to blow.


"What? Hey!" Ruby yelped again as Cinder blew them out once more.

"Cinder..." Roman groaned. He was already somewhat forced to attend these birthdays anyway, not that he minded as much anymore, but the least she could do was stop doing anything that prolonged it!

"Sorry! Sorry!" She apologized nervously again, relighting it for the second time. "Just uhh... testing it to make sure it worked! Go ahead now sweetie."

"Mmmh..." Ruby could already tell that moan was not going to be the last of them. With a more optimistic point of view though, she decided to give it another go. After all, her mother could only come up with so many excuses, right? "Haaaaah!"

"Ah-CHOOOO!" The painfully obvious and forced sneezed didn't go unnoticed by anyone in the room. "Whoops! Excuse me!" It was times like this when manners became a torturous thing to maintain, none of them wanting to seem like the rude one out of the bunch. Sadly, this almost meant putting up with nearly anything Cinder did from point A to point B until the mother either relented, fat chance, or they themselves gave up.

After the last ten minutes of blowing out the candles for her, they finally came to an end. Oh, no, not because they decided to just roll it with, just because the candle wax finally melted all the way to the bottom by the time it was over. And not wanting to go though nearly thirty more extra candles they had on hand, they decided to just roll with it to get the cake rolling.

"Oh well, guess we'll just have to try later." Cinder smiled, oblivious to how obvious she was being, almost as much as she was to the annoyed expressions on everyone's faces as they waited of their cake.

"Hey Ruby?" Blake called over, leaning on the table with her arm as she sat left to her.

"Yeah Blake?" The birthday girl replied.

"What did you wish for anyway?"

"For my mother to stop blowing out the candles at my birthdays."



"Ah, Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Crunch!" Ruby cheered at the table. It was one of those few weekends where instead of Cinder coming all the way down to Salem's to visit her daughter for the weekend, Ruby came all the way to her for the weekend. It wasn't anything Salem herself was against, wanting the girl to have some enjoyment outside the constant walls of her domains, so she didn't mind either. And being the first day of her weekend with mother, there was no better way to start out the first day of her early morning than to enjoy a nice tasty, at least to her, bowl of Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Crunch cereal! With a brief stir, almost drooling at the sight with hunger and excitement, Ruby bought the first of many joyful bites to her mouth!

"Oh! Hang on sweetie, let me get that for you!" Cinder quickly called out, grabbing the spoon out of Ruby's hand before taking the first bite. As opposed to swallowing it, she continued to chew on the mouthful for several seconds, bringing nothing but fear to Ruby's mind as her pupils shrank and her eyes widened.

This was too much. She could handle the overreacting stair issue with the padded protective gear and holding her hand all the way down the stairs. After all, it wasn't that uncommon for someone to fall down the stairs, and people could get seriously injured from falling down any sort of stairs, if not killed! And the candle issue? Sure, it was nearly impossible for her to possibly catch on fire just from blowing out the candles, but as long as that one minuscule possibility of her or anything else possibly catching on fire, she couldn't deny the possibility either.

But this? Oh dear god no, this was too much! She wasn't just tasting the cereal for her own benefit, that's what her sister sneakily did from time to time with her when she was younger, just to tease and joke around with her. Here, there was only one possible thing her mother was doing, being something Ruby constantly saw and read about from nature documentaries and animal books. Her mother was about to feed her the same way a mother bird would feed her young ones; by regurgitating all the chewed up food into her young one's mouth!

Thus, there was only one reasonable reaction to all of this.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ruby screamed, bursting from the scene with her semblance as she screamed to the top of her lungs away from her mother and out of this penthouse. At the same time, her mother could only look in her direction with confusion.

With a swallow of the contents in her mouth, she called out. "I was just checking it for poison!"



Back at the group, everyone was silent. The four girls were all staring at the white-hooded girl with disbelief, surprise, and shock, all of them with blank expressions and white-colored eyes as they looked at the hooded girl. Nothing in their lives, no matter how big or how minuscule, was ever as protective as that. Come to think of it, no sane parents were ever so protective of their child like hers.

What kind of mother did she have?

Processing the information herself, Ruby could only pull the tip of her hood over her eyes, coming to a verily great realization.

"...Ok maybe she's a little overprotective..."




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