AN: Hi there! I've been out of the writing game for a bit and am trying to get my motivation back, so I came up with this cracky bit of fun to try and jump-start the ole creative juices. Hope you enjoy!

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Rapunzel awoke with a splitting headache that made her very hair hurt. She gasped when she realized she wouldn't be able to let her Prince climb up her hair as he was wont to do since it hurt so much.

"Whatever shall I do?" Rapunzel cried as she held her hurting head, "My Prince is coming today and I cannot lower my hair so I will be unable to see him as there is nothing else for him to use to climb up here with!" Suddenly an idea came to the blonde and she knew just what she could do. She would see her Prince that day after all.

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"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" Cried the Prince from down in the garden under the Tower's single window. Soon enough golden locks of hair were falling from the high window so that he might climb up to see his Lady Love.

Grasping ahold of the usually silky locks the Prince noticed that they seemed thicker and coarser than normal. Shrugging the observation off as it being a reaction to the humid weather the Prince took a firm hold and began to climb.

Halfway to the top the Prince began to notice small bugs moving about the hair and wondered how he had never noticed them before from all the other times he had climbed this hair, he also wondered when and how his lady had been exposed to the bugs as she never left the Tower. He'd ask once he reached the top he promised himself.

Grabbing hold of the window sill the Prince leveraged himself up and into the room his Lady Love occupied. Leaning on the sill, watching as the golden locks were drawn back into the room, the Prince caught his breath from the climb as was his custom..

"My Lady," the Prince began once he had most of his breath back and the tresses were finally all back inside, "I couldn't help but notice that you seem to have acquired bugs since the last time I saw you and I wondered how this came to be." The Prince finally turned to look upon his beautiful love, only to end up gaping.

"Bugs? Oh, you mean the crabs you gave me! Yeah, those are some pesky little buggers." Rapunzel replied as she finished tucking her hair away into her girdle once more and lowered her skirts.