Lie to Me

WonderCorp Fanfic

Wonder Woman/Supergirl Crossover: Diana Prince/Lena Luthor

See end of chapter for notes.

Chapter 1:

"So..." She began.

Something about the woman made her think she was into anything sex-related.

" think you know pain and pleasure?" Her eyebrow arched.

Her eyes, her voice, the way she talked.

"I assure you I can show you the meaning of it." Her eyes glinted.

The way her eyebrows rose suggestively at specific phrases or comments.

"I bet you like games, do you not?" Once again her eyebrow rose.

Her swift-predatory-body language.

"Would you be willing to play and be played with?" A smirk was directed at her, daring.

The woman was powerful, not doubt.

"Very well." Straightening herself, the woman looked at her through hooded eyes.

But she had to show the woman her own power, prove she could take it.

"Shall we begin?" A cat-like grin spread across her lips in anticipation.

She was a Luthor after all.

"Game on, princess." Lena smirked at Diana.

Few minutes later Diana came to the couch carrying a glowing rope.

"A rope? Bondage already? Why Mrs. Prince, I think that's more of a second-date kind of activity." Said Lena smirking.

Diana rose her index finger at Lena.

"First of all, this is no ordinary rope. It is The Lasso of Hestia also known as The Lasso of Truth because, as the name suggests, it compels you to tell the truth. It is pointless to resist it for it is very painful. Its temperature starts to rise every time you try to lie or withhold information until you have no choice but to be honest." Diana explained as she caressed the object stretching it.

Lena was following Diana's every move with her eyes, wondering which components would make the artifact do that.

Diana noticed the curious look on Lena's eyes and lifting her index and middle fingers she said. "Second of all, you, as well as I, know that bondage is a good activity for any time of the day or night. Is it not, Mrs. Luthor?" Her eyebrow went up and a knowing smile appeared.

Lena blinked twice and cleared her throat. "Of course." She took a long sip from her glass. "So, what are the rules to this game?"

"The game consists on resisting. I'll wrapp both our waist with The Lasso of Truth, then we are going to make each other questions and we must try not to tell the truth. We will do this until one of us gives up. Our safety word will be Red. Once said word is spoken, the game will end. Diana explained.

"It's like a twisted version of Truth or Dare. Interesting." Lena said.

"Do you have any questions?" The goddess asked.

Lena only had one. "Won't your resistance to the Lasso's power be greater than mine since you're in fact a goddess?"

"Fair question." Diana acknowledged, reminding herself that she was in the presence of a very intelligent business woman that studies every aspect of a deal before deciding if it benefits her or not. "The Lasso of Hestia's power affects every living being equally. I assure you that my lineage would not be the exception." She smiled sweetly.

'God, smiling like that should be illegal.' Lena thought. Then, taking the last sip of her wine glass she said. "When can we start?"

Diana raised her eyebrows in amazement.

"Right now." She got up and looking straight at Lena's curious green eyes, she stripped to her bra and underwear. "It is better if the Lasso touches the skin directly." Diana said. Of course it was a lie, the first one since she's talked to the Luthor, but she wasn't going to tell her that. She wanted to make the best of this experience for both of them.

Lena's gaze followed every move Diana's hands made. After the clothes were off Lena's eyes caressed Diana's lips, jawline, neck, chest, the valley of her breasts, the lines that formed her abs, her hips, her toned arms, hands. She wondered how wet Diana's pussy could get underneath that lacy, black underwear, if she went down on her right now. Her mouth went dry at the thought. Her eye-travel went on to Diana's thighs (how she wanted to be buried between them, making her squirm all over), her toned legs and then went back up. When green eyes settled on dark ones she noticed that her breathing was rather heavy.

Diana noticed the eye-fuck Lena just gave her and she felt her arousal rise. Diana was used to other people's reaction because of her godly attributes but she couldn't deny that she officially loved Lena's reaction toward her. It made her feel desired in a much greater level. The fact that Lena was a very powerful woman in her own way was very enticing, that alone was worthy of admiration.

"Your turn, Mrs. Luthor."

That brought Lena back to Earth. She stood up and decided that she needed to gain some level of control so she turned around, she moved her hair to the side, revealing the zipper of her dark green dress.

"Do me." Lena's head was to the side and through the corner of her eye she could see how the goddess' body tensed at the choice of words.

Nevertheless, Diana closed the distance between them gracing ever so lightly Lena's ass with her pelvis. Lena could feel Diana's hot breath on the back of her neck. This was a very dangerous combination.

"Gladly." Diana whispered at Lena's neck and the Luthor practically felt her lips move on her skin as she did so.

Arousal ran down Lena's back as the zipper of her dress was pulled down by Diana's strong hands. She could feel the heat of the other woman's body radiating into her back.

"Thanks." Lena's voice soft as she pulled her dress down until it hit the floor, leaving her on her bra and underwear.

Turning around she noticed how Diana was eye-fucking her through hooded eyes, her mouth was slightly open.

"See something that you like?" Lena asked smirking.

Diana didn't reply but she did smile at the CEO.

Lena grabbed the Lasso of Truth.

"Shall we?" Her tone endearing.

"Indeed." Diana nodded. She took one end of the Lasso and encircled Lena's waist with it. Gently, caressing the skin, making it erupt with goosebumps. Then, as she was grabbing the other end, she was interrupted.

"May I?" Lena asked.

The Amazon nodded again. Lena took the Lasso and looking up at Diana's dark, hooded eyes she proceeded to encircled her waist with the rope.

Her eyes didn't falter once nor did her fingers as she managed to tie a perfect knot without leaving Diana's gaze.

Diana looked at her handy work. "Well, Mrs. Luthor, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're very familiarized with restraints." Her eyebrow rose and a smirk crossed her lips.

Lena smiled. "I'm not saying anything unless you ask me directly, Mrs. Prince. If I'm not mistaken, the game started 30 seconds ago."

"Very well, are you an expert on restraints?" She asked, ushering Lena back to the couch.

"Not really, that was my first time with a rope." Lena felt the lasso getting warm and her eyes looked at a smiling Diana. "Is this your first time playing this game?"

"If you must know, it is not my first time." Diana felt the same amount of warmth from the lasso on her waist. "When was the last time you had sex, Mrs. Luthor?"

'Hmm...this is getting interesting already.' Lena thought.

"Last night was my last time." She answered, trying to remember when her actual last time...she couldn't remember. 'Wow, am I THAT busy?' She asked herself. 'I really need to get laid.' Her internal discussion went on. She noticed the way Diana was looking at her. 'Soon.' She smiled at the thought.

"Do you only have sex with men?"

Diana really wanted to say the truth on this but she knew she couldn't, not now at least.

"Yes, I find that they are what I need to achieve a great amount of pleasure." The heat on her waist was starting to grow but it didn't matter she could take it. "Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"Certainly not. I find that disturbing and so unnatural." Lena smiled even though her waist was burning. "Would you ever consider having sex with a woman?"

"Of course not," Diana said arching an eyebrow as she continued. "Especially not with a woman like yourself." She smiled that cat-like grin again feeling her waist burn. "Do you consider yourself a dominant woman or a submissive one?"

"I consider myself to be a very submissive woman." She answer through gritted teeth not because of the burning on her waist but because she really didn't like to be thought of as submissive, but she knew this was just a game... or was it?

"Would you like me to show you how much of a submissive I can be?" She whispered.

"I really wouldn't. I told you, I only have sex with men. A woman like you would never be able to bring as much pleasure to me as a man does." Diana's waist was really burning now. She could feel her whole body irradiating heat. She also noticed the sudden wetness between her legs.

"Are you really suggesting that we have sex, Mrs. Luthor?" Asked Diana.

"Not at all." Lena said smiling at the hot pain on her waist. "Believe me, Mrs. Prince I really don't want to have sex with you." She could feel the sweat already breaking out of her pores.

"You really wouldn't want me on my knees in front of you right now?" She purred through the pain.

"No, I really wouldn't like that." Diana was sweating and the wetness on her crotch was increasing. She had to gain control again. "But if I said yes, would you stay very still and quiet on your knees in front of me while I pleasure myself?" She murmured.

'Fuck me! She's good.' Lena thought and almost shouted. She held her breath for a while before saying.

"Since I truly don't want to have sex with you, I would be very still and quiet, because I could care less if you touch yourself or not in front if me." With that image in her head and the heat on her waist, Lena was soaking wet and she knew for fact that her underwear was a fucking mess. She watched as Diana's hands closed into tight fists on her lap and noticed her body shift slightly.

"Am I making you wet, Mrs. Prince?"

Diana cleared her throat. The goddess was finding it very hard to breathe properly. She tighten her thighs, trying to contain her arousal.

"No, you are not. I am not wet." Diana's fists and thighs tighten even more. "What makes you think that?"

"Oh, I really don't know. Your body shifting, hands balling into fists and your thighs tightening are no indicators, not at all." Lena's waist was on fire, she really considered stopping the game then and there but she didn't want to give up. She looked at Diana, taking in her appearance. Sweating, heavily breathing, shifting uncomfortably. She knew how she could win this.

"Why wouldn't you have sex with a woman like me?"

"You are way too submissive for my taste. If I ever want to have sex with a woman, which I don't, it has to be with a woman that can subdue me, she has to make me beg for more and then make me beg her to stop."

Diana was really in pain now. She could end the game but her competitive side wouldn't let her. She closed her eyes letting out a groan of pain. She then felt two hands on her knees, opening them up. Her eyes opened abruptly giving them the most beautiful image.

Lena was kneeling in front of her, between her knees, lowering her face to her crotch. She did this very slowly, giving Diana the time she needed to adjust to the movements.

"Whaaa...what are you d-doing?" Diana grunted to a smirking Lena.

"I'm merely showing you how submissive I am." Lena chuckled. Her waist hurt but she tried to ignore it so she could concentrate on her ministrations on Diana.

"Mistress" She whispered right in top of Diana's pussy.

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