Lie to Me

WonderCorp Fanfic

Wonder Woman/Supergirl Crossover: Diana Prince/Lena Luthor

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Chapter 2:

Lena could smell the goddess' arousal and that alone would be enough to bring her to an orgasm.

"You know, mistress. You've been lying to me. I am making you wet. I can tell that you're dripping without even touching you."

Diana moaned, this dirty talk was really getting to her.

"You're not worthy of my dripping wet pussy, Mrs. Luthor."

"Perhaps not, but I'm not Mrs. Luthor anymore. I am your sex-slave." Lena's waist was hurting but not as badly as before.

"Oh, f..." Diana almost cursed.

Lena decided that it was time to make the goddess lose control, so she blew on Diana's pussy through her underwear.

The cool air contrasting with her inflamed sex made her entire body ache for release.

"Oh please don't..." Diana cut herself short on that thought. She almost told the Luthor not to stop. "Please...stop." She lied instead.

"Begging me to stop already?" Lena was loving this way too much. "I haven't even started yet."

She lowered her head again and licked Diana's underwear, making the goddess moan louder, her voice cracking a little.

"Do you want to come all over my tongue?" Asked Lena with her seductress voice.

"No!" Diana shouted. She was a complete trembling mess.

"Alright then." Said Lena pulling the lacy fabric to the side and gliding her tongue on the Amazon's center very slowly up and down.

"Oh, please do not do it faster."

Lena obliged, fastening her pace. She knew the goddess was very near the edge.

Diana fisted the couch tightly and yes, she broke it.

"Oh, Lena." Her voice broke. It was like a plead.

Lena moaned as she sucked Diana's clit and then licked it without mercy.

The goddess' taste was intoxicating, addictive, she could spend the rest of her days on her knees giving this woman pleasure.

"Come for me, Diana. Come all over my mouth." Lena whispered.

This did it.

"Mmmm...FUCK! YES!" Diana bucked her hips, moving them at Lena's rhythm. "Oh, sweet Aphrodite. Ah, Lena yes!"

Lena kept licking and sucking Diana's pussy clean. Her taste was delicious. Every time Lena graced the clit it would send a jolt of electricity all over Diana's body, making it squirm on the couch.

"I must say Mrs. Prince, you taste just as what you are, a goddess." Lena licked her lips and wiped Diana's juice from her face with the back of her hand.

Diana pulled her on top of her lap and through hooded-hungry-eyes she looked at the Luthor's lips, then at her lustful-greens and claimed her mouth with urgency.

They both moaned at the contact. It was a very passionate yet messy kiss. It was all tongue and lip-biting.

After a few seconds Diana was the one to break the kiss.

"That was fucking hot but it is no match for me." She whispered on Lena's lips. With her eyes full of lust she grabbed some part of the Lasso managing to tie the CEO's hands behind her back.

"I am thirsty." Diana's voice was hoarse, breaking as she murmured.

Lena was surprised.

"Very sneaky, Mrs. Prince." She smiled in excitement.

Diana's dimples were visible as she laid Lena on the couch and stood up and started to walk away from her. She still had the Lasso wrapped around her waist.

"Where are you...?" Lena's question was cut short when she felt silk covering her eyes.

"Don't say or ask anything, not yet." Diana whispered on her ear, making a shudder erupt on her body.

Deprived of her eyesight, Lena had to rely on her hearing to know what was happening. She heard Diana's footsteps walking away and into She heard the fridge opening, then closing and the Amazon's footsteps coming back to the couch. She felt the material of the couch sinking as Diana sat on it.

"How are you feeling, Mrs. Luthor?"

'Hot, bothered and sooo fucking wet!' Lena thought and tried with all her might not to let it out but her waist and now her wrists were hurting a lot. She bit her lip so hard it bled.

"I see you're struggling a lot there. Do you want me to help you with something?" Diana's tone was so soft, sultry.

"I...yes..." Lena managed.

"And what is it that you need help with?" Diana almost slurred her words.

'Is she drinking?' Lena asked herself.

"I can't tell you what I need, but I can tell you what I don't need." Lena grunted.

Diana released something from her mouth with a 'pop'.

"Oh? And what is that?"

"I really don't need you to touch me anywhere near my crotch...especially with your filthy mouth." Her entire body was sweating and she could barely breathe properly.

"Duly noted." Diana's cold breath was on Lena's ear.

'Wait! Cold?'

Lena didn't have time to register anything because her bra was removed and her right nipple was being sucked into a cold mouth, being massaged by a really cold tongue. Meanwhile the other nipple was being massaged by ice.

"Shit! That's cold!" Yelled Lena, making the goddess laugh a little while still sucking on her tit.

'That laugh! God!' Lena was wetter by the second.

Diana started sucking on Lena's left nipple and massaging the right one with ice.

Lena hissed with the sudden temperature change on her nipples. She really needed to come soon or she will explode.

"Oh God, please just make me..." Lena bit her tongue. She tried to free her hands but it was futile.

"Do you want me to do something?" Diana's breath was on Lena's lips. Lena tried to kiss her but the woman's breath wasn't there anymore, it was...

"Do you need something of me down here?" She was dangerously close to Lena's lower lips.


Soon there was a fabric-ripping was Lena's underwear.

"Those were my favorite." Lena whispered.

"Trust me, Mrs. Luthor, when I say that you don't need them." The goddess voice was more like a growl. A desperate need could be noticed by the sound of her voice.

Lena then felt a really cold drop on her inflamed pussy. She hissed again. It felt like relieve and torture at the same time. Then she felt another one and another one. Sometimes it would be like 5 drops in a was painful to her overly-sensitive clit.

'Please don't tease!' Lena begged internally.

"Do you remember when I said that I was thirsty?"

"Not really." Her body was on fire.

"Do you want to know what I'm thirsty for, Mrs. Luthor?"

"Juice?" Lena winced in pain.

"Yes, and the one I want is right in front of me."

'I swear her fucking voice is going to make me explode.' Lena was trying to tame herself.

"Do you mind if I taste a little bit of it right now? My mouth is getting dry."

Then she felt it, a very hot tongue slowly going up and down on her clit.

"FUCK!" She almost choke on the word.

Diana sucked hard on her clit once and the stopped.

Lena grunted in frustration. This was torture...she NEEDED to come, DESPERATELY.

Diana was admiring Lena's trembling self. She would caress the CEO's nipples, abdomen, pelvis, lower lips and thighs with her fingers just to see her squirming all over while she sucked on an ice cube until it melted in her mouth.

"Diana, please...I can't...I" Lena could feel the tears behind her eyelids threatening to come out.

Again, she didn't have time to register what she had just said, the goddess' cold mouth was on her sex again. Her tongue drawing circles around her clit, then she sucked hard on it, moaning.

"AHH GODDESS YESS! OH DIANA!" Lena was in pure ecstasy, it was like being in heaven and hell at the same time.

"How does it feel?" Diana asked, her lips gracing Lena's clit as she did so.

" feels sooo g..." Lena's mouth was covered by Diana's hand.

"Lie to me, Lena." Diana whispered on her ear.

Lena nodded and her mouth was released.

"It feels awful. Stop it!" Lena lied. Her waist and wrists burning but her center was so cold with Diana rubbing an ice cube on her clit. She was shivering.

Diana loved to see her like this, but she knew that Lena needed to come so she went down on her again. This time she wasn't going to stop until she hears the safety word.

Lena felt Diana's tongue going faster and deeper into her. There were so many sensations at the same time that she couldn't pinpoint them. Her only thing on her mind right now was to come.

"Oh, this is hell...I really don't want to come." Lena lied, she felt that she was going to be burned in half but she didn't care, a goddess was eating her out, that's all that mattered at the moment.

Diana moaned sending vibrations directly on Lena's clit. She licked, sucked and swirled all over. She then dipped her tongue inside Lena and felt her contracting on it. She knew the Luthor was very close and she let her come.

Lena's entire body shivered.


Diana slowed her pace as Lena rode the last of her orgasm.

Before Lena could come down from the high, she felt the Amazon's tongue going at it again. She licked, sucked and swirled again and again. Then she introduced her tongue inside Lena, swirled until...

"OHHH GOD, DIANA! I came again!"

Diana did this again and again, she wanted to hear the safety word.

Lick, suck, swirl, dip and swirl.

Lick, suck, swirl, dip and swirl.

Lick, suck, swirl, dip and swirl.

Lena came 7 times before...

"RED! I say Red. Please Diana! Red!" Lena screamed with raging breath.

Diana stopped immediately. She uncovered Lena's eyes and released them both from the Lasso of Truth.

They were both very sweaty and bruised.

Lena's eyes were unfocused, in a total bliss.

"Can you move?" Diana asked her voice cracking.

"Only my mouth." Lena answered truthfully. Her own voice cracking, she had a soar throat after all the screaming Diana made her do.

Diana smiled sweetly as she laid herself on top of Lena and claimed her lips once again. Lena tasted herself and moaned.

"We should really take a shower." Diana murmured.

"Are you going to carry me? Because I assure you that if I move..." Lena was cut off mid sentence by Diana's lips again.

Diana stood up and carried Lena bridal-style all the way to the bathroom.

"Well, this is a good way to end our night." Lena acknowledge.

"Who said anything about ending?" Her eyebrow rose.

Lena's jaw dropped, slightly.

"I am just getting started with you, Mrs. Luthor." Diana smirked.

"Game on, princess." Lena smirked back and kissed the goddess.

Hey guys! I hope that you liked this idea and if it made you come a little that's good enough confirmation for me. Hahaha xD Anyway, thanks for the support and I really hope that I get to read more of WonderCorp these days 'cause I'm shipping it even harder after this story. Originally, this was going to be a one shot but I decided to make it a 2 chapter story. I could write more, yes…but at the moment I'm braindead and finals are coming so it will have to wait. No promises though. ;) xD Please let me know your thoughts on this!