Chapter 2

Today is the day that we move into our house. School starts in two weeks and I am excited for the new year. As we're unpacking we hear a knock at the door I stop what I am doing and answer the door and I get a happy surprise.

"Hey Finny, how are you?" I say as I jump into his arms for a giant hug. God I missed him over Summer.

"I missed you love. I'm good and you?" He replies to me as I drag him into the house and towards my room. Once inside I pull him to sitting on my bed and tell him what my grandparents said over our brunch meeting a few weeks earlier. He sits there in utter shock trying to take it all in.

"Love, you must tell Colin and Steph." Finn tells me

"I know and I will when I see them but you have all been galivanting around the world while I am stuck living the double life" I say to him somewhat fustratedly

"How about some lunch love? I will take you shopping and we will go in Hartford for dinner." Finn asks me

"I would love that Finny" I say to him as I rush off and tell Paris and Tristan I will see them later. As we drive to Hartford I can't help but think of how lucky I am to have finn in my life.

"Oh Finn, before I forget I need to get a dress for an event that the Gilmores are throwing." I tell him

"No problem kitten, I'm have been invited too. How about we go together?" Finn asks

"I would love that Finny " I say

We soon arrive at the mall and walk around the many shops laughing and joking around. I soon look out of the corner of my eye I see someone familiar. I look towards him and his face is that of pure anger. Finn sees my upset look and asks "What's wrong love?"

"Someone who just can't seem to leave me be" I say looking at Finn he has a puzzled expression that is asking what in the world.

"Finny do you remember my ex Dean?" I ask him,

"You mean the obsessive jealous type that won't let you go even after 2 years?" Finn questions

"Yeah that's the guy" I reply

"What about him?" Finn queries

"He's watching us and he looks extremely angry" I tell him. Finn looks to where I am looking and sees Dean fuming mad. Finn looks back at me and then wraps his arm around my shoulder and says "Don't worry love I've got you and always will. No one will ever hurt you as long as I have a say."

We walk away and I'm deep in my thoughts of Finn, he has never spoken like that about anyone besides Steph but even that was more like she was a sister. I hope Finn doesn't look at me like a sister I've had feeling for him since the start of summer. We soon walk into a shop that has an abundance of gorgeous dresses.

Finn pulls me closer to him and speaks gently into my ear "Love you will find a beautiful dress in here and you will look like the knockout you always are"

I move towards the racks to look for a dress as I do Finn gets a call and excuses himself. As I search I find a few dresses that I think may look good and decided to try them on. As I am trying on my third dress I hear a knock on my change room door I unlock it thinking it's Finn but I was wrong it was Dean.

"What are you doing with him? Your mine, you'll always be mine" Dean says to me

"Dean we haven't been together in over two years, go back to your WIFE!" I yell at him. Dean grabs my wrist and starts trying to drag me out. I struggle against his grip on me frightened for what could happen and then my thoughts went straight to Finn where is he? Dean manages to drag me out of the rooms and almost out of the store as the tears roll down my cheeks. Out of nowhere I feel myself being pulled away from Dean. I raise my head to see who it was, It's FINN!

"Don't you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend again. Do you understand me?" Finn says

Dean looks at him like he's crazy "Who would want a slut like her? She doesn't have a boyfriend. She is just like her mother." Dean replies

"That's where your wrong we dated this summer" Finn says and just to prove his point he turns towards me wrapping his arms around my waist and pulls me in and kisses me. The kiss is unbelievable, it's like nothing I've ever felt before. The next thing I know is my arms are wrapped around his neck and the kiss becomes deeper. By the time we pull away Dean is gone and we're out of breath. I have so many thoughts on what does this mean and wow he can kiss. I look into his in the eyes and a small smile hits my lips before I can stop it.

"Finn why did you kiss me?" I ask him as I watch his face trying to read him Finn's eyes are very expressive and I can tell he's scared

"Finn please tell me?" I plead as I lay my Head on his chest. Finn pulls away from me slightly and looks me straight in the eyes an says "Love, I've had feelings for you since the start of summer before we went away. Your an amazing, beautiful, kind and talented woman. I'm a better man for knowing you"

"Seriously Finn? I've had feelings for you to for the same amount of time" I reply to him. All of a sudden Finn gets a look on his face that I can't place or figure out he just holds me tighter

"Love will be my girlfriend?" Finn asks I look at him an smile just for him "I would love to be your girlfriend" I answer and seal it with a kiss, and what an unbelievable kiss it was.

We spent another two hours shopping and found the perfect dress. Finn says it brings out my eyes. It's a floor length gown that shows off my curves but doesn't show to much cleavage. The back of the dress stops right at the top of my backside. It is decorated with jewels throughout the entire gown. After our shopping trip Finn takes me up to a little Italian restaurant. It's a favourite of ours since we became friends. After dinner he dropped me off at home and I soon fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The next morning I woke up early as Tristan, Paris and I are heading to the campus to get the books we need for our classes this semester. I walk into the kitchen and find a layout of pastries and coffee on the counter waiting to be drank and eaten. After we eat we walk to the campus book store. As I'm looking for my books I see a blonde guy who can't seem to stop looking at me. As I start to walk towards him to tell him to knock it off my cell rings.

I have a big smile on my face as I check the name.

"hello Finny" I say.

"Hey love" Finn replies

"what's up Finny?" I ask him

"Love meet Colin and I for lunch today please at the usual place?" Finn asks.

"Sure Finny anything for you" I say to him

"Bye love" he says as he hangs up. I close my phone and place it back in my purse and find the blonde is gone, good riddance I think to myself as I continue to find the rest of my required books and head back to the cashier to pay.

"Hey guys, I'm meeting Finn and Colin for lunch" I say as we walk out of the book shop and walk home.

"I have to see my parents for lunch "Paris says as we both look at Tristan for a response

"I'm going to go to the gym" Tristan says as I get ready to go Tristan gives me a kiss on the cheek and heads out. I head out and wait for Colin and Finn at our usual spot. I see them walk in and I stand up give Colin a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I move towards Finn and give him a hug and a big kiss on the lips. As we sit down we ordered our food and drinks I look at the guys

"Ok what's going on?" I ask

"Logan's back. We wanted to give you a heads up so your aware" Colin says

"I'm off the market and with Finn and since you're his friends he should back off" I say to them

"He should but with him you never know "Finn replies

"Well I'll make it clear, it's bad enough this blonde guy at the book store wouldn't stop staring at me" I say to them as Finn and Colin give each other a look and look back at me.

"What did he look like?" Colin asks so I go into detail and tell him what he looked like and how I was just about to tell him off when Finn called me and they both start laughing

"That was Logan love" Finn replies after calming down from his laughter.

I just look at him and say "He doesn't want to mess with me, you both know that" and they both nod in agreement.

As lunch was nearing its end we get up and I grab Finn's hand, on our way out a guy bumps into me.

"Excuse me "the guy says as he looks up

"Colin, Finn how are you? And who is this beautiful woman?" Logan asks as I walk away to use the restroom

"I'm good" Colin replies as Finn looks at him an says "I'm good too" before Finn can finish and say that the girl was his girlfriend Logan cuts him off

"I'm gonna bed that girl" Logan replies both Colin and Finn look at him red with anger while clenching their fists.