Chapter 8

After all the revelations at the dinner they all headed back to the house, Finn and Rory decided to take a nap while Tristan and Josh went to Hartford. The others sat down and discussed what they had learned. Tristan was driving, and Josh was in the passenger seat. Josh decides he needs to break the silence

"How could she do that to Rory?" Josh says frustratedly

"I knew of some things that were happening, but I didn't know about that. I wonder if Rory would let us look at the records and hire a PI to get Lorelei out of her life for good" Tristan says

"Maybe get a restraining order?" Josh adds as a question. Tristan just nods his head as he parks the car and walks into the DuGrey manor.

"Dad? Dad? Where are you?" Tristan yells

"Son, what's the matter?" Marcus asks. He looks from josh to me and knew something had happened.

"What happened?" Marcus demanded.

"It's Rory "they both say

"What about her?" Marcus asks with concern written all over his face. We move towards his office and proceed to tell him what happened with Rory and Lorelei and what Rory had revealed to them. They confided in him their ideas to protect her and keep Lorelei away. Tristan has seen his dad mad many times over the years, hell he has pissed him off too many times to count but over the year he has never seen him this angry.

"We'll all talk to Rory and see what she says" Marcus says with such finality. Marcus informs the rest of family of what has happened to Rory, they are not happy that Lorelei almost hit Rory again. They all agree next time they get together they'll invite Luke, none of them ever realized until today that he's always protected and cared for Rory and would do anything for her. The drive back to stars hollow for Tristan and Josh was quicker than usual. Once they got back to the house Tristan pulls Rory aside while josh tells the other what happened at DuGrey Manor.

"Ror, can we talk?" Tristan asks softly

"Of course, Tris" Rory says with a small smile on her lips. He puts his arm around her shoulder and she slips hers around his waist as he leads her to the couch not far from where everyone was sitting around the dining room table.

"What did you want to talk about?" Rory asks Tristan as he looks at her with all the care in the world.

"I was wondering if you would let us look at the records of everything that was used for the courts, social services, the pictures and anything else you have on what Lorelei did to you and hire a PI to get evidence to get a restraining order to keep her away and keep you safe" Tristan ranted in true Gilmore fashion that he learnt from Rory. He watches Rory as she has internal battle with herself as she is thinking about it he grabs her hand in one and uses the other to lift her chin, so she can look at him.

" Can I please? Baby girl" Tristan asks softly. She looks at him and she can see his concern and the hurt he feels for what has happened to her. She just nods her head

"You and Finn know about most of it but there are somethings you don't, not even my grandmas know just Strobe, Dad and Richard. Please don't be mad at me for keeping it from you. Most I remember but there are somethings I have no idea about and others had to fill me in" She says sadly

"One summer I ended up in a coma. Paris and I were hanging out that's the last I remembered but Paris knows more about it than I do. No one brings it up to me and I don't bring it up either because of the flashbacks it brings on. " She says as her eyes fill with tears and they tumble down her checks. Tristan heart breaks for her but he doesn't blame her for keeping it away from him he just wants to protect her. Paris walks in to find Rory wrapped in Tristan's arms.

"Can you tell me about what happened the summer before senior year?" He asks Paris and she just nods and sits down on a seat opposite them.


It was the summer before our senior year of high school. It's was a typical beautiful day out and Paris was on her way over while her mom was working at the inn. There's a knock at the door.

" Hey Paris, come on in "Rory says

"Hey Rory" Paris replies as she enters the crap shack, they make their way to Rory's room. They start working on their plans for the rest of their vacation time. They will be meeting Tristan in a months' time in Paris and spend the rest of the summer traveling throughout Europe.

"Where should we go?" Rory asks as they look through all the guide books Paris had bought

"Paris, Rome, London" Paris starts

"Glasgow, Zurich "Rory added

"That sounds great and hit other places in between" Paris agrees. Before Rory can say anything, they hear Lorelai calls out

"Rory? Are you home?"

Rory holds a finger to her mouth as a gesture telling Paris to keep quite as she walks out of her room to meet her mom. Paris can hear every word and see everything that's going on with Lorelei and Rory.

"Dean stopped by the inn" Lorelei says giddy with joy

"Good for him" Rory says as she rolls her eyes

"Don't be like that, he still loves you" Lorelei says firmly in a sickly-sweet tone Rory rolls her eyes again and scoffs while saying

"Well I don't want to be with him and I don't love him. End of story." Rory states adamantly as she starts to walk away to her room and Lorelei grabs her spinning her around to face her.

"You will be with him" Lorelei says determinedly

"No way, not even all the money or books in the world could get me to back to the obsessive and controlling jerk" Rory says defiantly. As soon as the words are out of Rory's mouth all hell breaks loose. Paris looks on scared but not moving as she knew if she did it would only make things a million times worse for Rory, so she stays out. She can hear Rory screaming and Lorelei yelling, and then a huge bang and things being smashed then the front door slammed. I run out from my hiding place to survey the scene.

" Oh my god Rory "Paris says. She rushes to get her car and gets Rory inside and speeds all the way to the hospital. She runs inside and yells at a nurse

"My sister has been hurt. I have a POA for her if she needs anything to be done, I can authorize it" Paris says frantically. As they wheel Rory in on a gurney, she calls Rory's grandparents and her father to meet her at the hospital. Thirty minutes later they have all arrived and looking petrified.

"How is she?" Strobe asks, tears streaming down her face she turns to the adults

"She had to have emergency surgery" Paris says struggling to hold herself together

"Thank god you and Tristan have a POA for her" Richard says

"What happened?" Chris asked frustrated. Paris looks at him and says only one word


They all look heartbroken, mad and hurt. She told them all that she knew of that had transpired at the house. They couldn't believe it, they said she had done the right thing by staying put and agreed that it would have put Rory in more danger. As they are discussing what happened and what to do a doctor walks up to us.

" Lorelai Gilmore-Hayden?" The doctor asks. They all say "Yes" he nods.

"She has suffered a large contusion to the head and she had internal bleeding which has been repaired now thanks to the surgery. She also has a hairline fracture on her skull, she has currently slipped into a coma." The doctor states. Francine, Emily and Paris are devastated and start breaking down into tears while each husband takes his wife in their arms and Chris wraps his around Paris as if she was his own daughter.

"Will she be ok?" Richard asks

"Will she wake up?" Chris asks

"What about her memory?" Strobe asks as the doctor looks at them with sad eyes

"Only time will tell if she'll be ok, she can wake up today, tomorrow a year from now or ten. It's all up to her. As for her memory it should be fine for the most part, but she might suffer from some slight memory loss. I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you" the doctor says. We all nod and the doctor walks away. Paris stayed by her side at all times refusing to leave her. She had been there for two weeks now and she was scared that Rory wouldn't come back. As she is looking out the window she hears

"Paris "in a raspy voice. She looks around and sees Rory's awake. She runs over and quickly engulfs her in a hug as Rory looks at her.

"what happened?" Rory asks.

End Flashback.

After Paris told us what happened Rory leaves the room and heads up stairs to her room.

I can't believe what Paris had just told me, she was in a coma for two weeks. My best friend, my sister. I asked why I wasn't called. She simply replied

"We tried and by the time you called back she was out of the hospital so what was the point in worrying you" Paris states. As she tells Tristan all of this, Finn gets up and heads in the same direction as Rory did. They are all shocked by what Paris just told them all.

"How could she leave her like that?" Colin asks

"She could've died" Josh says sadly

"Poor Rory" Honor breaths out sadly

"To have no memory of what happened must be hard" Robert says

"We need to do what we can to keep Lorelai away from Rory" Logan says firmly

"What can we do "Paris says determinedly. Tristan looks at them and sighs

"She's given permission for us to look at the court records, pictures, social service and anything else that involves her also a PI is going to be hired so we can get the evidence we need to get a restraining order to bar Lorelai and Dean from coming near Rory again." Tristan says. They all look at him and nod their heads in agreement. After a few minutes Rory and Finn walk in holding 3 file boxes

"Here's some of the files that you will need "Rory says sadly

"Some?" they all question. She just nods and walks away towards the kitchen to start cooking and keep her mind off of everything, Finn follows her deciding to help her with dinner tonight. She starts cooking dinner with Finn as everyone else dives into the boxes to figure out the mystery of how Lorelai got away with doing all the things she has done to Rory.