Title: Wandering Star

Author: Omnicat

Spoilers & Desirable Foreknowledge: Tensai Okamura & co's Darker than Black: the Black Contractor anime.

Warnings: None.

Characters & Relationships: Amber x Hei & Pai

Summary: It's enough to carry her through. / Amber, between South America and Tokyo / 291 words

Author's Note: Enjoy!


Wandering Star

Amber watches their star a lot, in between one solar maximum and the next.

She keeps other tabs on Hei too, of course; wherever she goes in the world, the first thing she does is always to plot out yesterday's fastest means of getting to wherever he is today. She can't prepare for Tokyo and personally keep them from dying at the same time, but not a day goes by in those five long years that Amber isn't ready to drop everything else at a moment's notice to bring him back to life.

Him, them – always a packaged deal, whichever way you sliced it. Her dear friend and her... her love? Yes. The love of her new life. A love she never thought she'd have again, that all the world tells her she should no longer be capable of.

That, and the keys to their kind's survival. But Amber knows which of those things makes her heart race on the days she has to turn back the clock, and it's not that one.

Between the world's first solar maximum and its second, Amber recruits other members who turn into partners who turn into friends, and whenever she really gets the itch, she takes other lovers to share her body with and show little glimpses of her heart. But Hei and Pai stay always on her mind. More than is necessary, more than is wise, more than is pleasant.

They can't be together, between Amber's first solar maximum and her last. She tried, and paid for the mistake with years she couldn't spare and images of Hei's blood on her hands that won't leave her mind's eye. But their star is always there to keep Amber company when she falls asleep alone.