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John and Jim Watson-Moriarty had been married five years before they began discussing adopting, a week later they took in two boys. Jim had found them through his contacts- brothers, six year age gap, recently orphaned do to a car crash and about to be split up by the system- and John had made the decision as soon as he saw their picture and learned they were to be split up.

Mycroft Holmes, twelve years old and going on fifty, a stoic child whose only weakness was his need to keep his baby brother safe and whose favorite pasttime was manipulating those around him to do as he wanted them to. He was also a certified genius. Mycroft hated Jim the moment they met- two controling personalities rarely get along- and made sure they knew he only tolerated John because Sherlock adored him, the new parents just gave the older child his space to settle down in and hoped he'd warm up to them eventually.

Sherlock Holmes, a six year old ball of energy with a curiosity streak a mile wide, issues about eating, a horrible sleep schedule and an adoration for all things dog related; and another certified genius. Within minutes of their first meeting John had an armful of Sherlock with a curious Mycroft eyeing him, he'd didn't even know what he'd done other than tell them how brilliant they were for navigating the airport all on their own- and escaping security and their social services worker unseen, but he kept that part to himself.

Sherlock, when asked, would say that Jim seemed fun but he'd rather spend time with John, Jim agreed with him and Sherlock liked him a bit more. Mycroft just sniffed in disdain at the sentimetality of it all.

Life in the Watson-Moriarty household had always been a bit hectic, especially with Jim's manic energy and various tempermental experiments all going at once, but it was nothing compared to life once the Holmes brothers came to stay with them. Mycroft made it his life's mission to interfere with Jim's work as much as possible, when he wasn't playing puppetmaster with his peers, and to keep a constant and close eye on Sherlock. Sherlock had decided that John was his and no one else should even get near him, going so far as to deduce the most embarassing things he could about them if they seemed to want to draw John's attention away from him for too long. Jim was the only exception to this and that only because he shared a room with John, Sherlock only didn't cause a fuss over this as he saw that John enjoyed his 'private adult time'- he wondered why adults ccouldn't just say sex, it wasn't like he didn't know that that was what they were doing- and Sherlock wanted John to be happy.

Even though Mycroft was coldly standoffish and Sherlock highly clingy, and even though it made him feel slow to be the only non-genius in the house, John adored his boys and showered them with all the love and attention he had in him to give. Jim just found them highly amusing, giving them puzzles to solve to help them sharpen their minds and to keep himself entertained.


Sherlock Watson, he'd legally changed his name when he turned eighteen so as to annoy Mycroft and Jim and to see John smile, proudly showed off his new flat on Baker street to John while ignoring Mycroft and waiting for Jim to join them from the hall where he was taking a call. He'd just opened his Consulting Detective buisness- he'd aurgued that if Jim could be a Consulting Criminal then he could be a Consulting Detective, Mycroft disapproved but John encouraged him and that was all he really needed- and was already doing some business with a newly promoted detective at New Scotland Yard after making a name for himself if Florida and gaining himself his new flat.

Sherlock was just showing John the kitchen when Jim finally joined them with his serious face on. Seconds later Sherlock and John were alone in the flat as Mycroft and Jim, business partners and vicious rivals, took off to deal with a bungled assasination attempt and a panicking drug lord that was thretening to turn on them.

"Tea?" John asked even as he got the kettle set up, a smile on his lips to see his boys doing so well.

"Please." Sherlock mumbled as he went to sit in his claimed chair, a grin stretching his lips. It had been well worth slipping that assasin false information and riling up that drug lord in order to have this time with John all to himself, he only wondered when either his brother of second father would finaly realize that it was him messing about with their plans all the time and not just happenstance.