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Sherlock: Do you ever get the feeling that we are being watched?

John: What?

Sherlock: That we are being watched. That we are nothing more than puppets dancing around for the entertainment of a bored, for lack of a better word, 'deity'.

John: What are you talking about?

Sherlock: Our lives, John, they make no sense unless they exist solely on the whim of some outside force.

John: And how long have you been awake now exactly? Fifty, sixty hours?

Sherlock: They are watching us right now, John, I can feel their eyes on me! Listening to every word we say!

John: Why don't we get you to bed, how does that sound?

Sherlock: I am an individual! My will is strong! I will not bend to your whims!

John: Who are you talking to?

Sherlock: Them! I will not go easily into the Fate that they have set for me!

John: Okay... I'm making a call.

Sherlock: My mind is my sanctum! None shall have command over my actions but myself!

John: Hello, Jim? I'm calling about Sherlock... Yes... Yes... How did you...? Okay. See you soon.

Sherlock: I am the Master of my own Fate and shall not grovel upon the Throne of the Inevitable!

John: That's nice, Sherlock, but Jim is bringing the antidote now so just hold out a bit longer.

Sherlock: I am alive! I breathe! I shall not be controlled!


Sherlock: Continuity is bent to the Watcher's Whim! The Popular can not die, even with a bullet in the brain!

Jim: Wow, he really is off his rocker, isn't he.

John: What the hell did you give him?!

Jim: Just an experimental drug developed by the Military to make prisoners more docile, it widens perception until reality and fantasy are one and the same.

Sherlock: Our lives are all fiction! We are slaves to the story line!

John: And why did you give it to him? How even?! The man is paranoid about every little thing you bring into the Flat!

Jim: He's been stealing all the chocolates I've been leaving you, probably thinking I'd never poison you, and I wanted him to stop. This was the best method to ensure that.

John: And what if I had gotten into them first?

Sherlock: I was rebirthed to a new age for a new audience and became more popular than ever before!

Jim: You never start eating the chocolates, or any treat I leave you, without texting me to thank me first. I wouldn't have let you get hurt.

Sherlock: Conspiracies! My Watchers are not my Masters! I am a free agent! I can control the script if i chose to!

John: Just give him the blasted antidote already!


Sherlock: John?

John: Yes, Sherlock?

Sherlock: My head feels funny. What was I just talking about?

John: I'll tell you in the morning, it's time for bed now.

Sherlock: Not tired...

John: Sleep!

Sherlock: zzzz...

Jim: He really is adorably compliant when coming down off a high.

John: No.

Jim: But...

John: NO!

Jim: Fine. But only because it's you.

John: Thank you, love.

Jim: Anything for you, Johnny-boy.