Reading Chapter 10: A Musical Debut

"Yo, D-nasty! Let me read this chapter next!" Vinyl volunteered.

"Sure." D-nasty said as the book was passed to her.

"Yes!" Vinyl grinned. "Chapter 10: A Musical Debut"

On a fine day in Ponyville, Naruto was running to Scootaloo's school with her riding on his back and enjoying the wind blowing in her face, both of them had overslept and were running late so they had to skip breakfast but Naruto had packed an extra-large lunchbox to make up for it.

"So big bro, what are you planning to do today?" asked Scootaloo with curiosity, Naruto would often go around town to help any pony who would need his assistance whether it is labor, farming, babysitting, cooking and anything else, he often jokes that they are similar to the D rank missions he would carry out back at his dimension.

"Huh. What Naruto's doing IS like D rank mission he did back in his old world." Twilight mussed.

"But the difference is that he doesn't mind doing them here." Celestia said.

"Well today I have to do some deliveries for the Sugarcube corner, the Carousel boutique and the Post Office and after that, I will be done for the day" said Naruto, soon they had reached the school where Naruto dropped her off "I might not be able to come and pick you up after school so I'll see you at home, so have fun and try not to get into trouble"

"Okay big bro, I'll see you at home!" said Scootaloo happily before running towards her classroom, Naruto smiled happily before galloping towards the Sugarcube corner at a calm pace. Upon entering the sweet shop, Naruto quickly crouched to allow a pink blur to fly overhead before using his tail to catch it which revealed to be Pinkie Pie.

"Nice try Pinks, better luck next time" said Naruto with a foxy grin, Pinkie giggled as she was being tickled by his tail.

"Boo, I thought I could surprise you this time Naru!" said Pinkie Pie pretending to pout although Naruto could see a smile appear on her face immediately after, most at times Naruto would avoid her surprises and tickle her with his tail as a penalty much to the amusement of the others. *Everyone chuckled at that* "Anyway, Mrs. Cakes and I have some birthday cakes and muffins for you to deliver so come around to the back!" then she proceeded to drag the blond stallion to the kitchen.

"Why do I always get dragged around?" thought Naruto as he was being carried, when they reached the kitchen, Naruto saw boxes with the Sugarcube logo on them and guessed that they are the pastries meant to be delivered. "Whoa they are a lot, it's a good thing that I brought along my storage crystal for this" looking at the medallion hung around his neck.

"I still find that to be a useful tool to have." Rarity said.

"Yeah. It would make packing things so much easier." Trixie said.

"Totally! I mean do you know how much party stuff I would be able to carry with that storage crystal!" Pinkie beamed.

"The power of seals is practically endless. Kind of like magic in a way." D-nasty said.

"Here are the pastries and these are the address to where you are to deliver them" said Pinkie Pie passing a slip of paper which contains the information to Naruto.

"Okay then" said Naruto, then he approached the boxes "Store!" the medallion glowed brightly and the boxes transformed into orbs of light before disappearing into the medallion "Okay Pinks, I'll be back sooner that you can say muffins" with that Naruto took off at high speed towards the locations around town, soon afterwards he had completed the deliveries before heading back the Sugarcube corner. "Pinks I'm done with the deliveries and they were happy with the pastries and said that they would order again"

"Thanks for helping us Naru!" said Pinkie Pie happily as she hugged the blond stallion, making him blush in embarrassment "Have some muffins as a reward before you leave! Oh and tell Rarity I said hi" handing a bag of the snacks to Naruto who stored it into the medallion.

"Thanks for the muffins Pinks, I have to get going as Rarity needs me to deliver some clothes for her so I'll see you later!" said Naruto waving at the pink mare before leaving the shop in direction of the boutique, along the way he passed by Applejack's stall and decided to stop to buy some apples as well as say hello to the cowmare "Hiya AJ! How has the stall been running?"

"Howdy Naruto, things have been running smoothly and I haven't seen you in a while" said Applejack who was happy to see the blond stallion.

"Sorry about that, I've doing some jobs for the ponies in town so I've been busy, anyway how are you coming along with the katas of the Poniato?" said Naruto who was feeling a bit guilty at not coming around the sweet apple acres to see the Apples.

"Still can't believe you wanted to learn Naruto's fighting style, Applejack." Rainbow Dash said.

"Indeed. Considering she's such a strong mare." Trixie said.

"Sometimes people learn what they can to protect what's important to them." D-nasty said.

"You're right about that." Celestia said as everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Oh I've almost mastered the forms as I've been practicing every day after doing my chores" said Applejack.

"Okay then, we'll meet at the training later on so that I can see how you have come along, anyway I'd like to buy some apples and get going cause I need to do some deliveries for Rarity" said Naruto.

"Sure thing, here ya go and tell Rarity I said hello" said Applejack as she gave Naruto a bag of apples which was stored in his medallion and received some bits in return. After departing from the stall, Naruto had reached the Carousel boutique and entered to see Rarity who was currently using her magic to stitch some fabrics together on the mannequin while looking at the sketch which she had drawn.

"Hello Rare, I'm here to help out with delivering the clothes for you and Pinkie Pie and AJ says hi" said Naruto approaching the mare who stopped using her magic and turned around to smile happily at the blond stallion.

"Hello dear, I was just expecting you, a couple from Canterlot had ordered for a tuxedo and a ball gown for a ball, their servant will soon arrive at the edge of town" said Rarity.

"I've been meaning to ask but what kind of place is Canterlot? I've been hearing the name for a while now and it has caught my attention" said Naruto.

"I keep forgetting that you came from another dimension, Canterlot is the capital of Equestria as well as where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live, Twilight used to live there too. It's one of the largest cities where nobles live and there are places like high class restaurants, a racetrack and much more, I wish to visit that place one day" said Rarity with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"You always did get dazed when talking about Canterlot, Rarity." Pinkie Pie giggled.

"Well I guess I was a big fan." Rarity chuckled sheepishly.

"The word 'big fan' was use very loosely. Emphasis on big." Sweetie Belle smirked.

"Quiet little missy." Rarity huffed.

"It sounds like a real happening place, maybe I should visit as well as say hello to the Princesses, anyway where are the clothes?" said Naruto who had become interested in checking out the city on of these days.

"Oh sorry I was getting sidetracked, they are in a box on the table" said Rarity using her magic to levitate the box from the table to Naruto who sealed it away.

"Okay, I'll be back" said Naruto before heading to the outskirts of town where he saw a pony wearing a butler's outfit and approached him "Excuse me, I believe you are the one who was supposed to take the order?"

"Yes that's right, I was sent by the master and mistress to collect the clothes" said the pony.

"Not a bad butler." Apple Bloom said.

"Tch, but wearing the butler's outfit looks uncomfortable." Spike pouted.

"Okay then, Release Box!" said Naruto then an orb came out of the medallion and transformed into the box and he gave it to the pony who was surprised to see what had just transpired.

"That is quite an artifact, where did you get it?" the pony asked with curiosity.

"Actually, I made it" said Naruto.

"Incredible I'm sure that the nobles would wish to acquire such tools if you were to bring them to Canterlot" said the pony.

"I will consider it when I come to Canterlot, anyway thanks for ordering from the Carousel boutique and I hope to see you again" said Naruto after taking the bits and waving goodbye to the pony before heading back to the boutique "Rarity I've delivered the package so I guess I'll see you later then, tell Sweetie Belle I said hi"

"Okay dear, I hope to see you again soon" said Rarity. After leaving the shop, Naruto headed to the Post office and had arrived just to see Derpy who was about to leave on her delivery.

"Hello Derpy, it's good to see you again and how is Dinky?" said Naruto waving hello to the Pegasus.

"Hello Naruto, it's nice to see you too, Dinky has been wanting to see you again saying that she had fun the last time she was with you" said Derpy smiling at the blond stallion.

"Then be sure to tell her that I'll come over and play with her when I'm less busy as I have a little gift for her" said Naruto with a foxy grin which caused Derpy to blush.

"Wow his smile makes me feel happy and gives me a warm feeling inside" thought Derpy "I'll be sure to tell her and I wanted to introduce you to the rest of my family"

"Naruto left a pretty good impression on my other self." Dinky smiled.

"Your right, Dinky. You can't find that many kind stallions that would help a filly out of the goodness of their hearts." Derpy smiled. "Plus it helps that Naruto has a warm smile."

"Not to mention the blush that was just on Derpy's face." Luna teased making Derpy blush in embarrassment.

"Something you want to say?" Twilight grinned.

"Hmph!" Derpy pouted turning he head making everyone chuckle.

"Okay, I hope to see you later then" said Naruto waving at the gray Pegasus who flew off before entering the office to meet the pony in charge. "Hello chief, I'm here for the deliveries!" the pony whom he called chief turned around and smiled at the sight of the blond.

"Ah it's you kiddo, it's great to see you around here, we really appreciate your helping us with the delivering of the letters and packages as we keep on getting swamped with paperwork" said the Chief

"It's no trouble at, I'm just happy to help out" said Naruto with a smile "I wonder if Baa-chan would ever figure out to use Shadow clones for her paperwork"

Elsewhere in another dimension, a woman who was sitting at with tons of paperwork in front of her sneezed causing the papers to scatter "Dammit, it seems like someone was talking about me and knew the answer to defeating this paperwork but is out of my grasp, how I wish to get a hold of that person and demand him to tell me!" she said before resuming to signing the paper.

"Using clones to finish paperwork? Now that would be very usefull." Celestia pouted. "Sometimes I get so stressed out with all the paperwork I get."

"Paperwork is the bane of all existences. People able to clone yourself to help you would be a stress reliever." D-nasty nodded in agreement.

"Preach." Luna sighed deeply.

Back with our pony ninja, the chief was laughing "Geez kid, you are too modest, anyway we have put up a bulletin board for where ponies can put up request for help which any pony can take on and I'm pretty sure that you would be interested"

"Thanks for telling me chief, I'll be sure to check it out later, is there anything that I need to deliver?" said Naruto.

"Actually, we have some instruments that need to be delivered to a music shop on this address, I'm sure that you can handle it, aside from that, there is nothing else" said the Chief.

"Okay I'm on it!" said Naruto then he went to the storeroom where he found the instruments which were a cello, violin, and a sound mixer among other equipment. "Whoa, well I've been thinking of getting a new instrument myself as I've been getting a few ideas for new songs" then he sealed them away and headed for the address where he found a shop that had several instruments on display. He knocked on the door and heard a voice on the other side.

"Hold on for just a sec!" said a feminine voice, the door opened to reveal mare from behind the door, she is a unicorn with a yellowish white coat and a mane and tail of cobalt blue with cyan stripes, she has a cutie mark of a music note which is mirrored on her flank, what Naruto noticed most was her sunglasses which was gradient from purple to heliotrope. "Hello and who might you be?"

"Hey that's me!" Vinyl grinned. "I wonder how my interaction with Naruto will be like?"

"Who knows." Fluttershy said.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am here to deliver the instruments" said Naruto, the mare however looked skeptical.

"Are you sure? Cause I don't see any instruments around" said the mare.

"That's because I placed them in this medallion around my neck, show me where you want then and I'll show you" said Naruto, then he followed the unicorn to a large room where there were large speakers among other sound systems.

"This is the place so why don't you show me?" said the mare.

"Sure, Release Instruments" called out Naruto, several orbs came out of the medallion and transformed into the said items much to the surprise of the unicorn.

"Whoa that's amazing, I've never seen magic like that, where did you get it!?" said the mare.

"I made it by myself and it allows me to store large amounts of items for easy transporting" said Naruto with a smile.

"Naruto seems to be surprising everyone with his medallions." Celestia giggled.

"That's pretty cool, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Vinyl Scratch and I'm a DJ but most ponies call me DJ Pon-3"

"That's a cool nickname and it's nice to meet you" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"I'll go get my roommate to check the instruments, in the meantime you can take a look around" said Vinyl as she walked into the next room. Naruto walked around a bit, taking in the view of the room until he came across a clipboard which contained a score and observed it closely, that was when Vinyl came back "My friend isn't around at the moment but I'm sure that she'll be back soon" then she saw Naruto looking at the score "I see that has caught your interest, I've been trying to get some lyrics for the beat but can't seem to find the right one to fit with the guitar"

"Why don't let me give it a try, I'm a bit of a music lover so maybe I can whip something up" said Naruto as he picked up a guitar close to him.

"I can't wait to hear this." Vinyl grinned shaking in excitement.

"Okay then, let's play the song and see what you can do" said Vinyl, she placed the disc into the slot and hit the play button, then the music started to play through the speakers, as Naruto listened he began to get some ideas and started to sing.

A button appeared and Vinly was quick to press it.

One OK Rock – The Beginning

Just give me a reason

To keep my heart beating

Don't worry it's safe right here in my arms

As the world falls apart around us

All we can do is hold on, hold on

Take my hand

And bring me back

I risk everything if it's for you

I whisper into the night

Telling me it's not my time and don't give up

I've never stood up before this time

Demo yuzurenai mono nigitta kono te wa hanasanai

So stand up, stand up (Just gotta keep on running)

Wake up, wake up (Just tell me how I can)

Never give up

Kuruoshii hodo setsuna no enrei

Just tell me why baby

They might call me crazy

For saying I'd fight until there is no more

Urei wo fukunda senkougankou wa kankakuteki shoudou

Blinded, I can't see the end

So where do I begin?

Say another word, I can't hear you

The silence between us

Nanimo nai you ni utsutteru dake

I take this chance that I make you mine

Tada kakusenai mono kazatta youni misekaketeru

So stand up, stand up (Just gotta keep on running)

Wake up, wake up (Just tell me how I can)

Never give up

Kanashimi to setsunasa no enrei

Just give me a reason

To keep my heart beating

Don't worry it's safe right here in my arms

Kudakete naite saite chitta kono omoi wa

So blinded I can't see the end

Look how far we made it

The pain I can't escape it

Kono mamajya mada owaraseru koto wa dekinai desho

Nando kutabarisou demo kuchi hateyou tomo owariwanaisa

So where do I begin?

Nigirishimeta ushinawanu youni to

Te wo hirogereba koboreochisou de

Ushinau mono nado nakatta hibino dasei wo sutete kimi wo

Just tell me why baby

They might call me crazy

For saying I'd fight until there is no more

Urei wo fukunda senkougankou wa kankakuteki shoudou

Blinded, I can't see the end

Look how far we made it

The pain I can't escape it

Kono mamajya mada owaraseru koto wa dekinai desho

Nando kutabarisou demo kuchi hateyou tomo owariwanaisa

It finally begins..

Song End

As the button vanished everyone was speechless of Naruto's singing.

"Holy..." Vinyl muttered.

"Whoa..!" Octavia breathed.

"Yeah." Everyone else but D-nasty agreed who chuckled.

When the music had ended, Vinyl's jaw dropped at what she had just witnessed "T-that was incredible! How were you able to come up with those!?" she was very close to the stallion which made him a bit uncomfortable.

"I don't know how, just that when the song started to play, the words just came up in my mind and I started to sing it, how was it?" said Naruto.

"It was great! Both the song and the lyrics were in perfect sync and blended very well with each other" said Vinyl happily "You and I definitely have to get together to make more songs!" said Vinyl with excitement.

"Sure I'm down with that!" said Naruto with a foxy grin causing the unicorn to blush behind her glasses.

"A stallion after my own heart." Vinyl sighed dreamly making those that were starting to like Naruto glare at her.

"Trixie thinks Vinly is smitten." Trixie snickered.

"It would seem so." Octavia muttered not wanting to admit she was jealous.

"What other instruments can you play?" asked Vinyl.

"Well I can play the ocarina" said Naruto unsealing the said instrument, at that moment, the two ponies heard a voice from behind.

"What is going on here? I could hear the music all the way from outside the shop" said a feminine voice, Naruto turned to see a mare, and she is an earth pony with a coat of goldish gray and a mane of dark gray, she also wears a pink bow tie with a white collar and a purple treble clef for her cutie mark.

"Oh there I am." Octavia smiled pleased.

"Hey there Tavi, I've been looking for you!" said Vinyl waving at the mare.

"Well if you must know, I had gone to the post office to check for the instruments but I was told that it had already been delivered here, and who might be this gentlecolt be?" said the mare. Naruto approached the mare to greet her.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet you" said Naruto with a smile.

"My name is Octavia and it is a pleasure to meet you, may I ask what is going on here?" said Octavia.

"Naruto was helping me out with the song that I made and it was perfect then he was about to play a song from that ocarina of his" said Vinyl pointing at the instrument which was held by Naruto.

"Well I hope that you wouldn't mind if I listen to you play as well?" asked Octavia.

"Of course I don't mind" said Naruto with smile, then he began to play the song from when he had the picnic with Fluttershy which surprised the mare.

The button appeared as everyone listened to the soothing music.

"I'll never tire of hearing this." Luna sighed happily.

"Indeed sister." Celestia agreed.

"So he was the one playing the song that day!" Octavia thought as she looked at Naruto as he continued playing, like that day they felt the peace and serenity which was radiating from the blond stallion until he finished playing "That was quite impressive Mr. Naruto, I would like to exchange some ideas with you"

"Please call me Naruto, I'm not one for formalities as it makes me feel kind of distant when I'm talking to somepony" said Naruto with a smile to which Octavia smiled as well.

"What about me Naruto?" asked Vinyl who was getting a bit jealous at seeing her roommate take interest in the stallion.

Vinly blushed in embarrassment and it increased with Octavia smirked at her making her stick her tongue out at her friend.

"I would also exchange ideas with you as I like all kinds of music" said Naruto smiling at the unicorn so as to reassure her which worked as she had calmed down. "I have to get going as it's getting late"

"Okay then, be sure to visit again as we had enjoyed your company" said Octavia seeing the stallion off.

"Yeah, and if there is a party, I gonna invite you and together we'll rock the house!" said Vinyl raising her shades to reveal magenta colored eyes to wink at him which led to him blushing.

"She really has pretty eyes" thought Naruto *Everyone oohed at Vinly making her blush before she pouted at them for teasing her* "Sure thing, bye then" with that he walked away in direction of his home although along the way he remembered that he had forgotten to get a new instrument for himself "Oh well, I guess that adds more of a reason for me to come back" with that thought in mind, Naruto galloped home.

"And that's it." Vinly said smiling.

"So how did you all like that chapter?" D-nasty asked.

"Pretty cool." Spike smiled.

"Heck yeah!" Scootaloo cheered.

"Then you'll like the next one." D-nasty chuckled.

I was able to get two things done today. So look out for my new story. Now I know I know I should stop doing that, but I just got these new ideas I want to share. But I do plan to work on my other stories. Anyway love ya'll! And Happy Thanksgiving!