I'm glad you all liked the first chapter. Also it came to my attention that I mispelled "Cuite" instead of "Cutie" I apologize for that. Anyway onword with the story.

Reading Ch 1: Learning to walk before running

"So, does anyone else want to read or let Twilight continue reading?" D-nasty asked everyone.

"I think we should let Twilight continue to read for now." Celestia said as everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Ok then. You heard them sparkles." D-nasty said looking at her.

"Don't call me sparkles." Twilight whinned.

"It is a funny nickname." Spike snickered.

"You hush." Twilight said before she started to read the book. "Chapter 1: Learning to walk before running"

When he opened his eyes, Naruto noticed that he was in a cave with crystals embedded in the walls that glow brightly with energy that feels foreign to him. Speaking of which, he noticed that he felt that he couldn't feel his fingers or toes for that matter. When he tried to stand, he rather stood on all four legs instead of two.

"OH! What exotic crystals!" Rarity gushed.

"Chill sis." Sweetie Belle sweatdropped.

"Okay, this feels weird" said Naruto trying not to freak out but when he looked at a crystal that reflected at him. Well, let's just say that people are lucky not to be near him for they would have gone deaf from his screaming.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!" yelled Naruto panicking all over place while tumbling around. After ten minutes of senseless screaming did he finally calm down, then he remembered what Kami told him earlier before.

"That was pretty funny." Pinkie Pie laughed.

"Yeah! The way he was panicking and falling over was priceless!" Rainbow Dash laughing so hard trying to breathe.

"Hold on, Kami-sama did mention that I would be in a different form when I come into this dimension" said Naruto. "Well then, I'd better learn how move in this new body of mine"

He attempted to walk by emulating how the horses from his dimension walked, soon he became more proficient in walking, trotting and galloping. Afterwards Naruto went to one of the biggest crystals to at his reflection.

His current form is of a pony with an orange coat, he retains whisker marks on his cheeks, has a yellow spiky mane, a horn on his forehead with a shape like the tip of a katana and bushy tail like that of a fox.

When everyone saw Naruto as a pony the mares blushed a little thinking he looked cute or handsome while Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked cool.

"Not a bad looking stallion." Rainbow Dash smirked.

"Well he's certainly a handsome feller." Applejack muttered.

"Quite, and that bushy tail of his along with those whiskers does make him look exquisite." Rarity commented.

"Hmm it feels weird to have tail, I wonder how to use it" pondered Naruto. He tried waving it around and the tail responded accordingly to his commands. He even began using it to pick up rocks laying around the cave floor without dropping them and could even throw with pinpoint accuracy. "Whoa, I could get used to this" he thought with glee.

"I never would have thought of tails being used like that." Luna said.

"I think only he can do that." Apple Bloom said.

"I bet I could do that if I practiced." Scootaloo grinned.

"Okay, I got the hang of moving around in this form, now let's see if I can access my chakra and find out my upgraded bloodline" thought Naruto.

He sat on his rump, closed his eyes and began to meditate. As he searched within himself, he began feel a sensation similar to when he normally gathers his chakra but feels much easier to interact with. The sensation got stronger and Naruto let flow through him and soon his body began to emit white chakra that represents the purity of his soul.

"Ooooooo." Sweete Belle awed.

"Pretty." Fluttershy smiled.

When he opened his eyes, Naruto saw that his body is covered with a white cloak of chakra and it made him feel stronger and enhanced his senses." Wow, this must be the chakra that Kurama gave to me, let's see about my bloodline" said Naruto.

Naruto began to concentrate on his chakra and willed it to form arms, it took several tries but he successfully created the arms. He then tried to use them to pick up the rock and was able to even lift boulders but noticed that the more arms he creates or the heavier the object, the more chakra he requires.

"Well that certainly useful." Twilight said impressed.

"Let's see, I wonder if I can channel chakra to different parts of my body" thought Naruto, He approached a boulder and sent chakra to one of his front hooves and punched the boulder which broke into small pieces. Naruto looked surprised for a minute then he began to laugh out loud.

"HAHAHA if Ba-chan saw this, she would be sooo shocked" said Naruto happily." Now let's see what's outside this cave"

"Whoa!" Spike gawked.

"Oh my..." Celestia said stunned.

"Hoooo, dawgy! Now that is some strength! Why I betcha he would be good for some apple bucking!" Applejack shouted gleefully.

"Who is this Ba-chan he's talking about?" Fluttershy asked.

D-nasty pulled out a remote, paused the tv, and changed the channel showing Tsunade on the screen.

"This is Tsunade Senju, the fifth and current hokage of Naruto's old village, she comes from a powerful clan called the Senju clan who made the leaf village. One ninja in particular was her grandfather who specialized in wood style able to control the biju meaning tailed beasts like the nine tailed fox. She's a big healer with massive strength able to destroy boulders with a flick of her fingers." D-nasty explained.

"Now that's a woman." Rainbow Dash smiled.

"Yeah, but don't let her looks fool you. While she looks young, she's actually in her fifties." D-nasty smirked.

"Wait, if she's that old why does she look so young?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"She uses a special technique to make herself look young." D-nasty said.

"Well that ability could come in handy." Rarity nodded.

When Naruto reached the entrance of the cave, he was amazed by the scenery of the land as it the atmosphere is serene and calm. Naruto wanted to explore the place but his ninja instincts told him not to go just yet as he is not yet used to his new body, and so he returned to the cave.

"That's a smart move. Even younglings who are born need t get used to their bodies." Twilight said.

"Now that I think about it where is the Kosei no Ha?" Naruto wondered aloud. No sooner he said that than the glaive appeared on his back glowing as if happy to be called upon. "Now how do I use you to fight?" thought Naruto, the glaive glowed brightly and information flowed into his head. He tried to will the glaive to swing left and it flew off his back and swung at its imaginary target before returning to his back.

"Whoa now that is epic!" said Naruto with excitement. Soon he began to practice with the sword until he was familiar with it." I think I need to train before going to any town to gain information about where I am.

Time skip Two Weeks

After training in the cave, Naruto became attuned to his body, bloodline and wielding the glave.

For his pony form, he developed a form of freerunning with techniques like wall running, sliding, flips and spins and applying chakra improves his mobility. He also created his own taijutsu he named *Poniato which he adopted the principle from Rock Lee's taijutsu.

"Who's Rock Lee?" Spike asked.

"One of Naruto's friends who was a genius of hardwork and improving his body and skills everyday." D-nasty grinned.

With his chakra, he created many variations to adapt to any kind of situation like arms, tendrils, claws etc. he was also able to create his own tailed beast cloak which goes well with his Poniato and is still learning to create more variations.

With the Kosei no Ha, Naruto mastered it to a level that he be ranked a sword master in his own right. He also discovered that it could transform into different weapons during his time in the cave.

He also collected a majority of the crystals and put them in a satchel he made from the fur of dead animals in the forest and found a cloak as well.

During his training, Naruto's mane grew longer and his tail grew in length due to his constant use.

"Well doesn't he look more ravishing." Rarity smiled.

"I hear that." Rainbow Dash grinned.

"Okay, now I am all set, it's time to see what this world has in store for me" said Naruto as he got himself ready to leave.

When Naruto stood outside the cave, he took in a deep breath and shouted out "LOOK OUT WORLD, NARUTO UZUMAKI THE PONY NINJA IS COMING BELIEVE IT!" before sending chakra to his feet and dashing into the distance.


Poniato = Pony Arts

"These chapters seem a little short." Twilight said when she finished reading.

"Well they just explain how Naruto comes to Equestria before the real story starts." D-nasty said.

"Makes sense when you think about it." Apple Bloom said.