"I didn't need your help Sasaki", I grunted trying to stand up on my was the last of them but I didn't think I would be this weak after the last two. I took out the specially made handcuffs that suppress quirks and slapped them onto the Kiyoshi kid's wrists. "Guess I overdid it a little",I thought while taking out a bottle of aspirin and taking a couple.

I looked back to the person who just incapacitated KIyoshi who was just standing there with a solemn expression. She is a pro hero who works for the school, but when Nedzu said he would call for someone to help I expected like EraserHead not this weirdo.

She actually looked normal in civilian clothes though. She had on a yellow sundress with a flowery pattern going along the waistline. You could slightly see her short black hair under her sunhat. I must have been staring for a while becaholeshe sharpley stated, "If you take a picture it'll last longer"

"I have to give you thanks though", I said letting out a defeated sigh. "Without your help he probably would've gotten away."

"Yea well you've always been unable to do things without me and my quirk" she smirked probably feeling proud of herself.

Name: Sasaki Ai

Quirk: Mist
With her quirk she is able to emit a mist like substance from anywhere on her body that can either paralyze, confuse, or put to sleep

"Wow looks like you have better control over it since the last time I saw you", I said. "What was that about 7 years ago?"

"It was 12", she quickly retorted. "And no I haven't gotten any better since I have to still wear this absurd mask to not get affected."

"Wow has it really been that long since that incident happened" I started to wonder trying to remember what it was like.

"Hey stop daydreaming and hurry up, I'm supposed to be on vacation right now", she yelled snapping me out of my deep thought.

"She's still as pushy as ever", I thought, heaving the boy upon my shoulders and heading towards the door. "And take that mask of, we don't want to frighten him more than he already is."

Approximately 2 hours later


I woke up dazed and frightened to the sound of a moving car. "What is going on",I thought looking at my wrists which were bound in handcuffs. I tried to concentrate on home but no matter how hard I tried I remained in the car. The windows were tinted as well so I couldn't get out onto the road. "Hey", I shouted kicking the the window in front of me scared that I might've been kidnapped.

There was a groan and a little bit of rumblimg from the other side of the window before I heard a familiar voice say the name "Sasaki." The window separating us rolled down and a short brown haired lady greeted me with a motherly smile before pointing her finger at me and a pink mist came out. "Crap not again", I quickly thought before attempting to cover my nose and mouth. I couldn't hold my breath for long however as I breathed in the smoke and my eyes started to grow drowsy. Frantically I threw myself at the window trying to break it open but my strength weakened until I finally blacked out.
About 2 hours later

"Hey wake up" a voice called out roughly shaking me from side to side. My eyes quickly opened as a I shot up from my seat remembering what happened. " Calm down kid", the man said again sitting across from me. I complied, sitting down observing my surroundings. Aside from the suited guy and I there was only a metal table separating us, a dimly lit light, and mirror behind him which I assumed was a one way mirror.

"So what am I here for", I demanded in a stern voice. "If this is a kidnapping you'll be sorry."

The man just let out a long sigh, "Look kid this isn't what you think, I just want to talk." He threw me a folder a pulled out a bag of fast food. I reluctantly took the folder before taking out the paper inside and skimming the contents. "So you're like my new teacher or something and want make us heroes", I asked confused by this random turn of events.

"Well that leaves out the hard part of explaining I guess", he chuckled before handing me one of his sandwiches. "Here you must be hungry"

I snatched the sandwich out of his hand and started to stuff my mouth. "So you want to reform problem children", I asked mouth half full. "Sure sound like it'll be fun!"

"Now I know it sounds like a hassle but", he started to say but realized my response. "Wait so you're actually interested?"

"Sure I guess I have nothing better to do", I shrugged grabbing the pen and paper he was handing me that read:

I hereby admit myself into the redemption project and leave everything into the hands of my superior
"I hope you'll be a good role model for the rest of them" he mumbled before leaving out the door next to the mirror. The cuffs around my wrist made a clicking noise before falling to my feet. I rubbed my wrists and stretched exhausted from a long day.

That's when the door swung open and a confused looking girl stepped through. She had on a navy blue jacket with black knee socks on under her black skirt. She pulled her hood off and her long brown hair flowed down her back with blue streaks going through it. She pulled her headphones from around her head and rested them around her neck. "Oh umm excuse me", she nervously said trying to close the door back. I got up and teleported to the door keeping it open with my foot.

"Wait hold on who are you", I asked curiously hoping to make a new acquaintance.

"I-it's Kasha", she stuttered taking a step backwards. "Why do you want to know?"

"My name is Matsudo Kiyoshi", I boasted sticking my hand out for a handshake. "I presume you've also been roped into this strange predicament?"

She just gave me a confused look before responding, "What are you even talking about?"

The door at the other end of the room opened again and the lady with the smoke powers walked through. She stared at Kasha and I before looking down at the papers she was holding.

"Oh you're still here",she coldly stated obviously referring to me. "I assume Ryosuke did a horrible job as usual." She left the room and came back about a minute later with a bag and another paper in her hand handing me the stuff. "Here this is your uniform and schedule", she sighed.

She then hurriedly escorted me out of the room. "Now go you're interrupting our interview."

"Wait huh what's this about interviews and schools", I heard Kasha asking as the door was closed in my face.

I yawned closing my eyes and opening them to a familiar surrounding. I didn't have enough energy to get comfortable and threw myself onto the couch. Excited for the new adventures that would await me come monday morning.

unknown location
In a dark alleyway the heavy pitter patter of footsteps could be heard in the abnormally silent night. A silver haired boy panted hard, darting his eyes back and forth clearly on edge about something. He bumped into a trash can and stumbled a bit before continuing his sprint.

Two figures stood on the roof watching the boy struggle, one was a small girl about 5'4 with jet black hair that was tied into a bun. Her feline like eyes were wide with excitement as a wide sinister grin spread across her face. She had on a white polo and sandy brown skirt with a black hoodie tied around her waist. Two jagged black daggers were being flipped in her hands shining in the moonlight. Her cohort was clad in an all black cloak disguising his face from view.

The two figures dove into the alleyway, landing in front of the boy. Frightened he slammed his hands into the ground making a soft yellow color before a giant wall shot up from the ground,separating himself from them.

He tried to take a quick breath to regain his stamina but the wall started making a weird sizzling sound before it started to slowly turn red. The frightened boy not wanting to know what comes next took off running again.

A giant hole started to form on the wall slowly melting in a walk space big enough for the two mysterious people.

"Koizumi can't you stop him with your quirk" the man with the cloak asked dashing through the hole

"I already told you that's not how it works you big dummy",she sighed dashing right after him.

The silver haired boy was still was still running with all his might and turned around not able to see the people chasing him anymore,he sighed a sigh of relief but as soon as he turned around he was close lined letting out a loud "Ow" as he fell hard on his back. Not able to even recover from the pain his attacker grabbed him by the face, lifting him up effortlessly.

"B-boss why are you here", Koizumi stuttered with slight fear in her voice as she approached with her partner.

The boy looked through his captors hand and noticed that he didn't look much older than the girl in the school uniform chasing him. He had on a grey V-neck with black pants and shoes.A navy blue parka with neon blue trim was thrown over his shoulders. His messy blonde hair and earrings along his right ear perfectly represented the calm look on his face

"Let go", the boy roared kicking and biting at the man who didn't even seem to flinch from the pain or rather didn't even notice it. "Why are you doing this to me!"

"Sorry it just seems you were unlucky Itona", the man apologized, a sinister smile spreading across his face completely masking his sincerity.

Itona frightened started clawing and panicking even more as the man's grip tightened around his face. He poked the man in the eyes which seemed to loosen the grip a little allowing him to break free.

"Sorry about this", Itona apologized smacking his hands on the ground causing spikes to impale the man that was holding him. He turned to face the other two people who seemed unfazed about their leader getting impaled in multiple places.

"Yo Yamazaki you have this handled right?", the cloaked man asked completely looking past Itona.

"Are you crazy how would he even be able to respond after what just happened", Itona started to ask but was abruptly interrupted with a knee to the stomach causing him to collapse.

Itona looked up to see the man called Yamazaki standing up with no signs of physical damage to his body even with concrete spikes going through his vital organs.

"B-but how are you still alive", Itona asked in disbelief, blood dripping from his mouth.

"You know I ask myself that same question every day", the man called Yamazaki nonchalantly said pulling the sharp objects out of his body not even wincing from pain or blood spewing out. He let out a sigh a relief as his wounds started to close up almost instantaneously.

He then squat down next to the boy patting his back in the process, "Now take a little nap for me",he roared grabbing the boys head and slamming it into the ground making a deafening cracking sound.

"Ito grab the boy", Yamazaki demanded pulling out his phone and dialing a number. It rung for a little before a distorted voice came up on the other line.

"Is it time to go undercover in this so called reformation program or whatever", the voice asked curious. "But I thought all the spots were filled up?"

"You're just in luck", Yamazaki joked looking at the limp body of Itona as it was getting flung over Ito's shoulder. "It looks like a spot just opened."

"Hey, hey is it time now boss", Koizumi enthusiastically pestered nearly bouncing off the walls. "Is the villain alliance making a triumphant return?"

"Yes it is finally time to start the revolution, one that'll bring our revolutionary ideas into fruition, to create a new world,free from heroes and there insignificant set of rules, one where villains rule, with me….AS THEIR GOD", Yamazaki declared, vanishing into the darkness with his subordinates following right after.

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