"With these kind of stats, you could pick just about any job you want!" Luna said in a congratulatory manner, handing Shirou a list that was over thirty pages long of the jobs at offer.

Shirou was a little intimidated by just how many jobs there were on that list, not really sure what he should do. Since this would most likely be the job that he was stuck with and would have a heavy impact on him going forward, he had to make the right choice. His eyes scrolled down page going from gladiator, butcher, mage, duelist, shaman, spy-master, dancer, ally of justice, hermit, farmer... wait a second.


Shirou couldn't believe his eyes as he started to read the description.

Ally of Justice: a gun wielding adventurer who uses party buffs and bullet times based skills. Proficient in close range combat, but preferring long ranged, an Ally of Justice can serve any role within the party. Allies of Justice get bonuses to speed, dexterity and charisma when wearing skin tight uniforms.

It didn't really sound like him, since Shirou had never used fire arms, and didn't even know what party buffs or bullet time even were, and the whole skin tight uniforms thing was kind of weird... but at the same time... he couldn't not... could he? If he turned down this opportunity, could he really call himself Shirou Emiya?


"I'll be an Ally of Justice!" Shirou said to Luna with a smile. He didn't even notice as the girl's own smile faltered.

"...Holy crap... someone actually picked that embarrassing job..." One of the men in the bar whispered.

Just a short I made after reading a Fate x KonoSuba Crossover