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WARNING: There is violence and gore in this chapter!

Chapter 108

Jasmine could feel the strain on her magic as she flashed herself up multiple levels of the ministry to get to the atrium. Tom was a dramatic son of a bitch, if he was going to take over the ministry with the most witnesses possible, he would be in one of the largest and busiest rooms.

Not to mention that explosions were getting louder the closer the got to the main atrium.

She let out a sad trill as she flew through the remaining hallways as she tried to conserve her magic. There were bodies littered across the floors, some covered in hexes and curses, others were just motionless corpses, killed with avada kedavra. There were some who were half crushed under debris and some were bleeding out against the walls. There were a lot of dead civilians in these hallways. Luckily, there weren't a lot of children within the ministry during the school year. Even still, it was going to take years to recuperate the lives lost here.

Tom was always making Jasmine's mission more difficult.

So far, she hadn't recognized any of the bodies, though, knowing her family and friends, they were at the heart of the action. Most of the Black Family had been at the Ministry today for various reasons and they would have been some of the first responders to the fight. Bella must have been giddy at the thought of murdering the man that tried to kill Narcissa. The two Black sisters had been plotting Tom's death for two weeks. Honestly, her friend had been planning the deaths of multiple Death Eaters for weeks. Bella wasn't being picky.

Jasmine isn't sure how close she was going to get to dueling Tom. She had no idea what the fight looked like upstairs. Explosions alone couldn't give her any indication on who was winning or losing.

As the doors to the atrium came into view she noticed it was hanging off its hinges. The floor was coated in at least half a meters worth of water. Civilians were sloshing through it as they ran away from the battle. The flood seemed to be from the hideous center fountain. The usually pained faces underneath the wizard's feet were blasted off and water was shooting out at all ends.

Spells were being fired every which way as Jasmine flew over and around some stray blasts. Screams of pain and various spells were echoing throughout the large room. The room was the size of a quidditch stadium. It was supposed to be a marvel of magic to have something this large right under the muggles' noses. But, Tom seemed to be using that to his advantage.

Clusters of witches and wizards were dueling to the death. There were trolls and giants battling what appeared to stone golems at the far end of the room, which would explain the rumbling Jasmine had heard near the Department of Mysteries. If Jasmine could smile she would have. Stone golems could only mean one thing. Blaise and Theo had to be somewhere in this mess then. The golems seemed to be of Blaise's creation.

As she soared over the battle field Jasmine caught the glint of steel and a familiar face being surrounded. Mikhail and Regulus were fighting back to back as five Death Eaters slowly encircled them.

Jasmine rolled through the air as a stray spell zipped past her head and dove towards the cluster. She transformed with just enough time dig her knees into one of Death Eaters shoulders and lethally stab him in the back. With the one man down, Mikhail used that opening to bring his own sword down against a second Death Eater. Regulus took down an additional two in seconds. Jasmine brought her wand up and quickly cast a severing curse the last enemy, lopping his head from his shoulders.

"Took you long enough. Where the hell were you? Your American called us all here!" Mikhail shouted as he wiped the blood off his blade using the robes of the recently dispatched Death Eaters before pulling Regulus and Jasmine behind a pillar for cover as a couple more spells bounced off of the marble. It had decent sight lines so they would see an attack coming while they caught their breath.

"Oh, you know me," she replied ducking under a hex that had just slid past their cover, "I had to make this Dark Lord mortal again, but I'll take your complaints as a thank you for saving your life, again."

He rolled his eyes and pushed Regulus down as a stray curse nearly took his head off. This wasn't nearly as safe it had appeared to be. There were still far too many Death Eaters. "Good to know you made him mortal. We were just covering the civilian retreat while the Death Eaters made a mess of the atrium."

Regulus let out a huff and sent a powerful blasting hex in the direction of the last curse. There were some screams, but no more spells followed for the moment.

"There, Merlin, they were annoying. Thank you for the assistance, Jasmine," Regulus said with a slight tip of his head. At least someone was grateful for her help.

"Any idea where my husband is in all this mess?"

Sirius wouldn't be hiding the Department of Mysteries if a large-scale battle like this was happening. The idiot would be right in center of everything.

Regulus snorted.

Mikhail pointed towards the cluster of golems and giants.

That figured.

"He ran off to fight the Carrows and the Lestranges with Bella and Cassiopeia. I know there are some Order Members scattered around and helping our people. Dumbledore and Tom Riddle are facing off against each other behind the golems."

Jasmine nodded as part of the ground in front of them exploded into ash. She rolled to the right while Regulus and Mikhail ducked left. With her rune vision she could tell that they were alright, but she was back in firing range.

To get to Tom she was going to need to get to the golems which were across the battlefield.

She could get there. It would take some finesse, but she could do it.

Two powerful severing curses whizzed past Jasmine as the smoke from the incineration hex cleared. Two figures were circling each other around the destroyed fountain. "Get back here you infernal woman! You will pay for what you've done!" Rodolphus screamed.

A familiar cackle could be heard.

Bella was playing with her prey. The irony that she is going to end the Lestrange Family Line wasn't lost on Jasmine.

"I killed Rabastan Lestrange! I killed Rabastan Lestrange! What are you going to do Rodolphus? Beg me to marry you again?" Bella taunted as she deflected a poorly aimed curse from Rodolphus.

Bella sent a pale blue spell that seemed to turn Rodolphus' wand arm into ice, followed by a bombarda, that caused everything below his shoulder to shatter. He let out a scream as Bella cancelled the transfiguration and leaving his arm blasted to pieces. "You dared to touch something precious of mine and you are going to pay!" She shrieked and continued her barrage of curses.

Jasmine turned away from Bella. She had that under control if Rodolphus' screams were anything to go by. One of the Black Family members would come and collect her once the battle was over.

Merlin, she was a member of the Black Family now and she wanted no part of cleaning up the pieces of Rodolphus.

Well, Jasmine would just have to make sure that wasn't her job.

As she scanned the area behind Bella she saw Amelia slumped against the wall, her wand still held tightly in her hand as she put pressure over a wound in her side. Jasmine used the remains of the fountain as cover as she quickly made her way towards Amelia. Upon closer inspection Amelia was unnaturally pale and the puddle underneath her was much larger than it first appeared.

"You made it," Amelia rasped, her eyes were a bit glassy and she had to blink a few times to focus on Jasmine.

"Of course, I made it. Where else would I be. Now, let's look at that wound. What were you hit with?" Jasmine asked as she gently pulled Amelia's hand away. The older woman let out a hiss as Jasmine inspected the wound.

Well, the positive was that all of her organs were still inside of her body, the bad news was that the gash was still very deep. Jasmine could feel the dark magic emanating from the spell. That was going to need to be purified before she could begin to work on it. Dark magic was always resistant to healing spells. It was a good thing that she knew quite a few magical prodigies.

Severus and all the potions he invented in his free time were a godsend.

Amelia hissed as Jasmine pulled out a potion from her robe pocket and poured it over the wound.

Within moments the dark magic began to ooze out of the cut like an infection and dissipate on the tile below. Jasmine pulled out two more potions, one she helped Amelia drink and the next she poured over the wound a second time.

The color began to come back to Amelia's face almost immediately, but a good blood replenisher would do that. The skin began to knit itself back together from the healing drought. Severus really needed to patent his purification potion.

"You're needed elsewhere, Peverell. Go towards the golems! I don't know who is winning that battle. If Dumbledore falls, we'll lose."

As much as she wanted to disagree that Dumbledore's loss wouldn't cause the wizarding world to end, Jasmine didn't want the morale of the Order Members to faulter during the fight. They were helping Jasmine's people fight the Death Eaters off.

"Make sure Bella doesn't murder everything in her path."

Amalia nodded as she pushed herself up, her legs were a bit shaky under her, but she continued back into battle without a backwards glance.

Jasmine focused on the golems, they were surrounding the real battle for the ministry. Tom would be in the center. She could see large serpents of water flying around between the giants' legs.

Jasmine moved through the battlefield in quick flashes, trying to expend as little magic as possible, while also occasionally stabbing a Death Eater or two.

The hardest part was slogging through the pooling water around the fountain. Water and fire were never one to mix, even magical fire like hers.

The two golems and giants were locked in combat, hand to hand pushing against each other as they tried to battle for dominance. The stones were groaning underneath the sheer force of the giants. How they hell did Tom get them into the atrium? She could see the hollowed out ground the golems were summoned from…maybe a portkey of some kind?

But why have them invade the atrium? For effect? To show his power? The ministry didn't have defenses for an invasion of giants. They were just lucky Jasmine and Bella had culled Greyback's pack a few weeks prior. Fighting giants and werewolves might have been a bit much, even for Jasmine's people.

Before she had time to contemplate further she finally spotted Blaise. He was dueling, one arm was behind his back making intricate hand movements while the other had his wand. The tips of his fingers behind his back were glowing a dim gold.

Across from Blaise was Avery. Jasmine hadn't seen him in months. Honestly, he had never looked worse. His robes were in tatters, his once well-trimmed hair was choppily cut and he had shallow cuts all over him. The years had not been kind to him, but Jasmine felt it was deserved after all the harm he'd caused.

Behind Avery was a pile of dead or unconscious bodies. It seemed that Blaise had been busy while she destroyed the final horcrux. "You filthy American heathen! Die so our master can fully take the Ministry!"

Blaise never took his eyes off his opponent, but Jasmine could almost hear his eyes rolling in his reply. "Sure. I'll do that. I'll die, just for you."

Jasmine cast a powerful blasting hex that threw Avery into the wall behind him and into the bodies on the floor. "I don't know if dying is the best thing you have to offer since you came all the way from the states to help." She told him as she conjured magic resistant binds to tie Avery's wrists with. She wasn't about to let him wake up and attack them with whatever wand he found on the ground.

Blaise gave her a grin before he turned back to the golems and, now, with both hands free he began to command the golems with his undivided attention. His mouth was moving in some kind of silent spell casting, his eyes glowing an unnatural golden hue. She watched his back as the golems began to beat back the trolls with ease, the earth they were made out of solidifying and crushing the bones of the creatures attempting to grapple with them.

Jasmine deflected a rapid cast of spell fire from all around them as Blaise began to turn the tide of the battle in their favor.

The giants were still the most trouble, but as the trolls fell the remaining golems were piling up on the giants.

"Just a little longer, Jasmine," he shouted as one of the golems punched one of the giants into submission, while another giant went crashing to the floor in a heap, causing then entire room to shake.

A few people screamed as a giant collapsed next to them, crushing a few prone bodies and causing more than one person to fall to the ground as they lost their balance.

As the final giant fell, everyone seemed to stop fighting for a moment, if only to gain their bearings and see what had been going on beyond ring of monsters.

Inside were the Carrows, Tom, Dumbledore, Cassiopeia and Sirius.

There were a few bodies slumped against the marble floor. Minister Bagnold was one of them. She had only recently been elected…hopefully she was still alive. She ran a staunch anti-Death Eater platform. The woman had made it her mission to stop Voldemort. It seemed that he may have taken care of her before she could get anything done.

It would be a shame, she had done fairly well reforming the wizarding world post war during Harriet's lives.

Her gaze travelled to the other victims. Jasmine felt her heart stop when she recognized one of the bodies in that inner ring of fighters. It was Euphemia. She was slumped over the body of the Minister. Her Auror robes were all too familiar to Jasmine, who felt a bit of lump form in her throat. She couldn't tell if her aunt was breathing or not.

"Do you still need me here?" She asked as she summoned a bit marble as a shield as it took the full impact of the three different killing curses. The stone splintered a bit, but did not shatter.

Blaise nodded as the golems started to move towards the Death Eaters within the atrium. "I'll handle the little bugs. You take care of Tom."

"Stay safe. I want to see those baby pictures your promised me."

He barked out a laugh as the screams from his golems' victims filled the air.

Jasmine had enough energy for another flash towards the group, but it would have to be her last for the day. If she was going to have enough energy to duel a dark lord she was going to need to be able cast.

She took a deep breath and focused her rune vision just beyond the giants.

Tom and Dumbledore were in some kind of transfiguration battle. The scale just seemed to get grander. From water snakes, to giant phoenixes, to giant stone pillars to those pillars shattering into feathers and those feathers turning into a rain a needles. They seemed to be very focused on each other and not on the battle right next to them.

Jasmine could visualize the battle between Cassie, Sirius, and the Carrow twins. Cassie was dueling Amycus. He was much younger than her, but she was holding her own against him. There was a reason so many people feared Cassiopeia Black. She had a small army of what Jasmine assumed were wasps following her every command as they descended on Amycus. He, in turn, was setting them ablaze with well controlled blasts of fire. Though, with her rune vision she could still see the large welts the insects had left behind. One wrong move and he would be dead from the swarm.

Jasmine doubted that the wasps were the only trick Cassie had been using.

Amycus was limping slightly and a bit of blood pooling underneath him.

The Carrows were always better when they fought together. Amycus was the imaginative fighter out of the two of them. Alecto had the brute magical force of four or five wizards, but the woman had no strategy in battle.

Which would explain the light show from Sirius and Alecto. They locked in what would appear to be a more traditional duel, in the sense that they were firing curses and jinxes at each other, but the speed and ferocity of the spells were what set it apart from an average event. Not to mention the illegality of nearly all of the spells they were using.

Jasmine recognized a lot of them. Alecto was firing off modified contortion hexes, which were used to break spines and necks in some of the most painful ways possible.

Sirius sent a skin melting curse, which essentially cast an acidic blast of magic towards their opponent and anything it touches would bubble, boil and burn away. It was also, a very illegal spell.

Alecto had the upper hand. She was the far more experienced killer out of the two of them and Jasmine wasn't going to let her hurt Sirius. But, out of the three of them, Jasmine had the higher body count.

In the blink of an eye, Jasmine was between them, her dagger was plunged into Alecto's chest. The woman coughed, her spit tinted red as she collapsed to the ground.

Sirius was pale when Jasmine pulled the dagger out of the quickly cooling body. Amycus shouted, distracted by the death of his sister right as the swarm descended. Sirius pulled Jasmine into a hug and kept her from looking towards the wasps.

"Tom said you had been captured. Thank Merlin you're alright, Jazz."

He murmured against her ear.

Cassie let out a laugh as Amycus screamed.

The battle across from them quieted as both Dumbledore and Tom noticed her arrival. Neither of them were sweating, though Dumbledore looked a bit tired.

"Now, who do we have here? Lady Peverell? I thought that I had finally locked you away."

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