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The Haunting Dreams of Dipper Pines

Every night in Gravity Falls, the young twins would do the same routine: eat desserts or any snacks, sugar, sugar, and more sugar in Mabel's case; get in comfy clothes for bed, Dipper in the usual red-orange t-shirt and gray shorts, and Mabel in her purple nightgown; say good nights, and they're out for the rest of the night. Though on most occasions, Dipper would stay up for a few more hours doing his summer readings.

This was one of those rare nights he decided to actually get a good few hours of well earned rest.

Probably not the best idea.

In the middle of the night, he's constantly tossing and turning, tangling himself in his blankets. His face was covered in cold sweat, heart was rapidly beating, and every breath he took was very shallow as if he was suffocating. He tries to wake himself from his inescapable nightmare, grabbing onto his pillows like his life depended on it, knuckles going very white. Unfortunately, something was pulling him back with full force, dragging him back into unconsciousness.


Darkness was what was surrounding him. No Mystery Shack, no Stan, no Soos, no Wendy, no Mabel. Just pure, inky black, darkness. He could barely see anything within two inches, so he wouldn't know if anything was gonna chase him until it's too late. He's usually never afraid of the dark. He didn't mind the peaceful sounds of nightly fairies or the sights of the illuminating moon and the cosmic stars. However, if he were in an incredibly pitch black room with no noise or source of light whatsoever, that would be the time to feel creeped out, which was what he was feeling at this moment.

Dipper slowly walks around, trying his best to avoid hitting anything, if "anything" were even there. If there was a thing or two he learned from watching a few horror movies, complete darkness always leads to bad things, especially jump scares. Camping in the middle of the woods overnight, for example. When one person from the group leaves to go to the bathroom, a creepy clown could jump out, grab them and drag them deeper into the dark forest, never to be heard from again.

Another example would be working night shifts, alone, in a children's funhouse, surrounded by animatronics. After the show's over and everything closes up, the person is left alone to clean up the entire dining area. One moment, they listen to music while washing a little table. The next, they get devoured by the creepy, broken robotic killers.

Haunted houses would be one of the worst places to stay, even for one night. Everything's normal for a little while, but suddenly, somehow, lights would be cut off in every room, phone lines would stop working to avoid any unexpected visitors, and everyone who's trapped in there gets killed in any sadistic way by a living doll.

Dipper shakes all those disturbing images out of his head, only for them to keep coming back, making him feel even more frightened. He knows now that something was going to pop up any second, the same fate happening to him. Three… Two… One…

Nothing happened, but before he even had time to think about what went wrong, a twisted sound of laughter was suddenly heard all around him.


He gasps, knowing exactly who's laugh that was. That high-pitched, shrill cackle was all too familiar to the young boy's ears. That sadistic laugh could only belong to a certain triangle. A certain triangle who made a failed attempt to steal the combination to his uncle's safe. The same triangle who stole his body and used it as some sort of "puppet." This isosceles monster is one of the most powerful demons to ever encounter.

Bill Cipher.

Knowing what happened last time the dream demon dropped by for a visit, he runs as far away from the laugh as possible, not being as careful with the assumed-to-be items as he was before. He can't let Bill take over his body like last time. He can't experience all the pain and aches that he had endured like last time. And he certainly can't let him hurt Mabel at all costs.

He won't

He starts to run out of breath much too quickly, sides and chest starting to burn, and his legs feeling like they could snap at any moment. Hoping with hope that He is no longer around, he stops to catch his breath, leaning forward with his hands on his knees for support.

He didn't get away far enough. The laugh could still be heard clear as day. The same, sick, twisted laugh still rings in his ears.

He stands up, finally getting his breath back. "Why are you here, Bill? What do you want from me?!"

"What? I can't come by once in a while to see how my little.. friend is doing? You must have a big problem with visitors, Pine Tree." Bill says, his voice sounding dark and demonic when he reached the word "friend," then going back to his usual maniacal, chirpy-sounding self.

Now annoyed by his cheery tone, Dipper curls his hands into fists and fights back with a remark. "I have a problem with you being here in the first place! Remember what happened last time I saw you?" Recalling the last event, he felt shivers crawl down his spine. He remembers that very day like the back of his hand. The feeling of being torn away from the physical world. Away from his own body. That day Bill had claimed the said body and had used it for his masochistic pleasures. The cuts and scrapes he left behind for the young twelve-year-old boy to live with.

He then tries to suppress his fear all the way into the back of his mind. Now was not the time to be afraid.

Now only hearing Bill's voice come from one direction, Dipper turns to face where it's coming from. Once he's out of the shadows,- where was the light even coming from?- the triangle is finally within sight, except he's not in his original form.

Another gasp escapes from the young boy's mouth as he takes a few steps back, fear taking over and replacing the initial annoyance at the sight that he never wanted to see again.

Bill was in Dipper's body, wearing the outfit that he used for Mabel's play a while back, a little torn on the arms and torso, stained in dry blood. His hair was messier and also had little bits of dry blood tangled in it. However, the most disturbing part about the sight before Dipper was the sinister look on his face, his eyes glowing a bright yellow with black slits, with his wide smile, teeth exposed. Around his forehead was a small purple bruise, cuts and scrapes were on his cheeks, and his neck was covered in dry blood.

"Bipper" closed his eyes and started laughing. "You mean this?" The possessed body opens his arms, gesturing to himself. He then walks closer, Dipper going back in each step. "Why Pine Tree! I was just playing a little game called "How Much Fun Can I Have With This Body Until It Breaks." All I did was snap a few bones in half! No biggie." He shrugs nonchalantly. "And speaking of fun…" Bipper snaps his fingers, still showing off that creepy smile. Before he could even process the entire sentence, Dipper was stuck in a locked up cage that was barely a few inches taller than him.

The Dipper clone reaches in his jacket pocket and slowly pulls out a small, sharp looking object. Dipper didn't need to ask what the item was by the way it looked.

In Bipper's hand was a knife.

The young boy used as much strength as he could muster to pry the cage bars apart, but alas, they never budge.

"Why not play the game now? And this time, I'll have an audience." Bipper says as he twirls the blade around in his small hands, not even caring that he was already getting several small cuts from it.

Dipper wanted to turn his back to him and tell him "no way am I ever gonna watch you hurt my body, you sick bastard," but something was forcing him to stay right where he is. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't even move his hands off the bars! What's worse is that it burns his face to close his eyes for more than a second! He was still as a statue.

Bipper made a scolding gesture, followed by tsk noises. "Now Pine Tree, where's the fun at that if you're not even watching the show?" Again, that sadistic chuckle. The noise that made Dipper sick to his stomach.

The young boy unfortunately had to watch as his clone raises the sharp object to his own arm. The tip is suddenly brought down, digging deeper into his skin, blood staining the sleeve even more. As he was deliberately cutting himself, the sick, sadistic laugh escapes the demon's mouth, the sound ringing in Dipper's ears. Once Bipper was satisfied, he drags the knife up to the elbow, making a horribly long gash as he does so. After he reaches the elbow, he pushes it in even deeper to the point where he could feel it on his bones.

Having enough of the arm, Bipper then pulls the now bloody knife out of his arm and to the stomach. The young boy's eyes widen, getting an idea on what he was going to do next.

"No! Stop!" He cried, feeling immensely mortified.

Dipper's words fell on deaf ears as the possessed body jerked the knife into the center, splattering blood all around him, laughing at his own pain. The idea of what people would call a hurtful subject being a sheer joy to the demon. Actually living it, however, made it even better. He stabs himself repeatedly in several other areas of the small stomach, making him look like he was close to death. ...Close. Though he somehow still stands like he doesn't have several life threatening injuries.

Dipper trembled at the horrifying sight, his face completely devoid of color, mouth and eyes wider than before. He was still holding on to the bars as if his life depended on it, which it did in a way. The only thing stopping him from collapsing is the invisible force Bipper apparently has on him, making him watch the entire scene before his very eyes.

"Please stop this!" He mentally shouted, not knowing how much more of this he can take, after swallowing the sudden urge to vomit right here right now.

"Oh come on Pine Tree! The grand finale hasn't even started yet." The possessed body says. He was now bloodier than before, his left arm having a long cut from wrist to elbow, the sleeve torn apart. His stomach looked like ketchup was spilled all over it, several holes on the gray shirt. Dipper still wonders how the hell he's still standing. "Don't be such a big baby! It's just blood."

He could barely take it anymore. His entire body was shaking out of pure fright, legs would've given out already if it weren't for the force that's keeping him still. He felt incredibly nauseous from watching what would practically be considered his own torture. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his lunch down. "What do you want from me?" Dipper's voice slightly cracks, holding back tears. Wait, he was getting ready to cry? No, keep the tears back! He must not give in to the demon's game. "Don't let him know you're afraid. That'll only make it worse."

However, he felt like he was about to have a panic attack when the knife was brought closer to his clone's face. His eye in particular. "What I want is for you to not be a wimp and learn to take the pain! It's gonna happen someday, right?" And before Dipper even knew what happened, the knife was slammed into Bipper's opened eye-


A small shriek was heard from the left side of the attic. Dipper jolts up from his laying position, drenched in his own sweat. His hand was grasping tightly to his heart like he was about to have an actual panic attack. Expecting to feel warm blood trickle down his shirt, he immediately pushes his hand out, seeing nothing, but his hand. His small, clean hand. He feels his stomach and arm to make sure there were no gashes or cuts anywhere. To make sure it was all just a horrible dream. To make sure it never happened. He sighs in great relief, knowing none of his injuries were real.

He stays in his sitting position, taking deep breaths, letting them out, and repeats, recovering from his mortifying nightmare. Bill Cipher, the powerful dream demon, suddenly reappearing like nothing ever happened? Was there something he wanted? ...Very unlikely at this moment, not even remembering the flying, psychotic dorito asking for anything. Anything but…

The room suddenly looked very blurry. The young boy leans against the wall for support. He decides that if he wants to avoid the triangle at all costs, he should remain awake for the rest of the night.

How long was Bill going to mess with his mind like what just happened? Dipper had no idea, but he knew that there was no way he was going to leave him alone until he got what he wanted, but the question remains… What did Bill want? The laptop was destroyed, thanks to him, so he has no way of knowing what secrets were hidden in that device. The young boy still has the journal in safekeeping, but Bill hasn't mentioned anything about it. Maybe that was his plan. Keep torturing him in his dreams until he gave access to possess his body again so "he" could destroy the journal, just like last time.

"Well, I've got news for you, Bill. I'm not gonna sleep."

With that in mind, Dipper grabbed a nearby book and flashlight, opened the book, turned on the light and kept himself occupied until dawn.


It was seven in the morning when Dipper sneaked out of the attic, without disturbing his sister, and sat at the kitchen table. He was feeling alright for a while as he was reading his murder/mystery novel, until he was constantly nodding off; on the verge of falling asleep. He suggested to himself that in order to prevent the sadistic dorito from torturing him in his dreams, he was gonna have to go somewhere he won't feel so comfortable enough to doze off.

He officially decided that sitting on a hard wood chair in a room full of food was the perfect place for that. Not only will he be sitting up the whole time, there's also snacks and drinks to give him energy, keeping him relatively awake.

Dipper was taking a sip of his orange juice when he hears slow footsteps coming in his direction.

A few seconds later, Grunkle Stan walked into the kitchen, wearing his red bathrobe over his usual white tank top and green striped boxers. He was ready to start the day off like any other; drink coffee, cook breakfast while his niece and nephew come downstairs to join him, get dressed for work, and so on. What he wasn't expecting was one of the children sitting at the table, already out of bed. What surprised him even more was that it was Dipper nonetheless.

He knows his nephew stays up all night to read, so more likely he'll wake up about an hour after Mabel. He even has days where he sleeps in until noon. The girl would tell Stan that her brother was up really late, apparently losing track of time and was really focused on that book. There were some occasional moments where he and Mabel both wake up at the same time, though the former looking a bit tired- what else was new? So, it was a huge shocker to see Dipper up and about, with no sight of his sister whatsoever.

He walks over to the coffee pot, eyes still focusing on the young child, who was strangely enough in some sort of trance, doing a thousand yard stare. Another thing Stan noticed, as he was making his cup of coffee, was the additional bags Dipper has underneath his usually tired-looking eyes.

"You, uh… doing okay over there, kiddo?"

No answer.

The old conman tries to get his attention again, this time slightly raising his voice. "Kid? ...Dipper!"

The boy in question jumps back a bit, startled when his uncle unexpectedly shouts his name. He looks over to his direction and sees a cranky face with a slight hint of concern. Dipper now realized that Stan was trying to get his attention. "...Y-yes?" He responds quietly.

The old conman raises a brow. "I said 'are you doing okay?' You look like you were having a staring contest with the wall." He says with a small smile and an arched brow.

The young boy looks back down, pulling his cup of orange juice towards himself. "Oh. Yeah, I'm fine. Just stayed up all night reading is all."

Stan scoffs. "Figures. Only you would pull an all nighter over a book." He then takes a sip from his coffee mug, brushing it off as a "not a big deal" situation, and leaves the kitchen.

Once again, Dipper was left alone with his thoughts. As much as he wanted to tell his uncle about the dream he had last night, he simply couldn't because A: he wouldn't take this seriously; and B: even if he did, what can Stan do about it? Nothing. He knows nothing about dream demons or how much power they possess. He knows nothing about what to do when in a situation he's in now: not wanting to doze off into the comforts of sleep because a good dream will surely turn into the worst nightmare he could ever imagine. As much as Dipper wanted to tell his sister about this, he knows there's nothing either Stan or Mabel could do right now. It's probably going to stay that way for a very long time, or until he's either lost his sanity or all sense of reality.

This is the ultimate battle that he will surely lose.


Despite only getting around four hours of sleep, Dipper hasn't had too much difficulty staying awake throughout the day. Granted, this is hardly different from any other day in general; the only difference would be waking up super early. There wasn't much to do while working in the shack aside from sweeping the floor in the gift shop, reorganizing the shelves, and manning the register.

With Mabel gone, he pretty much had the whole attic to himself. Instead of working like she was supposed to, the young girl has been talking on the phone with Grenda for hours, until deciding that they were going to have a sleepover. Thankfully, at the latter's house. Once the Mystery Shack was closed, Mabel barely had time to say goodbye before packing the stuff she was taking and running out the door, clearly in a hurry to leave.

Now that his sister was away, Dipper finally has some peace and quiet, though a little too quiet for his liking. Without Mabel on the other side of the room, it felt odd. He was currently reading the same book from last night, continuing from where he left off before he left the room, as he waits for the right time to go back to the kitchen. Stan would probably get suspicious if he finds his nephew sitting in a kitchen this time at night.

It was getting harder to concentrate on the book now that it was dark outside. The dreams were coming back to him like a car crash. The inability to move on his own will, being forced to watch the slow, agonizing torture happening to himself. He remembers the burning feeling from his eyes when he tried to avoid looking. The blood. The menacing look on his possessed face.

All of that were reasons for Dipper's refusal to sleep.

Ten minutes later, he lets out a stifled yawn, eyes starting to feel heavy. His usual tiredness strangely overwhelming him. Every second, his vision is more blurred, his brain becoming less focused on the story, and his head was feeling heavy weighted. He leans against the wall, unaware that his eyes have fully closed.


Dipper slowly opens his eyes, not remembering when he fell asleep at all, and looks out the window, seeing broad daylight. That must've been the most peaceful slumber he's had since he was a small child.

The young boy crawls out of bed and opens the door, but instead of seeing the second attic room, like he expected, it was the enchanting sight of nature taking its place. The trees are all fully grown, leaves attached to them so elegantly. The sun glistens from above, blanketing the forest with its array of sunshine. The flowing river streaming away into the lake that lies ahead. It was an endearing sight to take in.

"Whoa." He let out in awe at the breathtaking view, not noticing there was a string attached to the outer edges of the attic door after taking a couple of steps. He trips and rolls down into a deep hole he never saw, marking himself in various dirt stains and scratches all over.

He recovers from his fall, sitting up and feeling cold stone from the bottom. When he places his hand on his cheek, he immediately jerks it back, hissing in pain. The ground must've done quite amount of damage on his face, as he could see tiny bloodstains on his hand. Once he looked up, he could still see the sun, only now most of the view was blocked by the round inner walls the hole has created. Wait a minute… There was never a hole in the middle of the forest. At least, he doesn't remember digging up any. He gasps in a horrifying realization. "That must mean…"

"Wakey wakey, pains and sufferings, or whatever it is that humans say to get themselves going. Am I right, Pine Tree?"

"B-Bill?" Dipper says, suddenly finding it harder to even speak. He was suddenly lightheaded, and could feel his rapid heartbeat pounding in his chest.

The demon in question walks, or floats into the light, visible to the world. The good thing is that he's no longer in his "Bipper" form, but instead, he's back into the triangle he is, top hat and everything. However, he appears to have nothing in his hand. Nothing to cause self-harm, or any harm, thankfully.

The dream demon shrugs. "Of course it's me! Who else could I be? Tad Strange? But enough reintroductions, let's play a game, shall we!"

The young boy backs up into a dirt wall, cornering himself as Bill gets closer and closer, the feeling of dread growing from the pit of his stomach. Dipper knows all too well what "games" Bill plays. "Y-you're not gonna force me to w-watch my own death again, are you?" He says, voice cracking.

The flying dorito waves a hand off. "Nah. There'll be none of that, though it does sound like a lot of fun! Good thinking, Pine Tree! But no. I've got something else in mind, so why don't you…" He trails off as he slowly brings his hand down, Dipper realizing that he was somehow decreasing the temperature throughout the forest. "...Chill out for a bit!" Then, he lets out that ear-piercing chuckle, amused by his own pun.

Dipper violently shivers from the freezing cold, sliding down to the colder ground and hugging his knees in a futile attempt to get himself warm. "W-w-why are you d-d-doing this to m-me?! W-what do you have t-t-to gain?" His voice was constantly shaking even more thanks to the sudden weather change, his teeth chattering almost every other word.

Bill rolls his eye in slight annoyance and sighs. "How many times must I say this until it's drilled into that big head of yours: you being in pain is funny! It's almost as amusing as pain itself. The point is: I like to see you suffer!"

The temperature then decreases even more, making it feel much less than 30 degrees. The young boy hugs his knees tighter, shivering more, his bare hands and feet starting to feel incredibly numb. With the way he was currently dressed- t-shirt and shorts- he was definitely going to freeze in such little amount of time.

If only Mabel knew where he was. If only Grunkle Stan knew where he was. If they were out there finding him, then somehow, in some way, they could defeat this sadistic monster together, and go back to the way it was before Gideon summoned him a while back. Going monster hunting, listening to Mabel's crazy antics, watching Ducktective on lazy days, finding out about more mysteries of the weird town known as Gravity Falls.

The last thing, Dipper thought, was probably how he got into this mess in the first place. He was so desperate to know who the author of the journals was that he literally sold his physical form to the devil. "The journal…" The very item that lead him into wanting to know more about this town. The thirst for knowledge that then lead to finding out about the secret bunker the author supposedly built, which lead to the laptop, which then lead to the password, and finally leading to…

Dipper shakes the thoughts out of his head and then concentrates on looking for something to at least give him some warmth. He looks around and finds two decent sized sticks laying several feet away from him. He gathers what little strength and energy he had to crawl over and grab the hard, thin objects before succumbing to hypothermia.

Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough. As soon as he grabbed one of the sticks, the yellow triangle levitates both of them high out of the young boy's reach, the latter losing grip, and face planting on the cold hard ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you trying to get these? Here, let me help you with that." He mocks, feigning innocence.

His "help" was nothing more than morphing the two sticks into clear, ice-cold water, and letting it fall on Dipper's head, making the child even colder than he already was. The excess water was dripping down his neck and trailing into his shirt. To make matters worse, a sudden breeze blows by immediately afterwards, followed by heavy snow, which is already covering up the ground Dipper was sitting on.

"There, now you look even more ridiculous with a wet head." The triangle chuckles as he floats up to the surface. "Well, Pine Tree, I'd love to stay and watch you crumble to your own frozen, decaying death, but I've got business to attend to. Catch you on the flip side!" He bid farewell, taking his hat off and putting it back on only a second later. Then, just with a snap of a finger, the dream demon was gone.

Dipper was expecting himself to wake up from his supposed nap, but nothing was happening. Nothing except his body being overwhelmed with the freezing cold blanketing his bare arms and legs, his pajamas barely being of any use to give him protection. His head was helping much less being covered with freezing water. Why hasn't he awoken yet? This couldn't really be happening, despite the fact that everything was filled with color while Bill was around, and not the usual gray and black. He's not really stuck in a cold, snowy hole where no one can find him, right? He must be stuck in this dream and his subconscious isn't ready to wake up. "Yeah. I'm gonna be awake any minute now." He waits for a second, and to speed up the waking process, he reaches a shaking hand to his side and pinches the best he can with his numb fingers.

Nothing happens, though he can barely feel his fingers against his side.

"T-t-this can't be h-hapening.." He mutters to himself, already accepting defeat. This was all a reality. Somehow, his bedroom was magically moved from the top of the shack and onto the ground in the middle of the forest. He really did trip into a hole that somebody apparently dug up while he was asleep. And of course, heavy snow happened to drop by, in the middle of goddamn summer! Thanks, Bill.

Speaking of snow, it seems that his uncle isn't even bothered that not only has the weather suddenly changed right out of the blue, but there was also the fact that his nephew has suddenly gone missing. There's not a search party or anything to indicate that a family member has not been seen all day. This clearly shows how much his uncle cares for his well-being. He appears to not be concerned that Dipper, his family and blood, is getting closer to death as time ticks by. It seems that Stan would only care more about Mabel because in several ways, she's more like himself. She has his creativity, his wants to spend time with family, and she's just developing his criminal experiences, which, in her case, was cheating or lying. She was more naïve to the supernatural comparing to her twin brother. It was Dipper who's the oddball out of the three, so he should have to suffer the consequences. Because of his intelligence, because of his thirst for knowledge, and because he simply doesn't fit in.

Distant footsteps was heard. Somebody was out here. This was it. This was the opportunity to be rescued. Somebody's gonna get him out of this hole, ending the frozen agony Bill caused. Dipper looked up and used as much strength as he could to speak up. "H-h-hey! H-help-" he barely had his own voice until breaking out into a series of coughs. He must keep what little voice he has together or else it would be all for nothing.

Whoever was out there must've heard his extremely quiet call. The footsteps were getting closer. He's saved. What's even better was that, once in eyesight, the young boy can see that this person was one of his best friends.

"S-S-Soos. I'm s-s-so glad you're h-here." He says in utter relief as he reached a shivering hand up to him so the handyman could grab a hold, but he did no such thing. He wasn't even looking down at the young, freezing twelve-year-old. Couldn't he see that one of the children was out in the cold, and barely dressed at that?

"S-Soos?" He slightly lowers his hand, worry climbing it's way into his brain. Soos, one of his most trusted buddies, was ignoring him like he wasn't even there. Sure, he was acting like his usual optimistic, innocent self, but he showed no relief of any kind. Just acting like it was his usual day while holding a shovel in his hand, singing a song he made up.

"Doo do-do-doo! Burying this gigantic hole." His musical number was soon abruptly interrupted by the oncoming wind. He shivers and zips up his winter coat, blocking any cold from his body. The handyman then resumes his work with a casual comment, "Sure is freezing out here. Kinda strange considering it's the middle of July. Oh well." He shrugs, digging up a pile of snow, and throwing it into the hole, not taking notice that the young child is yelling out in protest.

"S-S-Soos! S-stop!" Dipper weakly shouts. Unfortunately, his cry for help falls on deaf ears. The snow was now covering the entire lower half of his body. "Soos. Y-y-you g-gotta g-get me outta h-here." His shaky calls get weaker and weaker, the hypothermia slowly catching onto him, followed by the unconscious state, leading to death. With one final, desperate attempt to get Soos's attention, he quietly says, "S-Soos…," before the snow officially covers his face, leaving him in the eternal, frozen darkness.


"AAAAAHHHHH!" Dipper screams from the top of his lungs, jolting up to a sitting position with wide eyes, his face and chest covered in cold sweat. His heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. To make sure that whatever happened in his dream did not just happen, he rubs his arms with his hands. The lovely feeling of… feeling. He shivers, suddenly feeling cold. He covers himself with his blanket, restoring warmth.

He guesses it's a good thing Mabel wasn't here, freaking out right now. She definitely would've been on his case, demanding answers until he finally gave way. She would sit on his bed, asking what's wrong. He would tell her about his bad dream as she rubs gentle circles on his back, reassuring him it was just a dream. It would be like that for awhile, then they would both go back to sleep, feeling a lot better. Last time he had to be consoled by his sister was a couple years ago. That night, he dreamed that everyone in his class were ventriloquist dummies, except for himself. He walked into the classroom, and everyone was giving him a sinister look, even the little puppet version of Mabel. He tried to leave, but it was too late. Everyone surrounded him and dragged him into the halls of doom.

Ever since then, he had a childhood terror of puppets. Helping Mabel with her show had made him slightly uncomfortable. But being possessed by an all-knowing dream demon, having him throw the body around like a ragdoll has gotten him really jumpy. That day had brought the haunting puppet dream back into his mind.

Yes, he still gets some nightly comforting from his caring twin sister. Mabel, on the other hand, simply meows herself to sleep when she gets nightmares. Back in Piedmont, the young boy would wake up to the sound of cat noises, thinking somehow, their cat clawed through the door and into the room. He would look over and see her toss and turn, making meowing noises. Occasionally, when she looked like her nightmare was getting worse, he would walk over to her side of their shared room, sit on her bed, and comb her hair with his fingers. It usually helped, along with her frightened meow noise.

He remembers that Mabel is not here right now. She's at her friend's house. He has to calm down all by himself, which he had done quite a few times on dreams like the ones he's experienced for two nights straight. He was also getting older, so he needs to take care of this by himself.

For two nights straight, Bill has been torturing him in his sleep. Sleep: where one is most vulnerable. For two nights straight, Dipper couldn't even think of sleep as a good thing anymore. All he could think of when the words "sleep," "rest," and "shut-eye" register in his head, he thinks of the traumatizing things that the psychotic dorito could possibly plan for him. Whether it be turning inside out, gouging your eyes with a spoon, or scraping the bottom of your foot on a knife, it will happen to him.

But why? Why is Bill doing this to him? As he stated in his dream: "I like to see you suffer!" Was there more to it than that? Or was he really a sadistic asshole and was seeking entertainment by mentally scaring someone? Of all people to mess up, Bill chose him: "Pine Tree." Now another questions remains: How long will this last before Dipper starts to become insane himself. It was a scary concept to think about, but what else was there to do?

"I can't keep doing this." He thinks to himself. He needs to try harder to not fall asleep. Keep track of the time so he could go to the kitchen instead of reading to stay occupied. Once he's distracted, he loses focus and falls asleep a few hours later. Normally, he would be completely in favor of reading, but when his life is on the line, or his sanity, in this case, reading would have to be for another time.

Looking down at his opened book, he picks it up, closes it, and sets it on the nightstand next to him. As he did so, he looked at the clock, which read "2:30 a.m." He sighs in exasperation as he got out of bed. Now would definitely be the time to go to the kitchen.