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3rd Person

"So are you gonna jump or what?" Stan wondered.

Eddie stood at the edge, looking down into the water below. He gulped at how far down it was. "No way. That's too far."

"What, you're scared? C'mon Eds!" Richie exclaimed.

"I'm not scared, I just don't really feel great." Eddie sighed. "And don't call me Eds!"

"Sissies." Bev scoffed, taking a running start before leaping off the cliff and landing in the water below. Ben jumped in next, followed by Mike, Stan and Bill. Soon enough, the only ones left were Richie and Eddie.

"You can jump. I'm gonna go home." Eddie muttered, grabbing his clothes and throwing them on over his suit.

"Are you ok? I thought you loved the quarry." Richie asked.

"It's- I'm fine." He said, almost forcing the words out of his mouth.

"Prove it." Richie stated. "Smile for me." Eddie flashed him a fake smile. "No, not like that. I want a real smile." He demanded. Eddie raised an eyebrow, looking at Richie.

"I have to go. My mom wanted me home over an hour ago." Eddie mumbled. Richie's eyes widened.

"Shit, dude your mom is gonna kill you!" He exclaimed. Eddie nodded in agreement. "Wait, maybe if you call your mom saying that you were sleeping over my house she won't be as mad. Is that any better?" Richie blurted out.

"That might work, but I still need to call her. C'mon, let's go." Eddie agreed, hopping onto his bike. Richie threw on his shirt and pulled his jeans on, all while running with his bike to catch up with Eddie.

"Eds wait up!" He yelled. Eddie turned around, looking at Richie. His bike suddenly stopped, and Eddie fell off his bike, crashing into a tree. "Fuck!" Richie exclaimed. "Are you hurt?" Eddie reached back behind his head, gingerly touching the spot where he had hit the tree. He removed his hand, and Richie saw it was covered in blood. "Eds?"

"F-fanny pack, b-bandages, p-p-peroxide." Eddie stuttered, eyes wide and unblinking. His breathing was becoming more and more unsteady. "Y-you've gotta c-clean it u-up, I-I can't see it." Richie found the bandages and hydrogen peroxide, and also took out his inhaler too. Richie held it up to Eddie's mouth, and pressed the button. His breathing evened out, making Richie sigh in relief.

"Calm down, you gotta trust me enough to hold still." Richie frowned, looking at the gash. It didn't look too bad, it was circular in shape and not too deep. Richie took a deep breath before pouring some peroxide onto the cut. Eddie winced, squeezing his eyes shut. Richie wrapped up his head around the cut, tying the knot loosely so he would hurt Eddie any more than he was already.

"Are y-you done?" Eddie questioned.

"Yeah Eds. And it didn't look too bad, just so you know." Richie smiled. "So is that sleepover still on?"

"Fuck, I need to call my mom! She can not find out about this!" Eddie exclaimed nervously.

"Well, since your bike is pulverized, you can ride home with me." Richie offered.

"Um, sure. Just don't crash into anything!" He laughed. The two of them hopped on the bike, and rode back to Richie's house. "Can I use your phone?" Eddie asked. Richie nodded, desperately trying to clean up his room.

"Hi mom. *pause* Yes I'm fine. Can I stay over at Richie's tonight? He invited me to a sleepover- before 1, got it." Eddie sighed, putting the phone down. His mother was too protective, and it was embarrassing a lot of the time. "Hey Rich, I'm staying!"

"That's great, Eddie Spaghetti! Wanna watch some movies?" Richie wondered.

"Sure. And don't call me that!" He whined. Eddie sat down next to Richie, and they watched a couple of movies. By the time the last movie was over, both boys had fallen asleep. Richie had his arm around Eddie, who was curled up against him. Eddie snored softly into the crook of Richie's neck. They slept like that for the entire night, and when Richie woke up, he didn't move Eddie. He pet his hair, adjusting the bandages, waiting for Eddie to wake up.

"Eds? Hey, I gotta pee, can I move you?" Richie asked.

"No." Eddie mumbled, sleep lacing his voice. "Stay."

"I'll be right back, I promise." He pleaded. "I'm just gonna move you."

Eddie opened his eyes, squinting in the light. "As long as you come right back."

"What, you think I won't?" Richie scoffed, gently picking up a tired Eddie. "Why wouldn't I come back to my Eddie Spaghetti?"

"I don't know. Just be quick. And don't forget to wash your hands, with soap." Eddie demanded. Richie placed him back in the warm spot where he had been sitting. He walked out, on his way to the bathroom. When he finished, Richie left, but turned back to wash his hands. And, may I add, he even used soap! By the time he had gotten back to the couch, Eddie had fallen back asleep, the soft snores escaping his mouth.

"Oh, Eds. How are you so adorable?" Richie sighed, knowing Eddie would never know how he felt. Richie thought he hid it pretty well. He had known he was gay for awhile, but he wasn't going to come out to anyone. Not for a long time.

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