Morino Ibiki was having a bad day. It happened to everyone at some point. He had a desk full of paperwork, the beginnings of a head cold, Maito Gai visiting, and a prisoner to interrogate. Altogether, the usual terror people felt in his presence had increased exponentially. Normally that would assist his performance in the interrogation room, but not for this prisoner. This idiot was the son of a visiting diplomat, and had stolen a valuable necklace from a woman he had slept with. He was also high as a kite. Ibiki wished the Uchiha hadn't gotten themselves killed. This should have been the MP's job.

So now he had to get information from someone he couldn't physically harm. Not the first time he had done it. Sadly, the idiot was too high for any typical psychological techniques. Ibiki was also on a timetable. The diplomat was kicking up a stink about his little angel (thieving, spoilt brat) being in trouble. Also, Genma had told Gai that Ibiki seemed a little ill. If Ibiki didn't finish in the next two hours, Gai was going to drag him off to be mother-henned.


"Okay you little fuck up, normally, I would almost feel sorry for this. Right now, I can't be bothered." Ibiki opened the door. "GAI! Get in here!"

Almost instantaneously, Konoha's Green Beast was in the room.

"This boy has been most unyouthful and immoral. Explain to him how to make better life choices during his 'springtime of youth.'"


It was the first time Ibiki was happy to see the unbreakable sunset genjutsu.