10 years later

harry was in bed sleeping when he heard his door start banging and pertuna yell "get up harry."

a couple minutes later he heard banging above him and dudly yell "wake up harry we're going to the zoo." so harry got up and put his glasses on and opened his bedroom door for it to suddenly slam close on him and he held his head in pain and walked out of his room and went into the kitchen.

when he walked in aunt pertuna said "why don't you make breakfast and try not to burn anything." so he started cooking.

when he finished he went over to uncle vernon and put it on his plate when he said "get my coffee boy."

"yes uncle vernon." he replied with anger in his voice.

just then dudly counted how many presents he got when he said "how many are there."

"36, counted them myself." vernon replied.

"36, but last year i got 37." dudly yelled at him.

just then aunt pertuna said "how about this we'll buy you 2 new presents how's that." dudly nodded so they started eating.

later after eating breakfast they went outside to get in the car when uncle vernon pulled harry away and said"if you cause any trouble any at all you will regret it big time ok." harry nodded so they got in the car and drove off.

when they got there and got inside they looked at all the animals. when they got to the snakes and when they got to one that was sleeping dudly said "make it move!"

so vernon slammed the glass with his hand and said "move!"

harry looked at them "it's asleep." he said agitated.

"it's boring."

when they walked away he looked at the snake and said "sorry about that. they don't get it to be stared at and harassed." just then the snake looked up and blinked so harry asked "you understand me." and the snake nodded. harry thought of a question and asked "so where are you from." the snake then looked down and then looked back up and looked to the side so harry looked and said "i never new my parents as well."

just then dudly shoved him out of the way and said "look the snake's moving." harry then looked angrily at him and then the glass dissapeared and dudly fell in.

then the snake slithered out and said "thanks."

harry looked shocked but said "anytime." so the snake slithered away hissing at people and everyone screamed in fear. just then uncle vernon and aunt pertuna arrived and screamed and ran to where dudly fell into. while they were screaming harry was laughing to himself when vernon turned and saw him laughing.

later that day when they got home vernon was holding harry by the hair yelling "what happened!"

harry then yelled back "i swear i don't know one minute the glass was there next it wasn't it was like magic!"

veron then threw harry in his room and said "there's no such thing as magic." and then he locked the door.

later that day thay were eating when they heard something so aunt pertuna said "harry go check what it is." harry nodded and walkid to the door and oppened it and saw it was mail and got it and brought it to the table reading who they were for when he saw his name and was shocked but gave the other 2 to aunt pertuna and uncle vernon.

when he started opening his dudly saw and started running and grabbed it off him while saying "he's still got one."

harry then said "that's mine."

uncle vernon then said "who would right letters to you." and turned the letter around seeing a simble and pertuna, vernon and dudly all looked at harry.

for days after he got that letter vernon has been burning and cutting up letters that were for him. one sunday morning they were sitting down eating biscuits when vernon said "fine day sunday and why is that dudly."

harry was the one who answered "because there's no posts on sunday."

vernon looked at harry and said "right you are harry. no postposts on sundays no posts on sun..." before he could finish a letter flew right at him and he gasped, just then the house rattled and a bunch of letters came flying in and everyone was screaming except for harry who grabbed one and ran off but vernon saw and yelled "give me that letter!" and grabbed onto harry.

harry was struggling when he said "it's my letter!"

when vernon finally grabbed the letter and said "where going away, far away where no one will ever find us."

dudly then said looking scared "daddy's gone mad hasn't he."

so after that thay packed up and left and got on a boat and wen't to an island in the middle of the ocean. once they got settled in it was nighttime and they went to bed while harry was still awake. harry was drawing lines on the ground when he stopped and said "happy 11th birthday. make a wish harry."

just then the door banged and harry jumped up and looked at the door then the door banged again and again until it burst open and everyone ran and started hiding when someone walked through the door with an umbrella. then the guy got in and you could tell he was taller than most people and he said "sorry about that."

just then vernon got a gun and said "leave immediately, you are braking in." and then he pointed the gun to the guy.

the guy then walked forward and grabbed hold of the gun and bent it upwards and vernon shot, shooting a whole through the roof. the guy then went towards dudly and said "blimy harry i only saw you as a baby but you've gotten big especially in the middle."

dudly then said "i'm not harry."

"i am." harry said

the guy then said "well of course you are." then he remembered something and got out a cake and gave it to him "it's a little squashed but it's something, it's not everyday you turn 11." harry grabbed the cake and put it on the shelf behind him.

harry then desided to ask "who are you?"

"i'm rubeus hagrid keeper of keys and grounds of hogwarts. well you already know of hogwarts." hagrid said looking at harry.

harry then said "what's hogwarts."

hagrid looked surprised and said "you don't know, didn't they ever tell you, you're a wizard harry and a very powerful one at that."

harry looked shocked and said "i can't be a wizard, i'm just harry, just harry."

"well just harry, have you ever done something you can't explain when you were angry or mad" harry looked at hagrid surprised and hagrid had a smile on his face. hagrid then saw dudly eating the cake and aimed his umbrella at dudly and done something to make dudly have a pigs tail.

vernon and pertuna screamed and dudly then screamed and ran out of the house. harry laughed and looked at hagrid and he whispered "don't tell anyone i did that by the ministry of magic's rules it's illegal." and he started walking out of the house and turned to look at harry and said "well come on, unless you want to stay of course." so harry started walking out of the house and saw a moterbike and they hopped on and hagrid said "hold on tight." and the bike flew off into the night sky.