after about 2 minutes of floating in nothing harry appeard in some sort of forrest. when he got up he noticed that he looked like the thing from his vision so he got off the ground and looked to see if he can find a building or something, what he found was a giant castle in the distance.

harry started walking towards the castle, when he got there he noticed a lot of people in a group surounding something. he walked to the group and asked a person just standing there away from the group "why is everyone in a group like that."

"there has been a death at the school nd that's where he died." the guy said sou ding scared.

harry looked at the big doors to he assumed was the school when they opened and someone came outside saying "someone has used the killing curse on this student we ask you to stay indoors at all times." it was a male and he saw he was whispering something to himself but he could just make out the sound "i need him dead." and he walked inside once again.

harry walked towards the dead corpse and saw it had no blood or markings on him and got curious as to how but ignored it. harry went inside and heard someone yelling "you will not get away with this headmaster, i saw you do it, i saw you kill him, you coward."

"bring him to my office now!" the headmaster said angrily and walked off.

harry looked confused and saw a student standing there and asked "why was he accusing that guy for may i ask."

the kid looked at him and replied "well students here have been hearing screams of agony ever since this new guy became headmaster after dumbledore went missing. name is draco, draco malfoy by the way what's yours."

"harry, harry potter nice to meet you." and they shook hands "so why doesn't anybody do anything about it i mean he is maybe killing these students or letting it happen."

draco replied "everyone is too scared or doesn't beleive in this conspiracy, me personaly i think there is something much darker at play then everybody thinks. whatever it is it's deadly and should be destroyed soon, anough talk come i'll show you around."

i know it's been forever but it's finally here chapter 9 of desolation of two worlds see you in the next chapter.