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Defending Sirius Black – Side Stories

Chapter 1: Sirius and the Longbottoms

Frank and Alice Longbottom were at the Three Broomsticks Inn to drink their sorrows. They couldn't believe how easy it was for them to believe Sirius Black would betray the Potters or that his defenders had ulterior motives to get him out of Azkaban and didn't really doubt his guilt.

To make matters worse, Sirius Black was just then entering the place. "Why, why. Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom. Are you looking for Death Eaters hidden here or are you just drowning your remorse?" The Dog Marauder maliciously asked.

"I suppose I deserve that, Sirius." Frank confessed.

"Auror Longbottom, we weren't on a first-name-basis last time we talked." Sirius commented, not forgetting how the Auror reacted the last time he called him 'Frank'.

Both Frank and Alice winced at this jab. "Yes, we understand you're upset at us for not believing you but the evidence was so strong." Alice pleaded.

"Really?" Sirius asked in disbelief. "I've read the transcripts of the hearing where Crouch tried to have the Dursleys declared unfit guardians for my godson because they believed in my innocence. Several people understood the doubts but the both of you closed their minds to them. I thought we were friends."

"And I thought you'd be at home watching over Harry Potter." Frank commented.

"I've got an elf to watch him while I'm out." Sirius dismissed Frank's concern.

"Sirius… Mr. Black, I know it might take some period of readjustment, but we could try to mend bridges." Alice suggested.

"Ha." Sirius scoffed at the idea. "I'm not even willing to rejoin the Auror force. That's how disgusted I am at the fact nobody there would stand up for me. I'll never forget the hateful eyes." He then bought some sweets, a butterbeer and left.

"Well, it could've been worse." Frank commented.

"Really?" Alice asked in disbelief. "How come?"

"We could've been attacked by Death Eaters." Frank explained. His wife wasn't amused.

End chapter.