Chapter 3: A Grieving Mother

While the Wizarding War made Peter Pettigrew's mother understand to a certain level there was a chance her son would be killed, it wouldn't diminish her sadness once it happened. Especially when his death was at the wand of someone he considered a friend. Her only comfort was Bartemius Crouch's reassurance that, to keep Sirius Black from cheating his way out of Azkaban, he'd be denied a trial. However, it was a short-lived comfort as a Gringotts letter informed her that, because the people questioning Sirius Black's guilt are doubting her son really died at that explosion, the money he had in the bank, along with what he inherited from James Potter, was being recalled from her vault and taken back to his.

Outraged, she went to Gringotts to complain. There, she approached a teller. "How may I help you, wizard?" The teller asked without looking to see if the person approaching him was a wizard or a witch.

"I want to see a goblin in charge of inheritances." Mrs. Pettigrew asked and was directed to the inheritance office.

"As it was explained in your Gringotts letter, Mrs. Pettigrew, the people challenging Sirius Black's guilt are questioning your son's death so, until that doubt is settled, Peter Pettigrew's vault contents will remain sealed." The goblin she was directed to explained.

"Yes, I've read about the Ministry being forced to give Black a trial because Harry Potter's muggle relatives are issuing doubts but that part must be an exaggeration." She commented. "Why wouldn't Peter let people know if he survived the explosion?"

"The muggles believe Peter Pettigrew was the Potters' real betrayer and caused that explosion to fake his death and escape justice." The goblin explained without mincing his words. "There's nothing I can do until the Ministry issues a ruling or the rest of Peter Pettigrew appears either alive or dead. The muggles' doubts regarding his death are based on the fact not enough of his body has been found at the murder scene."

Knowing better than that to make a scene at Gringotts, she went to ask for Headmaster Dumbledore's help. "I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot help you." He humbly stated.

"Can't you talk to the muggles and make them see reason?" She pleaded.

"Ha." Deputy Headmistress McGonagall scoffed. "The muggles don't care about that. They just want someone who'll take Harry Potter from them."

"Then I'll take Harry Potter in so they'll no longer defend that murderer." Mrs. Pettigrew declared.

"Harry Potter must live with the muggles no matter what and I'm certain they have the best intentions and don't understand sometimes there's no hope the accused is innocent." Dumbledore reassured her.

Being eventually convinced not to try to take Harry Potter in, Mrs. Pettigrew waited for the trial where she was forced to hear Sirius Black shifting blame to her son. The sadness from seeing Black's 'trick' eventually getting him out was small compared to when her son was indeed shown to be alive and exposed as the real culprit. Depressed, she returned to her house, never to be seen alive again.

End chapter.