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Harry has inherited a heraldry seat in the Wizengamot. To learn what is to be expected of him he searches for help, but what he gets is much more.

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Dear Mister Potter

We are delighted to inform you, that by your 21 birthday you will be appointed to the heraldry seat of the house Peverell in the Wizengamot.

Should you not be able to take the seat in person you are to name a proxy until the 21.08.2001 otherwise you are expected in the halls on the 31.08.2001 at 6 pm.

High regards,

Mme. Henskin

Wizengamot Administration Service

Harry read the letter once more. He what? How could he sit in the Wizengamot if he didn't new a thing about it or general politics in magical Britain? Sure, he knew what was going on and had in fact quite good relations to the Minister of Magic himself, but still. He hadn't expected something like that when he had learned of his true inheritance a few months after the war.

It had been quite a shock to learn about the assets of his family and the legacy of the Potters. Gringotts had actually proven his legacy of Ignotus Peverell and had named him the sole heir since the last heir of the other brothers, namely Tom Riddle, had died without naming an heir. Thus the Potter vaults and the Peverell Vaults have been combined into one monetary vault and two separate heirloom vaults giving Harry access to the biggest fortune in Britain.

Now apparently the inheritance of the Peverell line had also given him a heraldry seat in the Wizengamot. A heraldry seat, in contrary to the normal elected seats, were the twelve seats of the founding families of the Wizengamot created by Merlin himself. Although back then it had been called the Wizarding council of Avalon.

And now, barely ten days before his 21th birthday he learned that he was about to be pushed into the machinations of politics.

Harry slumped into his chair and stared into his office. This was not exactly how he had envisioned his live to be after the war. He had expected to be married to Ginny by now, enjoying his life with his best friends Ron and Hermine, training to be an auror and what's not. But it all came quite different when he had returned for his final year at Hogwarts. Sure he was still befriended with Ron and Hermine although the reality had cut quite a blow to his relationship with Ron.

Ron had expected to be welcomed at the Auror force with open arms right after the war without any NEWTS at all, to be worshiped as a hero and to live of his fame to be a part of the 'Golden Trio'. The reality had been quite the contrary. The head auror had refused to accept any applicant without the required NEWTs, namely E in Defence against the Dark Arts; E in Potions; E in Transformation; E in Charms and A in Herbology (in case of more than one O at he other subjects, otherwise Exceeded Expectations as well) thus forcing both Harry and Ron to get back to Hogwarts for their final year. And although all three of them had become more than just famous in Britain, the fame had not helped ether of them to any monetary values other than the bounties of Voldemort and a few other Death Eaters, the tree had shared with one another.

The schoolyear had brought many changes as well, the biggest one was surely Harrys breakup with Ginny. Harry had recognized that Ginny only saw the hero figure 'Harry Potter, the man-who-conquered' instead of the person Harry himself thus breaking up with her after four long months into the schoolyear. That breakup had created another big argument with Ron, creating many problems in the relationship of the two friends.

The last but not least rift in the friendship had been created by the results of the NEWTs, giving Harry access to the Auror training, while Ron's grades in Potions and Charms being to low to grant him the job he wanted, creating a big jealousy that nearly destroyed the friendship all together.

Within the first year after the graduation from Auror training, four month ago in fact Harry had decided to quit at the Aurors having to many nightmares and flashbacks from the war and previous encounters against dark wizards, namely Voldemort, while working on criminal cases.

He was still registered as Hit Wizard, something like a reserve warrior in case of emergency's while training as Warmage under an German master, Jonathan Hausmann.

A Warmage was the title of a master of combat magic such as Defense against the Dark Arts and the Dark Arts themselves.

Warmages were rare and were employed all over the world in special cases were their expertise was needed.

The only reason no Warmage had been employed in the war against Voldemort had been the arrogance of the British Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore's own.

Normal jobs of Warmages were sidelong missions with Curse breakers when any kind of heavy combat was to be expected.

Harry had gotten the Apprenticeship due to the recommendation of the head Auror in the Dark Force Defense League (which surprisingly really existed and was like a Guild for European Aurors and Warmages) were his master had accepted him as an apprentice. The first two years were mainly self-study where he learned and trained various spells from the books his master had given him. After an intense test he would accompany his master onto missions around the world with additional learning in between. After another two to four years Harry would be ready to take his mastery to become a full-fledged Warmage.

Harry had thought about doing something completely different but figured out that fighting was really the only thing he was really good at. Maybe he would someday consider becoming a teacher himself but for any real teaching profession, practical experience was necessary.

This was the momentary situation Harry had been when the post arrived. Sitting in his office, reading new spells.

Now he had a new kind of problem, he didn't new anything nessecary about the Wizengamot, Hermine was on vacation for another seven days and even then. Hermine wasn't exactly an expert on magical etiquette. Quite on the contrary, if the few balls they have been on, were any indication.

No, he needed someone to teach him how to act among those politicians to make any difference in the magical world. And Harry new that this was an opportunity he shouldn't waste.

Sadly the only person he knew who had been on the Wizengamot was Neville's grandmother who had died of old age last fall. Neville himself might have known a thing or two but since the Longbottom seat was not heraldry and Neville had no interest in politics none so ever, he didn't expect his friend to be much of a help with this problem. Especially since Neville was traveling around the world right now to gain experience for his own mastery in Herbology.

So his first step was to look for the other families with heraldry seats, surely the library of Peverell manor had any references about them.

Peverell manor, Harry smirked when he thought about the name of the old house, he was currently living in.

While it may not be a pretentious mansion like Malfoy Manor, it was quite big on his own. Harry had learned that it had at some point in time been called 'The Deadly Mansion' due to the vast lands, were many Thestrals were living. The Deadly Hallows might have contributed to the haunted image of Peverell Manor in the outskirts of Godrics Hallow as well.

Harry had previously not been sure whether it was a good idea to move here but after two years he had to admit that he did felt at home here. Besides, the alternative would have been Grimauld Place and harry did not want do have anything to do with that haunting house any more. He had lived there for the first few weeks after school until the restauration work at Peverell Manor had been completed but had fled the house as soon as it had been safe to move here. Too many bad memories were connected with the old Black townhouse.

After a few weeks, Harry had accepted that the manor was too big for him to take care of, while training to become an auror so he had, of cause without telling Hermine anything about it, acquired a house elf, Felix, to help him with the house.

Felix was a pure joy to live with. He was extremely young for an elf, merely five years old and really enthusiastic about helping his master Harry. Luckily Felix had no weird speaking patterns nor any self-harming tendency's, so it was easy to forget that the elf was technically Harrys property. Felix had refused to take any monery compensation and was highly disturbed when Harry had offered him to free him.

"It is an elves greatest shame to not be bonded with his master!" the elf had declared.

Only weeks later Harry had learned that it was mortally dangerous for elves to not be bonded with a witch or a wizard since their magic was originated from a symbiotic bond with the wizard. The elf got magical power form the wizard and the wizard got the elves servitude in return. Even Dobby must had had any kind of bond, presumptively with Harry, to survive.

"Hm let's see… - Ah here. 'The wizarding council of Avalon'. … Founding procedure… souvereignty of the council… ah here it is: founding members of the council, page 45."

"The original members of the wizarding council were the 12 strongest magical families in the kingdom of Avalon:

-Black -Mac Dougal -Ravenclaw

-Bones -Ollivander -Runcorn

-Greengrass -Peverell -Stratfort

-Gryffindor -Prince -Slytherin

They were supervised by the Warlock Merlin Emris, creating 13 seats of power in total, corresponding to the 13 seats of the Knights of the round table with king Arthur as 13th member."

"Ok, here we are. Sirius was the last son of the Black family leaving the monetary assets to me.

Susan Bones is still in the hospital after her injuries of the war had reopened in school, so she is out of the question.

I think there was a Greengrass in my year in Slytherin, she might be worth contracting.

The Gryffindor family has been extinct for centuries.

MacDougal sounds familiar but I don't know who to address there, so this would be a last case reserve.

Ollivander died on his injuries shortly after the war without any heir.

I think Professor Snape was a descendant of the Prince' but otherwise the name doesn't ring a bell.

And Ravenclaw, Stratfort and Slytherin have been extinct for ages, well Voldemort had been a descendant of Slytherin but well.

Runcorn had been a Death Eater who was captured half a year ago, so there is no chance in hell I'm going to be taught by him.

Well that only leaves Greengrass and MacDougal and since I don't know the name of MacDougal, I'll have to ask Greengrass for help."