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The emergency wing of the Konoha Hospital was in an uproar. Doctors and nurses scrambling in and out of the room occupied by the boy the Leaf's finest recovered that morning.

Looking through the room window from the hallway, Hiruzen watched the doctors operate on the unconscious child. They'd set a cast for his broken arm, and wrapped bandages around his forehead, leg, and anywhere else the bleeding was profuse.

His ribs were cracked, straining Gohan's ability to breath. To provide his lungs with a sufficient amount of oxygen, the doctors hooked him up to a ventilator.

The Hokage saw that the boy was grievously damaged, but he wasn't in life-threatening condition.

Ironically, that fact worried the old man.

The Hokage walked away from the ICU window, leaving the three Anbu he assigned to guard the new arrival's door. They'd be ready to turn the kid into a pincushion if he showed the slightest sign of aggression upon waking.

Walking into a waiting room around the corner, the Fire Shadow was anticipated by the four Jonin that'd recovered the boy.

"Hokage-Sama," Kurenai started, "will the boy be alright?" Kurenai had been the one to carry Gohan back to the village.

A slight nod of his head answered her question. Hiruzen's eyes traveled between the four Jonin, "You say he was caught in the center of the blast?" he asked.

"Dead center." Asuma confirmed for his father. "There's a strong possibility that he may have been the one to cause it."

Sarutobi's eyes narrowed, "If the boy was indeed the cause of that explosion, then he may possess more power than even our most elite of Jonin."

"That energy was potent enough to wipe out at least a quarter of the village," Kakashi cut in, "his power easily rivals that of a jinchuuriki."

"This makes him dangerous." Sarutobi stated the obvious, "There is no telling what village he may be from. Until Inoichi returns, we are dealing with a wild card."

"Who knows," Gai started cheerfully, "if he's with one of our associates, he could prove to be a very powerful ally."

"Or an extremely dangerous enemy." Kurenai added grimly. "Despite his condition, there's still no telling how quickly he could find the strength to attack us if he's a foe."

The Hokage took a second to think things over, "Did any of you come across any more abnormalities in your search?"

Kakashi spoke, "Buried in the dirt we found some sort of armor." The silver haired jonin jabbed his thumb towards a cloth covered apparatus lying in the corner of the room by a couch. Hiruzen approached the strange article of clothing to get a better look at it. He noticed that whatever it was, if someone wore it, it would would provide quite a bit of protection to their shoulders, thus giving it the appearance of armor. The cloth that covered it would flow down the persons back… like a cape.

"Not enough protection to be considered armor." The old man said.

"Whatever it is, it weighs a ton." Asuma said.

"Or a few." Gai added, "It took myself, Kakashi-kun, and Asuma-kun to lift it and bring it back to the village."

Even that put the old man on edge. If the boy did indeed wear that, then just how strong could he have been physically?

Kakashi noticed the unease the Hokage was displaying, "Lord Hokage, what do you-"


All eyes went to the halls as the sound of glass breaking, shouting, and physical activity erupted.

A Chunin dashed into the waiting room, "Lord Hokage, he got out!"

"What?!" The old man barked in disbelief, yet already knowing who "he" was. Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai were in just as much shock.

The five ran out into the hallway to see that all three of the Anbu that had been guarding Gohan's room had been neutralized with a with a swift beatdown. The glass window that allowed view into the room was shattered, one of the Anbu getting knocked through it and into the halls.

Gai helped up one of the Anbu who'd managed to stay conscious, "I'm so sorry Lord Hokage, the kid moved in a blur, I could barely track hi-." the bird masked Anbu said.

"Where is he?!" Hiruzen ordered.

The Anbu pointed down the hallway, where at that moment a doctor rushed around the corner pointing down his hall, "Out the front door!"

Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai pulled kunai,

"Friend or foe," Kakashi said, "I guess we just got our answer."


With no energy to fly, Gohan ran through the streets of Konoha. Or he tried to. The damage to his legs, ribs, arm, and his borderline nonexistent amount of energy made running unimaginably onerous.

First the teen had to destroy a bio-android bent on world destruction, then he had to wake up in some place he had no ideawhere, with none of his friends around, and deal with three creeps in animal masks pulling knives on him for no reason?

It was hard to believe all of this was happening to him within' a one day timespan.

The citizens that saw the demi-saiyan coming quickly avoided him, not wanting any part in the commotion that the boy was to bring with him.

Sensing danger, the son of Goku turned and looked up to see two figures running along the rooftops at breakneck speed.

"Shoot!" He grunted as the figures leaped down from the rooftops and over him. He noticed they were also wearing animal masks.

He immediately hit the ground and spun a kick into the first Anbu that neared him, the speed at which he spun being too fast for the older nin to track. The Anbu received the top of the boys foot into his chest and was knocked into a nearby restaurant.

Gohan got to his feet and begun running again just as the second Anbu touched the ground.

Feeling more tired than he knew possible, the demi-saiyan could tell the Anbu was quickly catching up to him.

Using his survival instincts, the saiyan ran to an upcoming food vendor cart, one that was wooden and about as large as a car. He looked at the owner who stood on the opposite side of the cart,

"Please forgive me for this." He begged with a bow. He grasped the underside of the wood with his fingertips, and threw the cart at the Anbu like it weighed nothing.

Barely jumping out of the way of the cart in its entirety, the Anbu was still hit by one of the large wooden wheels once the cart smashed into the ground and blew apart. The blow knocked him unconscious.

Gohan fist pumped victoriously with his one good arm, ignoring the cursing merchant, before sensing four more energy signals very close by and quickly coming his way.

Weaving his head to the side at the last possible second, the son of Goku dodged a kunai that'd been thrown at him. The blade stuck into a wall behind him.

Whoever threw the knife had great aim and a powerful throw, he noticed, because that knife moved as fast as a bullet, and had the demi-saiyan not had the reflexes he had, that knife would have hit him in his head.

Not that that would have killed him, but still.

Now huffing and puffing, the son of Goku ran into a back alleyway. Knowing his luck would run out sooner or later, he found out just when.

It was now, because he'd hit a dead end in the form of a building wall. Too weak at the moment to simply punch a hole through the stone, he was trapped like a rat.

"Oh man." He dreaded. Senses on high alert, he grabbed a lid from a nearby trash can and held it like a shield in front of himself, the three 'chinks' of metal ringing in his ears from the kunai that stuck into the lid.

He lowered the lid to see four Jonin; Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, and Kurenai standing at the entrance of the alleyway.

"End of the line, kid." Kurenai said coldly as the four advanced towards the demi-saiyan.

Gohan gripped the trash can lid tightly enough to warp the metal. He didn't want to hurt these people, he honestly didn't. He'd even gone out of his way to non-fatally harm his other attackers, even though they'd been the first one's to show hostility.

But, the pre-teen still had the strength to throw this lid, hard enough to take off one of their heads, even… if he needed to.

Gohan mentally sighed, because he wouldn't do that; for moral and tactical reasons.

If, hypothetically, he killed these people, he'd still be out of energy, and he'd still be running. It was pointless.

"I *huff* really, really *huff* don't wanna hurt any of *huff* you." Gohan said as he took a step back. They probably wouldn't care.

Kakashi gave a slight shrug, "All evidence to the contrary."

'Figures. They think I'm the bad guy here.' Gohan thought as his head lowered. He held out the lid, making the four jonin get into defensive stances, before he did the unexpected.

He dropped it right in front of them.

Knowing that act alone wouldn't be enough to convince them, and being on the verge of passing out from exhaustion again, he did the only other thing he could do. He looked at each of the adults in the eye.

At this, the four elite jonin stopped. As shinobi, they'd been trained to see through deception. The boy's act of dropping the trash can lid could have been written off as him surrendering because he was outnumbered, but, the way to truly tell someone's intentions, were through their eyes. The boy's, while exhausted, showed they were pure. The lack of tension in his muscles told the Jonin that the boy was ready to take whatever attack they threw at him, if that would prove his virtue.

As the jonin holstered their weapons, the boys knees grew wobbly, Kakashi and Gai each grabbing the boy by an arm before he could pass out again.

"We're trusting you, don't make us regret it." Gai said to Gohan as the boy nodded, eyes closing and a small smile crossing his face in satisfaction.

Once his friends found him, this whole mess would get sorted out. In the meantime, he'd just have to be at these people's mercy.

Hopefully that wouldn't be so bad.



The cries of a grieving mother resonated from the ancient sky temple.

The Z-Warriors, Bulma, Chi-Chi, the Ox-King, and Android #18 had gathered on the Guardian of Earth's lookout. The dead half-saiyan son of Bulma lay in front of the steps that led to the entrance to the sky temple.

The dragon balls lay gathered in front of the group, glowing and pulsating rhythmically like a heartbeat.

Bulma consoled the crying Son woman, who'd just received word of her husband and what she'd been led to believe was her only son's death.

"What, the hell, happened?!" Bulma grated furiously at the Z-fighters. Despite her anger, a part of her knew it wasn't completely their faults. She'd watched most of the fight as it was broadcast live on T.V worldwide. It was Goku who'd been the one to make the call of putting his own son up against Cell, knowing full well the risk.

Yamcha was the one to answer his ex-girlfriend, "We don't know Bulma, when Gohan overpowered Cell he got swallowed up by his own ki."

"By the time we got back to the battlefield, he was gone." Tien said sorrowfully.

"Yeah," Krillin confirmed, "But what happened with Gohan's ki was weird." He got everyone's attention, "It was-"

"It doesn't matter what happened." Piccolo said, interrupting Krillin, "If Gohan's dead he'll be brought back with the Dragon Balls." The Namekian frowned, "It's just a shame he had to go through this."

He nodded to Dende, the little Namekian quickly raising his hands for the summons,

"Eternal Dragon. By Your name I summon you forth," The orange balls stopped pulsing, and glowed blindingly with a steady light, "Shenron!"

At the dragon's name, the evening skies darkened.

Lighting and thunder crackled from the heavens below the lookout. The balls exploded into a light so bright and intense, that everyone shielded their eyes.

An inhuman roar echoed over the sky temple, making the blonde Android who hadn't experienced the dragon before, shudder in fear.


A pillar of light shot out from the Dragonballs and ascended into the sky, twisting and coiling for miles and miles until it took on finer details, like green scales, fish-like whiskers, and blood-red eyes. The three fingered clawed hands began to form next, before a near-blinding light exploded off the dragon.

Shenron, in all his eternal glory, loomed over the temple. Despite its prodigious size, the eastern-style dragon was only visible to those on the lookout. Looking over those who'd summoned him, the dragon boomed,

"You, who have summoned me, speak your wishes so I may return to my slumber!"

Yamcha was the one to speak, "Shenron, we ask for you to revive everyone who was killed by C-"

"Word this carefully Yamcha." Krillin cautioned. They couldn't afford to leave anyone out because they screwed up the wording.

"Right." The ex-desert bandit said, "Can you revive everyone good who was killed before and during the Cell games?"

"That, can be done!" The dragon's red eyes glowed.

Bulma immediately looked to her future son's body. The hole that'd been blasted through his chest was sealed up, and color began to return to his once pale and clammy skin.

Trunks was revived.

Bulma left Chi-Chi's side and went to Trunks's as he stirred awake.

"M...Mother?" He said as he opened his eyes, recognizing the woman crouched next to him.

With a small smile the Briefs woman said, "It's good to have you back with us son."

Trunks sat up to see the other's gathered at the lookout, and the eternal dragon looming over them all. He was in awe. It'd been the first time he'd seen the dragon after all.

It was then he noticed, "Where's Goh-?"

"Damnit!" Piccolo roared, "I can't feel neither Goku or Gohan's energy."

"What!? You're telling me I won't be getting my husband or my baby back?!" Chi-Chi wailed as her father, the Ox-King, tried to console her. The woman wanted answers.

"That doesn't make sense," Tien said, "Goku was wished back before so it's reasonable that he wasn't brought back, but why not Gohan?"

"Because the one you know as Son Gohan, is not dead." Shenron said, eliciting gasps from almost everyone.

"What!? How!?" Yamcha exclaimed in disbelief, "We saw him die!"

"That matters not to me, all I know is that I can not find Son Gohan in the afterlife."

*Wait!* A familiar voice chimed in everyone's ears.

"G-Goku!?" Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi exclaimed.

*Now's not the time,* Goku voiced, *What happened to Gohan?!*

Krillin spoke to his best-friend, "We don't know buddy, when he overpowered Cell he got caught in the blast of his own ki... We assumed he'd been…" He did want to finish that sentence.

*Well, he's not here at the Check-In station. So Shenron isn't wrong. Do you guys have any idea what could have happened?*

A silence from the Z-Warriors was all Goku got as an answer.

Bulma thought for a moment, before she turned to Krillin, "Tell me exactly what you saw."

The bald man began to recite what he'd already told Bulma minutes earlier, and then some, "and then we saw lightning shoot out of the dome. Which," he scratched his chin, "doesn't happen normally. After that, and what's just as strange, is that instead of fading out like our ki does, it's as if it began to shrink in on itself, and vanish."

Bulma began thinking, putting her fingers to her chin as she did. "Just how strong were those Kamehameha's?" she asked.

Piccolo answered, "Cell said his was strong enough to wipe out the entire solar system. Gohan had to match that."

Bulma's eyes went up, "This might sound crazy, but…"

"But what, woman? What are you thinking?" Vegeta asked.

"Yeah spit it out already!" Chi-Chi ordered.

"Can you both relax?" Trunks asked.

"I'm thinking," Bulma said irritably, "that, as crazy as this sounds, that with that much energy concentrated in a single area, well, it would have to go somewhere. And whatever matter was surrounded by that energy, probably got taken with it."

"Somewhere like?" Tien asked.

Bulma turned to Shenron, "Can you find Gohan anywhere in our world? In our universe even?"

After a brief pause, "No, I can not."

"Aw, shit." Trunks said as he put two and two together.

"Aw, shit, is right." Bulma said dreadfully, her biggest fear realized.

Chi-Chi approached the two Briefs desperately, "What, what's going on? Say something?"

"Gohan certainly isn't dead," Bulma said in hopes that she could calm the woman, "but, he isn't in our world, or apparently, not even our universe."

"You've gotta be kidding me." Yamcha groaned. He turned to Shenron, "Can you find Gohan anywhere?"

Growing irritable, the dragon boomed, "No, Son Gohan no longer occupies this plane of existence." His eyebrows furrowed, "And my patience grows thin, state your second wish!"

"Just hold on a moment." Bulma begged. She turned to the group, "If Gohan isn't dead, and he's not in this plane of existence, then this whole situation just got a lot more complicated." Her eyes narrowed, "Gohan may have gotten sent to a whole nother dimension."

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem." Krillin said, "The dragon can bring the dead back to life, he should still be able to bring Gohan back." He turned to Shenron, "Right?"

"Potentially, yes." The dragon said, "But I must warn you, there are a near infinite number of worlds beyond your own. I do not know which one your Son Gohan resides. There will be no telling how long it would take for me to find the correct one. At best, it could take at least a millenium. At worst, an eternity."

Although saddened, Bulma understood, "It'd be like finding a needle in a universe filled with hay."

*So we can't use Shenron…* Goku realized. *Dende, contact the Namekians, tell them to wish me back.*

"Yes sir!" The little Namekian said.

Goku then spoke to his wife, *Chi-Chi, don't worry, I'm coming home.*

The woman sniffled, somewhat happy. She'd have her husband back at least.

"Make your final wish now!" The dragon demanded. If they didn't, he'd be going to sleep for the next six months.

"If anyone has anything to wish for, make it." Piccolo said, eyes lowered to the ground.

Krillin's eyes went to #18, "I have one. Can you make Androids #17 and #18 human, turn them back into the people they used to be?"

The blonde Androids eyes widened at the short man's act of kindness towards her.

"That I can not do. The Android's power far exceeds my own."

Krillin frowned, "Well, can you remove their bombs, at least?" he asked hopefully.

"That, I can do!" Shenron's eyes glowed. #18 could feel a weight in her chest disappear, "I have removed their explosive devices. I bid you farewell."

And the dragon was gone in a burst of light. The Dragonballs themselves lifted into the sky of their own accord and then scattered to different corners of the earth. The sky cleared, and everything was back to normal.

#18 blushed before passing Krillin a side glance. With a snort, she shot off into the sky and off the rooftop.

Krillin sighed in disappointment. Tien patted his shoulder, "You tried." was all he had to say.

Trunks turned to Bulma, "Mom, we can't just leave Gohan out there. You're smart enough to build a Time Machine, I know you can come up with someway to help bring him back."

The word 'time machine' lit a fuse in Bulma's head, "That's it!" She snapped her fingers, getting the others attention. She turned to her son, "Trunks, your Time Machine breaches space and time in order to travel, right?"

The son of Vegeta nodded, "Yeah, yeah it does." He smirked, knowing exactly where she was going with this.

Bulma turned to Chi-Chi, "You have anything with Gohan's DNA, like a comb with his hair?"

"Yes!" Chi-Chi answered, her heart warming at the hope she'd been brought.

Punching her palm in elation, Bulma faced the group, "I think I know just how to bring Gohan back everyone, and it'll involve Trunks' Time Machine." Before anyone could object, she continued, "Think about it, Trunks proved that Time Travel operates on the multiverse theory. He breaches space time to get to us when he travels. If I can make some adjustments to it, I can modify it to not only travel through the different timelines created through his travels, but breach the extra-dimensional barriers between our world and others!"

"That's… genius Bulma!" Tien said in astonishment.

"But how do we find Gohan?" Piccolo asked, "We just sit back and hope Trunks gets lucky when he picks a world? If he isn't, he would be in the same predicament Shenron would if we sent him."

"That's why I would need a sample of Gohan's DNA." Bulma said, "With it, I could put together something that could trace him to whatever world he wound up in." She laughed, "If I can make a dragon ball locator, that shouldn't be too hard."

"How long would it take you to make!?" Chi-Chi desperately asked.

"Some weeks." The blue haired woman turned to her son, "If you'd be fine staying here for that long."

Trunks nodded, "Yeah, but you need to let me take care of business in my own time, first. Shouldn't take but a second from your perspectives."

"Absolutely." Bulma said. "It sounds like we have a plan everyone!"

Whoops and cheers came from Yamcha, Krillin, Dende, and the Ox-King.

*I knew I could count on you Bulma, thanks a lot!" Goku told his first friend from the afterlife.

The son of Vegeta knew he'd be the one to journey on this expedition. Though, he didn't mind. He owed his fallen master that much.


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