We walk down the crowded street, gawking at all the activity. Vendors call out their wares, newsboys shout headlines on street corners, and everywhere people talk and laugh. "We should find someplace to stay before dark," Dmitry says to me, scanning the streets. I nod, looking around too. Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me. "'Scuse me, miss. Care ta buy a pape?" I turn around to see a newsboy with dirty blonde hair and dirt on his face holding out a newspaper. "No, thank you," I answer politely. His eyebrows raise at my accent, and I blush, suddenly self-conscious. "You new here?" he asks, his words thickened by a heavy New York accent. I nod, and he turns towards another newsboy selling on a corner opposite him. "'Ey Romeo! Get over here!" The boy across the street looks up, then quickly crosses to our side. I suppress a giggle as I realize that this boy has the same name as my childhood horse. "What's wrong, Race? I was just about ta sell a pape!" The other boy, Race, rolls his eyes. "Sure, kid." Dmitry nudges me with his arm, a confused look on his face. "Что происходит?" "Они спросили, хотим ли мы купить газету," I answer, and turn back to Race and Romeo, who are looking at us with confused expressions. "He wanted to know what was going on," I translate, and Race nods before turning to Romeo. "Rome, where's that boardin' house where Jack lives?" "34th street, I think," Romeo answers, before turning to me and shrugging. "It ain't fancy, but it's clean and our buddy Jack seems ta like it." I smile at him, then turn back to Dmitry, who's watching our exchange intently, looking perplexed. "Они сказали, что поблизости находится пансионат," I tell him, and he nods, giving the boys a small smile. "Thank you," he says, one of the few phrases he learned while we were living in England. The boys nod, before turning away and going back to selling their newspapers. I smile at Dmitry, taking his arm as we continue on our way, bound for a boarding house on 34th street.

Что происходит?-What's happening?

Они спросили, хотим ли мы купить газету-They asked if we want to buy a newspaper.

Они сказали, что поблизости находится пансионат-They said that there is a boarding house nearby.