After a rough day at work,Nick finally made it home. As he walked through the door, he could see his wife Judy coming towards him.

"Hey honey." said Nick. Judy giggled and kissed Nick on the cheek."Alright Carrots, I'm just going to be laying on my bed." said Nick.

"That's good." said Judy. Nick walked into the bedroom and hopped right on the bed.

"I see you." said Nick smiling .

Judy's smile turned upside down as she looks at Nick sleeping on the bed

"Do you wanna have kids?" asked Judy. Nick got up from bed quickly with eyes widened in shock and cheeks blushing

"Wait what." He went.

"I said do you wanna have kids?" asked Judy.

"Oh well ,do you wanna work on that tonight or tomorrow or..." said Nick in wonder. "But how would that work?" asked Judy .

Nick turned completely silent as he looks into Judy's bunny rabbit eyes.

"I mean your a fox and I'm a rabbit how would it work?" asked Judy to Nick sadly. "Oh I guess we could go to the doctor's and see." said Nick. Judy turns to him ."You're the best Nick." said Judy to him.

"You're the best ,too ,Judy." said Nick as they hugged each other."Now let me sleep on that bed." joked Nick as he hoped on the bed.

"Alright you ,Silly Fox." said Judy.