The 9 months had past by. Judy was about to give birth. Nick drove Judy to the hospital with Susie and Randy in the backseat. They got to the hospital and Judy was in the delivery room giving birth. Nick,Susie and Randy were in the waiting room. Minutes had past by while Nick, Susie and Randy were waiting, when the doctor came out of the door and said to Nick "You can come in now."

Nick went with Susie and Randy to see Judy in a hospital bed , holding a small pink blanket. Nick,Susie and Randy went close to the baby to see what it looks like. It appeared to be a orange bunny with very long ears. When she opened her eyes, she had was one purple eye on the left side and one green eye on the right side.

Nick lifted his head up to Judy!"What's her name?"

"Samantha." answered Judy.

"Hello Samantha." said Nick to Samantha. Samantha giggled. Nick gave his wife, Judy,a kiss on the forehead. Then, he rubbed Susie and Randy's heads. They both of looked down at their baby, Samantha . Then,they looked at each other and giggled. They finally got the family they wanted and EVERYONE was happy. Choosing to love won.

The End