August 1990

Audrey turned and stared at the monitor. On the fuzzy screen, she could vaguely make-out the outline of her baby. She saw it's head, one of it's hands, and the tiny fluttering of it's heart. Instantly she knew deep in her heart that she had made the right choice in not following her mother's advice in getting the abortion. She knew this wasn't John's child. She knew what had happened hadn't been a dream. that looked like Cooper had come to her. She could only remember fuzzy blurred memories of that afternoon. The discomfort, the pain, the pressure, and creaking of the plastic headboard of her hospital bed. She remembered the pain, and how distorted she felt as she stared up into the dark direct eyes of the man she truly believed she had loved. When he slowly spread her legs, and knelt on top of her, she suddenly knew this wasn't Cooper. The moment he pushed forward, laying his weight against her and entering her she knew this wasn't any dream. No, this was real. This was a living nightmare. She remembered faintly crying, wanting so badly to push him off, or scream for the nurse. Instead she was frozen. He roughly cupped her breasts as he began roughly thrusting into her. This wasn't anything like she had dreamed of. No, in her fantasies Cooper was her knight. He rescued her, and made love to her gently, and with ease. This was the opposite. It was cold, and hard, and lifeless. She remembered drifting in and out, hearing the beeps of the monitor, before he grabbed her hand, squeezing it and stiffening. She felt him empty himself inside her, and that's when she blacked out. When she woke two weeks later she believed it had been a dream. She had been badly injured, and honestly didn't know for certain if what had happened was in her mind or not. That was...until a few months later when she took the home pregnancy test and discovered the truth. At first she wanted to run to her parents who she was currently not speaking to. She wanted to get the sheriff, and somehow tell them she had been attacked. That Cooper before he vanished had come into her hospital room and raped her. But it wasn't Cooper. It looked like Cooper, but it wasn't. It was some awful man that wore a mask that looked exactly like the man who broke her heart.

She believed maybe somebody had assaulted her and her fragile mind made up that it had been Cooper to cope. She had tried to figure out where he went, even so much as keeping tabs on his whereabouts. But at the moment, he was gone...without a trace. Here she was, nineteen and pregnant. Her mother believed it had been John's, who had been a lovely distraction from her heartbreak over knowing Cooper didn't care for her like she did for him. She had seen him with Annie Blackburn, a girl just a few years older than her. She suspected it was because of her innocence he was attracted to. Audrey remembered so desperately trying to explain to him that she never slept with any of the men at One Eye Jacks. That she was still a virgin, and despite how she acted she wasn't anything like Laura Palmer or her father. That she wasn't just some pretty spoiled brat. Instead, she watched even after he admitted that she saved his career as well as maybe his life towards the Blackburn girl. Her heart crushed, she decided to distract herself with proving something else to another man. Her father. She wanted to show him that she was capable and could take over the family business one day. She had officially dropped out of school, and was actually really making a name for herself since her father recovered from his breakdown. Even the staff was starting to respect her. The future for the first time seemed hopeful...all that was missing was Dale. John had been wonderful, and they had made love. Still, they had used a condom he had. It had been slightly uncomfortable, but nevertheless, something special. She kept expecting him to offer her to leave with him. Just fly away and forget it all. Instead, he kissed her goodbye, and left. She hadn't seen him since.

Audrey knew this baby wasn't his. No, John as good of a man as he seemed was gone. It was the man who wore Cooper's face that had fathered this baby. She wanted to badly to tell them the truth, but neither of her parents would understand. She knew her mother couldn't stand her, and her father had only been interested in her for what she could do for the hotel. He had acted concerned originally after her accident, blaming himself for her being there that day at the bank for protesting the Ghostwood Estates. Still, in the weeks following as she recovered at the hospital he seemed distant. As if he had other things on his mind. Finally one day Donna Hayward visited her, all the while she was getting skin graphs on her upper arms, and back. Her mind kept drifting back to the assault, wanting so badly to rip these IVs out that were clouding her mind and memory, and try to make sense if it really had happened.

They had spoke, and at the end Audrey lost all respect for father. When she got home, still recovering, and given an at home nurse for the following months, she had followed her mother originally who was in the process of divorcing her father. Audrey suspected this had to do with what Donna had told her while she was in the hospital, and when her mother tried to air everything out in the open, she stared up with exhausted eyes and simply explained she no longer cared. Donna had left town, her father had divorced her mother, and now her parents were finally after years of a miserable marriage were separating. Her mother was moving into one of the new townhouses on the edge of town with Johnny and his own caretaker. Audrey stayed with them for just a mere two months, where she had taking physical therapy, and still slowly recovering from her injuries. Durning this time she learned that John Wheeler had become engaged down in South America. Oddly enough, Audrey didn't care. All that smooth talking and romance had been for nothing. She wasn't speaking to her father, who was still trying to repair their relationship. When she found out she was pregnant, she knew this was her chance. She would rip away from her parents who she knew didn't love her, and start finally trying to lead a new life. She remembered taking the home pregnancy test she had paid her nurse to pick up for her behind her mother's back. Of course in no time her mother found out before she could make her first appointment and ranted and raved. When the pregnancy was confirmed her mother tried to reason with her, telling her if she honestly didn't care that John had moved on, then why not termite the pregnancy? She was still young and had her whole life ahead of her. Why ruin it all? Instead she ignored her mother's pleads, and thought of those faint fuzzy images of the man that looked like Cooper on top of her, his eyes dark like a doll's as he entered her. She was so tempted to tell her the truth of what she suspected, but instead she decided she had enough. She used her savings, and gained access to several accounts that had become unfrozen shortly after her 18th birthday. It wasn't much, but enough to get by. She originally wanted to start off completely free from any ties of her father, but knew if she intended to keep this pregnancy, she needed something to start off with. Using that money, she rented a small apartment in town, and began making appointments for herself. She planned on giving birth, then finding a way to get her GED, even if that meant taking night courses. She wasn't exactly certain what she wanted to do. Maybe something to do with business.

She knew her mother had been half right. Being a mother was a huge, one of the biggest responsibilities ever. Still, what did her mother know about raising children? She had her staff do that for her and Johnny. No, she was going to be different. She would work all day and night if possible, but she would make a life for herself and her child, no longer relying on her family's money and name. She was going to break free from it all, and live her own life. She would have this baby, and be the best mother she could be. Then...she would wait. If the real Dale Cooper returned she would be here waiting. She would have this baby, and pretend that it was Dale's. Maybe it was, maybe somehow...someway... Her doctor smiled warmly before asking if she wanted to know the sex? Lifting her head, she looked at the monitor as the nurse moved the paddle across her swollen perfectly round stomach.


She smiled with excitement. The doctor nodded as the nurse moved the paddle across the slimy gel that had been spread over her skin. Pressing the paddle slightly more into her stomach, the doctor squinted at the screen before smiling and pointing.

"Ms. Horne, it appears you're having a little boy."

Sitting up stunned, Audrey looked at her baby on the screen and couldn't believe it.

"A boy?"

The doctor nodded smiling telling her she would print out a copy of the ultrasound for her. Staring at the screen in complete wonder, Audrey felt tears of happiness form behind her sparking blue eyes. She wasn't exactly sure how this child had been conceived, but she was going to make damn sure, she would be the best mother possible for him.

2014 - October

"Three people have given me coordinates to that place. Two of the coordinates match. What would you do Richard?"

Mr. C asked, turning towards his son. Richard, for the first time in years actually looked scared. He stood there, staring up at the large boulder sitting on top of the tree. The only light came from the truck behind them, which made an creeping cast of shadows among the tall milk grass. Looking at his father's dark eyes, he spoke as a child would who is hesitating, not wanting to anger the elder.

"I'd check out the two that match."

"You're a very bright young man, and we're very close to the two that match. It says it's right up there."

Richard stared up, staring at the massive rock and suddenly felt a heavy pit in his stomach.

"We're going up there?"

"Yeah, we're going up there right now."

Slowly, Richard and Mr. C began walking, straight up the steep hill, walking through the grass. Following him, Richard thought of all those years he vowed revenge after hearing what this man had done to his mother. How quickly things fell apart after she left, and the accident just a few years ago with Linda. On the ride here Cooper had answered Richard's questions, driving straight ahead, showing zero emotion at all. Richard sat in the passenger seat, on edge, his ribs and stomach sore, and his temples pounding. He drove at first in silence through the back roads, ignoring Richard's blue eyes staring at him with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Finally, he glanced at him and asked him what he wanted to know. Richard swallowed hard, still staring at him before trying his hardest to put on his tough face. The crazed one that had helped him get by over the years. He stared, eyes narrowing.

"You're Dale Cooper."

Mr. C continued driving.


He answered flatly. Richard sat up straighter.

"You knew my mother?"

Cooper stared forward, gripping the wheel, driving down the dark country road.


"Did you rape her?"


Richard felt all the blood fall out of his face. He sat there stunned, almost too stunned to even think right. He had overheard his grandparents arguing shortly after his mother took off about the claims she made before he was born. The ones they had been so careful to cover up and dismiss. Now after all these years, his mother's story was confirmed. Here was the man she had kept a photograph of. The man he had faint memories of hearing her pray to late at night. The man he had tried to hard to track down and find, wanting to know the truth. Now here it was, right here...finally out in the open. Richard wanted to reach forward, grabbing that bastard and beating him to holy Hell. He wanted to make him feel just an ounce of pain that he had suffered over the years. His face crumpling, he glared at him.

"You did?"

Mr. C kept driving, calm as ever, driving forward.

"Yes...I gave her what she had been after ever since we first met. I take it that resulted in you."

Richard felt his heart pound, his vision nearly blurring. He wanted so badly to kill him. Shifting in his seat, he gripped the handle bar of the door hard enough to break it.

" did."

Mr. C glanced at him with little to no interest.

"What's your name?"


Richard said barley above a whisper. Mr. C looked at him again briefly before staring forward.

"You look like your mother. Where is she?"

"'s a mental hospital. She suffered a breakdown awhile back...because of you."

Mr. C smirked.

"Is that so?"

Richard began to breath heavy, his ribs screaming from getting beaten up earlier.

"You had a knew about her?"

"No, sister?"

"Half, her name was Linda...Annie Blackburn was her mother. She's at another mental hospital..."

Mr. C glanced at him.

"What happened to her?"

"What always happens, you knocked them up and they went insane. What do you think? She went fucking nuts, her sister Norma raised Linda."

"She dead?"

"Accident two years back...she...was everything to me."

"Now that's a shame. Well Richard. If you listen to be, and do exactly as I say...maybe I can make it possible for you to see her again."

"That's impossible."

"You saw what happened to Ray back at the farm didn't you?"

Richard's eyebrow twitched, staring unsure at the man he now had learned was in fact his father.


"Well, never say never. Now shut up, we're almost there."

Richard sat back, too stunned to even talk back. Instead he sat staring, in complete and utter disbelief as they turned down another long winding road. Now here they were, in the middle of this dark field, walking upwards with the promise of maybe a second chance. Richard wasn't completely sure if this man was telling the truth, but at this exact moment he felt there was no other choice.


Dr. Weber stood in front of Norma, Shelly, Becky, and Richard. They were at the hospital, and it was nearly midnight. Dr. Weber had taken over from Dr. Hawward after he retired. Rubbing his neck he shook his head.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't able to save the baby."

Norma closed her eyes as Shelly gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth as Becky squeezed her mother's arm. Richard meanwhile just stared, an outside from the group. Dr. Weber looked at them ashamed shaking his head.

"She wasn't very far along when the accident happened. I believe the internal injuries were too much, and he just didn't develop properly. He was stillborn, his lungs weren't fully developed either. We worked on him for almost forty-five minutes."

Richard ignored this news, he couldn't have even care less. Instead he cleared his throat, and glared at the man who had promised everything was going to be okay.

"How is she?"

Dr. Weber's focus changed to Richard before he slowly shook his head.

"I'm sorry son, you know she was brain dead since the accident. Mrs. Jennings signed the DNR form months ago and after the delivery she flatlined..."

Richard blinked.


Norma opened her eyes, her face stone set, yet heartbroken in the silence. She swayed for a moment before Becky turned and took hold of her weeping softly. Richard shook his head, knowing he hadn't heard right.

"I'm her fiancé' I didn't know about this stupid fucking form!"

"Mrs. Jennings was on her emergency contact form, since she was unable..."

Before he could finish, Richard shoved past him violently, nearly knocking him over. He thought he heard him tell one of the passing nurses to call security. All sounds blended together as he walked forward, shock setting in, unable to believe that after all of this his Linda was dead. No, this couldn't be possible. He was Richard Horne. He had money, plenty of money. He had been talking to that useless asshole of a grandfather of his and he had promised he would talk to these specialist to transport her to Mass General. They had neurosurgeons that could help her. No, this was stupid. He wasn't about to believe that after all of this, she had died on the table delivering the baby he knew was going to kill her. The baby that had ended up dying after all. Walking forward, he ignored calls to him as he turned to the OR room on his right. Shoving the door hard enough to slam, he froze. He saw Linda laying on the delivery table. Oxygen machines still hooked up to her pale lifeless body. Face crumpling, he felt the icy rock of his heart ache. Walking in a trance, he saw they had covered her up. Blood was on the floor. Ignoring everything, he stood before her and looked down. She looked as if she was just sleeping. Her eyelids a faint blueish purple, her long lashes closed. Staring down at her, he slowly reached down and cupped her all ready cold face.

No, he wasn't going to let that stupid old hag let her lie. Shaking his head, he shoved a mental table away that fell over with a loud clang. Shaking his head, he laced his hands together and began pumping down on her breasts. Her tiny body bounced from his compressions, as he started to whack her in the chest, trying so badly to do CPR. He counted, bangs hanging in his face as he shook his head.

"Come on baby, open your eyes! Breath! Just breath!"

He counted again in his head.

One...two...three. One...two...three.

He continued pumping down, working up a sweat before he he felt two large arms grab him from behind. The orderlies tried dragging him away as he screamed and started to fight them.


He screamed as they lifted him up with little to no effort, just as the security guard came in and started pulling him away.

2014 October

A few days before Richard Horne came face to face with the man who he believed was his father, he was walking the thin line of a full fledge mental breakdown. Something that had been building since his mother had left years ago, and after Linda's accident. Things had gotten worse since she died, and since then Richard had fallen into a terrible dark abyss of self abusive behavior. He had always been dangerously close to the edge, but it had been Linda who kept him sane. After he lost her, things just started to fall apart. His temper got worse, as did the drugs, and his run-ins with the local police. His relationship with his grandparents were completely ruined, and it honestly seemed like fate was waiting for all of this to explode on him. One of the last times he spoke with his grandfather was after a pretty horrible argument. He had finally given up on him and shook his head before security threw him out of the hotel. "Sometimes I feel you should have just died with that Blackburn girl. You're acting as if you're all ready dead." These words stayed with Richard as his hate for the world got worse and worse. How was it fair that his mother had taken off, and the only girl he ever cared for had died because of her stupid dumb bitch of an aunt? He had gone to the Roadhouse planning on getting fucked up, and taking his mind off the pain that was currently throbbing inside of him. He had taken a booth, listened to the band, and smoked half a pack of cigarettes before Chad had walked by after one of the asshole workers had tried to start. He made his monthly payment to have one of these dumb pigs in his back pocket, and instantly set his sights on the group of young girls staring at him. He knew he was attractive, his mother used to say how much she saw his father in him. His stupid grandmother claimed he took after his mom. Linda always said the same thing, he had the face of a true heartbreaker. He relied on this to pick up pussy whenever he wanted. Tonight he was in a pretty nasty mood and wanted to hurt someone as bad as he felt. The girl had turned, asking for a light? He stared at her, knowing she would do and told her to come here and to sit down. He flicked his smoke into the whiskey he had been nursing and faintly heard it hiss. She walked over, and sat beside him, being a little forward slut.

That's when that black rage took over and he jumped at the chance grabbing her. Instantly her friends looked over like scared little sheep. He reached down, grabbing her breasts and held her tight against him. He remembered all the nights he used to take Linda here, and how hot it made him whenever they cuddled up together in a back booth and she would laugh as he breathed down against her neck, and slipped his hands around her waist. One hand snaked around her throat, feeling her pulse pound. The girl stiffened.


"Hey what?"

He knew having paid Chad off, he could do whatever he wanted and nobody would do a damn thing. The music continued to blast onward.

"What's your name?"


She said, her voice uneven and scared. He leaned in, feeling all ready himself getting hard.

"You wanna fuck me Charlotte? You wanna fuck?"

Charlotte struggled beneath his firm grip and sounded terrified.


One of her friends turned, looking just as frightened.

"Hey leave her alone!"

Richard smiled up, his eyes completely mad. His hand continued holding Charlotte's throat, feeling her heart pound. He smiled at her friend.

"Little smoking babies...makes me laugh. I'm gonna laugh when I fuck you bitch!"

With that, he released her, watching as Charlotte scrambled out of the booth like a scared cat. She jumped up, turning and staring down with frightened eyes. Smiling, Richard slid out of the booth, stared at her before eying her friends.

"See you around Charlotte."

Turning, he knew exactly what he was going. He headed straight into the crowd as Charlotte rubbed her sore neck as her friends hurried around her.


"Are you sure you don't want to go to the police? That guy seemed crazy!"

Amy begged Charlotte. The whole group of them were from the university up state and had come down after hearing what a good time the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks was. There was a great band playing tonight, and a few girls from their history course had claimed there were a ton of cute guys there. Tonight they had all gotten pretty buzzed before Charlotte spotted the handsome thin man with the wavy hair sitting behind them. She had taken out a cigarette wanting to impress him after seeing how much of a bad ass he had acted when that guy had asked him to stop smoking. Never in a million years did she believe she would be sexualy harassed and manhandled like that. Sure plenty of guys had come on to her before, even getting fresh and trying to cop a feel. Instead tonight had been different. Never before had she seen someone change so quickly and violent. He had hurt her throat bad, and her felt filthy after he had let her go and vanished into the crowd.

Originally Amy and Jennifer had wanted her to just leave. Instead she had ducked into the rest room and checked the raw spots on her throat before claiming she was okay. She had continued searching the crowd, on edge waiting for him to show up again. Instead she figured he had taken off after getting his rocks off and scaring her. She switched to water, while the girls slowly seemed to forget about what happened when a group of cute bikers had come over and offered to buy them shots. After another hour of this nonsense she had grown tried sitting back watching everyone have fun. She wanted to just jump in her car, drive back to campus, and collapse in her dorm and forget about this embarrassing night. Finally she had told Amy she was leaving by the restroom while they had gone in together to check their makeup. Shrugging, Charlotte explained she was fine, he was just some asshole. She smiled motioning in that direction where the rest of them were at the bar laughing with the guys. She told Amy to be safe and she would see her tomorrow. Turning, she headed out through the crowd and outside where the cool crisp autumn air hit her. Relieved to escape the thick scent of smoke and sweat, she looked up at the pitch black sky and tucked her hands in the front pockets of her light jacket.

The parking-lot was huge, and she had parked her Civic further towards the back. Walking, she felt her shoes crush the gravel, passing people who were heading in. Walking between the cars, she had no idea somebody was watching her. Walking, she finally reached her car and dug into her purse for her keys. Taking them out, she clicked the remote to unlock the door when it happened...

A hand snaked behind her, covering her mouth cutting off her breath. Suddenly her eyes widened, as a yelp of a scream was cut off completely. She felt another arm wrap around her, lifting her up as her legs kicked and she franticly looked around. Within seconds her back door was opened and she was thrown inside. Landing on her back, she tried to turn before she saw him. The man from earlier. His eyes looked insane. Screaming, she went to sit up and scream when his face crumpled and he made a fist hitting her right across the face, making her fall backwards in a dead slump. Blood dribbled form her nose as she laid back. Breathing heavy, Richard knew he didn't have much time. Ever since Linda, these terrible urges had gotten worse and worse. Tonight it was completely out of control. Climbing on top of her, crammed in her backseat, he reached into his jacket pocket and took out a tiny baggy.

Being careful, he opened it and sprinkled a little bit of blow on the back of his hand. Ducking his head, he snorted hard, and felt the instant buzz zip through his body. Taking a deep breath, he reached down and cupped her breasts again, roughly mashing them over her thin top before lifting it up. She had a lace bra underneath and he tore down the cups, watching the full mounds of flesh pour out. Running his hands over her nipples, he felt his erection pulsing from beneath his jeans. Reaching down, he grabbed her jeans, and quickly unbuttoned them. Taking them by the hips, he yanked them down along with her panties. Pulling them all the way down to her ankles, he took deep breaths, before spreading her legs as far as he could in this crammed backseat. Charlotte muttered, her nose still bleeding and traveling down the side of her face. She tossed her head from side to side, not truly focusing. Enjoying this, he unzipped his own fly, and reached in and pulled his penis out which sprang out. Charlotte's eyes opened, before staring up at him. Looking absolutely scared to death to tried to scream when he slapped his hand over her mouth again. Muffling her scream, he leaned down and laughed hovering over her. Adjusting himself, he leaned down and rammed himself into her. Charlotte cried out, before Richard smiled.

"I told you I would laugh you when I fucked you..."

Charlotte's face crumpled in pain before Richard bucked down his skinny hips, and started quickly thrusting into her. Charlotte stared up in disbelief that this was even happening. Her legs hung on each side of him lifelessly as he continued roughly slamming himself down into her. Richard laughed like a madman as he continued raping her as people walked by completely unaware what was happening inside this tiny car.

Less than twenty minutes later, Richard had finished and had knocked Charlotte out when she wouldn't stop crying. Chad had met him by the car he had texted him about, and brought the bottles of booze. Richard had smoothed out his hair before holding onto the girl's passed out body before squeezing her mouth open. Chad poured half a bottle of whiskey down her throat before picking her up. Richard asked if those bikers were willing to have a good time with her? Chad nodded and said sure thing after he showed them the money. They had gone about this two times all ready. Richard had his fun with some random college girl, and they set it up making it look like she had drank too much and ended up getting fucked by some horny dirty old bikers who were willing to score some pussy. They would take photos with her phone, and when she came to they would tell her they had taken their own photos. If she wanted to go to the police sure, but plenty of guys would say she left drunk off her ass looking for a party in the parking-lot. Nobody would say they saw her with Richard.

As always the girl would be too scared and embarrassed to ever do anything or even go to the police since they were of college age and didn't want it looking like they had gotten too drunk and got fucked around. So far they had been lucky, but Chad had warned him this wasn't always going to work. Still, Richard had a feeling Charlotte was dumb enough and when she woke up behind the dumpsters with one of those biker cocks in her mouth and herself stinking of booze, she would figure her encounter hadn't really happened with him. No, she would first try to blame these guys, before they would gang up on her and threaten if she tried to cry rape, anybody could see how wrecked she was. Plus they had plenty of photos on her phone and theirs of her performing plenty of "jobs" for the group of them. Watching her get carried away, he passed Chad an extra three hundred before popping a smoke in his mouth. His balls ached, and he couldn't stop thinking about Linda. He knew he was playing a dangerous game, but deep down inside he really wanted to get caught. Maybe somehow that meant he could be stopped. Grinning, he cocked his head and told Chad if he wanted to get his dick wet, go for it, Charlotte seemed like a girl who liked to party. Shaking his head Chad carried the girl away muttering that he was one sick bastard. Smiling, Richard watched them before turning and heading to the shit box he was currently driving.

Climbing behind the wheel he was glad Charlotte was going to now get passed around like the slut she was. Any girl like that deserved the same kind of treatment. Starting the engine, he flicked his smoke into the overflowing ashtray. Gripping the wheel he sat there for a second before staring forward. He had that connection to make this week with Red. After that? Who knew? Sitting there, he closed his eyes feeling his chest tighten as he thought of Linda's face. Face crumpling in complete rage, he punched the wheel hard enough to hurt his knuckles as he grabbed onto it.

Swearing, he shook his head and peeled out of the parking-lot.