Spring 2001

The bell over the shop's door jingled in downtown Twin Peaks. Audrey was sitting in her office, going over the books and frowning. Despite marrying that little shit Charlie, she was still barley getting by. Still, he was covering the rent for the shop, and Richard and her were actually living in a house. Still, she was completely miserable. Charlie was an accountant who she met when she fell behind on her payments for the business. The bank came, and Charlie was one of the first people she met with. He was small, a midget in fact with tiny rat eyes that looked out at her from behind his glasses. Everything about him annoyed her, but she knew from the second they met to go over payment plans, he was a goner. Having been used to plenty of creeps staring at her over the years, she simply dismissed it before Charlie took her hand and kissed it at the end of the meeting, insisting if there was anything she needed, he was her man. Audrey couldn't roll her eyes enough at this statement. He had been a pest, but he was well off. She only saw her mother now a few times durning the year since the two had gotten into quite the argument when Richard was eight. He had attacked another student at his school, and ended up beating him so badly that the boy lost sight in his right eye. Silvia tried to reason with Audrey, explaining that Richard had severe mental problems, and needed to be treated. Audrey meanwhile simply refused to believe that her beautiful son was crazy. She understood he had problems, but she wouldn't allow herself to see the truth. Instead as always she made excuses, and told her mother that none of this was any of her business. Now whenever they visited, there was tension in the air. Her mother tried slipping her cash, still trying to help. Audrey refused, just as she did with her father. She had finished school as hard as it had been, and had just opened a small beauty shop downtown. It wasn't much, and she took quite the loan out at the bank, but she had three really great girls working for her, and she enjoyed keeping herself busy. At this time she had been struggling, living in her tiny apartment with her son, falling behind on bills all past due. Still despite all of the stress, debt, and worry...Richard was still the center of her world. She adored him, and often at night when she couldn't sleep would open his room door and stare at him with so much love she knew it was dangerous. Everything was completely perfect about him.

His fair skin, his wavy sandy colored hair, his greenish blue eyes, his sharp features which were becoming more and more define as he grew. She knew her baby was growing up fast, and still couldn't believe it. Some night she would be awakened by terrible vivid dreams of her delivering him and the nurses pulling a lifeless gray stillborn baby out of her. Every time this happened she would jolt awake, and rush to Richard's room. There she would spend hours looking in on him as he slept, completely unaware of his distress. She knew he was having problems at school, but she simply dismissed it as boys would be boys. She figured her father had caught wind of what was still happening and kept paying off the schools to not expel him. She noticed more brand new playground equipment, new science books, computers, and gym equipment. There were plenty of rumors, but Audrey didn't care. If it came to it she would pull Richard out of school and home school him if need be. Still, she knew Richard as much as he couldn't stand school, or his peers, and teachers completely adored that Blackburn girl. She was a pretty little thing, and constantly came over to visit. Audrey thought she was sweet, and couldn't help but smile whenever she looked in on the two of them playing on the living room rug side by side, usually Linda trying to show Richard how to do his homework while he seemed as if he couldn't care less. She wasn't exactly thrilled when she married Charlie, but she felt this might pull her out of the red, and give her the chance to give Richard the life he deserved. It was a small affair they happened at town hall, one of Charlie's friends as witness. Her mother wasn't present, and neither was her son. Richard truly didn't seem to care if she married Richard. She knew he couldn't stand him, and called him a circus freak behind his back, but truly didn't care. When Audrey told him her plan, and how they would move into his house, Richard simply shrugged and said fine.

Charlie had tried to bond with his new step-son, but Richard barley gave him the time of day. Audrey couldn't help but admit, she felt the same exact way. Besides one quick screw on their wedding night, which left her feeling disgusted, the two hadn't touched each other. Audrey moved into his house, and quickly took advantage of Charlie's credit cards, and savings. Richard now had a house, and she was able to keep her business afloat. Her mother had plenty to say about this, but Audrey didn't want to hear it. This past year had been tough. She had begun to have vivid nightmares. Nightmares of Cooper. She thought about him all the time, had even used some of Charlie's money to see if she could even track him down somehow. So far, after all these years the trails had all run cold. It seemed as if he vanished shortly after leaving Twin Peaks. She sometimes missed him so bad her heart ached. She laid in her own bed (she simply refused to share a bed with Charlie) and would stare up at the ceiling wondering where he was. She kept trying so hard to remember that time in the hospital, when she was still slipping in and out of it, recovering from her injuries from the explosion.

She kept seeing blurred images of his face...but something had been wrong. His eyes, they seemed so dark...

Sometimes when she looked at Richard her heart ached so badly she couldn't stand it. She knew he was Cooper's, and how badly she just wanted to remember. If he had snuck into her room, making love to her as a sort of way to say goodbye to her. Why hadn't he come back? Was he in danger? Did he know that he had gotten her pregnant? Made this beautiful boy? She wanted so badly to tell Richard, but she knew it would only confuse him. She wanted him to know she had done all of this for him. That she didn't love Charlie, but wanted to give him the life he deserved... She had been drinking quite a lot, and heading to the Roadhouse. She had been sleeping around, needing a release that wasn't getting at home. She knew Richard was getting into more and more trouble. Sheriff Truman had even shown up to the shop just a month or so ago having coffee with her and explaining that if Richard kept getting into trouble, he wouldn't have any other choice than to bring him in, minor or so minor. The latest had been him attacking a warehouse worker who cat called Ms. Blackburn when they were walking downtown together. Audrey knew how protective he was of Linda, in fact it seemed as if the only important things to him were Linda and her. As touched as she was, she had become worried. She had seen Richard that afternoon, his lip bleeding, his eyes crazed, and she knew deep in her heart incident after incident that something terrible was lurking in him. Something horrible. She had pleaded her case to the sheriff, so badly wanting to tell him the truth of who Richard's father was.

Instead she promised she would keep an close eye on him, and returned back to work. She had been drinking too much lately, and losing focus. She had been fighting with Charlie all the time now, the last fight just a few days ago when he asked her why she was leaving every night, and who she was with? In a complete rage she had attacked him, giving him a black eye. She knew she was losing her grasp on things, and felt as if she was truly starting to lose control. Today she arrived at work early, and went straight to her office. Hanging on the wall, next to her licenses, and certificates was a framed photo of Agent Cooper. It was a photo taken durning his brief stay at her father's hotel. A photo she held precious and framed shortly after she opened this business. It hung on the wall, so whenever things seemed too much she could simply look up and feel at ease. Nobody ever questioned why she had it there, not even her son who had stared at it with curious eyes more than once. She knew someday there would come a day when she would tell Richard the truth, until then she would simply keep trying to get through life, and wonder where her special agent had disappeared to... She looked up and saw her Richard and Linda walk in, backpacks swung over their shoulders. Smiling, she took off her reading glasses, and stood up, heels clicking on the floor as she walked out to greet them.

Amy, and Jan were currently cutting two older women's hair, listening to music.

"Hey sweetheart, how are you?!"

She walked over, kissing Richard's cheek who blushed. Looking embarrassed, but smirking Richard shrugged before Linda smiled up at her. She was becoming quite the young lady. She said hello to Audrey, and instantly Audrey smiled, lifting a strand of her hair, seeing that it was dyed a light shade of purple.

"Oh darling, when did you do this?!"

Linda laughed and explained she did it last night in her bathroom, that her aunt thought she looked crazy. Audrey smiled remarking that it was pretty, but next time she wanted to try something cool and crazy she could come here, free of charge. Linda squealed with delight as Richard rolled his eyes.


He muttered, making Linda laugh and playfuly push him. Staring, suddenly Audrey's expression fell. Looking up, Richard raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong mom?"

Audrey stared down at her son as if she had never truly seen him before. Her eyes looked horrified, and all color drained from her complexion. In just the matter of seconds, she blinked, trying not to let them lead on before nervously smiling.

"I have a lot of paperwork to get to darling, why don't you and Linda go to the RR for a malt...on me."

She turned, took her purse off the counter, and handed him a ten dollar bill. Richard took it, raising an eyebrow.

"You sure?"

Audrey forced a smile.

"Of course, I'll see you later tonight. If you see Charlie tell him I'll be late I have a lot of work to do..."

Richard nodded.

"Okay, thanks mom!"

He took Linda's hand and turned, wearing a jean jacket. Linda said goodbye, and the two hurried out of the shop. Audrey watched them before they vanished out of sight before quickly returning to her office. Shutting and locking the door, she put down the shades, and faintly heard the radio and blowdryers from the other room. Feeling sick to her stomach, she swayed before bracing herself against the wall. Her heart hammering, she stared up at the framed photo of Agent Cooper and remembered...

He stared down at her, machines beeping and clicking.

He grinned, a horrifying grin before he unzipped his slacks, and carefully climbed on top of her. Still grinning, he leaned down to her sleeping hurt face and whispered...

"He cared a lot for you..."

Reaching he painfully grabbed hold of her breast, roughly squeezing it before he opened her legs. Working himself out of his slacks, his erection stood out as he cupped one hand and spit into it. Reaching down, he touched her down there and laughed when she moaned in her sleep, tossing her head to the side. Adjusting himself, he pushed himself down, and entered her. Audrey, even in her sleep stiffened, and cried out as he sank down into her. Laughing, he pushed forward, before bucking his hips. Audrey's eyelids fluttered open and closed, as he grabbed hold of her wrists, making her hands lay above her head as he began roughly thrusting into her at a steady rate. She saw his face, his dark eyes, his grin. For a mere flash, she saw another man. Long dirty gray hair, and a crazed grin.

She nearly screamed, before it turned back into Cooper's face. But his eyes, oh God...his eyes...

The hospital bed creaked, as she cried faintly, drifting in and out of sleep before he stiffened, snapping his eyes shut and grabbed hold of her tightly. He climaxed inside of her, impregnating her with her son. No, this hadn't been Agent Cooper. this had been something else...and it had raped her. She watched as he pulled himself out of her, penis flopping as he tucked himself away, pushed her legs together, and pulled the sheet up. Smiling, he kissed her cheek and said...


He then walked out of the room as she continued to sleep.

Something had raped her, it hadn't been human. Whatever had done this to her, had made Richard...and it hadn't been Dale. No, it had been something dead, and cold, and awful. Something that wasn't of this world. Furious, sickened, and shocked she grabbed the framed photo of Dale and yanked it off the wall. Holding it in her hands, she glared at it before throwing it down to the ground. The glass shattered, and instantly she heard Jan's voice on the other side of her office door, knocking loudly, her voice sounding alarmed.

"Audrey? Are you okay?"

Audrey leaned against the wall, feeling as if she might vomit. Something had wore the face of her Dale, and had raped her. She suddenly felt filthy. That meant her son was only half her, half human. Whatever seed had been planted inside of her hadn't been human. She ran her hands over her face, trying to control her tears.


"You sure?"

"I said I'm fine! Cancel the rest of the afternoon appointments and take off early...I have book keeping to do and I don't want to be disturbed."


"DO IT!"

She snapped, no longer caring how she sounded. There was silence on the other end for a moment, then she heard Jan walk away. Looking down at the shattered remains of her framed photo, she reached down and fished the photo from the shattered pieces glass. Holding it up, she stared it. Holding it, her face crumpled as she leaned over, trying everything within her not to cry.


Jan had knocked on her door informing her that they were heading out and wanted to know if she needed anything? Audrey sat slumped on the floor, still holding photograph of Cooper before stating in a very deadpan voice that she was fine. She heard the girls leave, and she sat there for another hour, feeling absolutely nothing. The last ten or so years went by in a blur. She remembered her last visit with her mother. She had brought Richard over to her mother's townhouse for Easter. It had just been a few months since she married Charlie, and a horrible depression had washed over her. Most nights after she closed up her shop she would head to the roadhouse, drink, and pick up any man who was interested. To her it was just sex, a perfect escape from the fact that she had married Charlie because she had no other choice. They had been arguing a great deal and when Charlie muttered that she was nothing more than a drunk while in the kitchen, Richard had overheard and lunched at him like a wild animal, knocking his tiny body down. Audrey to pry him off him as he struggled against her calling his new stepfather a cocksucker. When she visited with her mother, Richard was playing his video games, sitting in a chair next to Johnny who watched TV with the same lost dazed expression. Silvia had heard about the trouble Richard was having in school, and tried to suggest taking him to a private school. Audrey as usual lit a cigarette, and remarked that it was none of her business. Silvia sighed before asking her why she really did marry that tiny weird little man?

That she would help her, and that she tried telling her that opening a business wasn't the best idea. She should have worked as a stylist for a few years and build up her savings before opening up her shop. Furious Audrey wanted so badly to scream in her mother's face. Unlike her, she didn't rely on the Horne name. She had worked hard, and she had a beautiful healthy boy despite his troubles. She had done everything she needed to do for a reason.

"I stopped by to try and see you a few days ago, the girls said you were downtown at the bank...it's a very lovely place."

"I'm sure you think so mother. Sorry it isn't like the fancy places you go in the city, but not everyone in Twin Peaks can afford a three hundred dollar hair cut."

Silvia sighed, not letting her daughter's words affect her.

"I looked into your office...Audrey, why do you have that photo of Agent Cooper in your office? Do you have any idea what people might think?"

Audrey glared at her mother before glancing over quickly in the next room to her son who was completely unaware of what they were saying. Lowering her voice, she nearly hissed at her.

"That's none of your business!"

"Audrey, I know you had a crush on him, but after everything that happened...how he left that Blackburn girl. She's in a hospital you know. Richard's little friend Linda is her daughter...his daughter. What sort of man leaves a young unstable girl after he got her pregnant? A lot of people from town..."

"I've had enough..."

Audrey went to leave when Silvia grasped her daughter's arm, causing her to look her in the eye. Both locked eyes.

"What aren't you telling me Audrey?"

Audrey beard her teeth at her mother and ripped her grip away.

"Get away from me!"

She harshly whispered, before turning and changing her expression completely. Smiling, she turned and called for Richard to get his jacket. The whole ride back, she kept glancing over at her beautiful baby, still so engrossed in his video game and smiled. Ruffling his hair, she continued to drive.

She would leave, yes...she would leave and take Richard with her. She would leave all of this behind... She stood up, and grabbed the broom, sweeping the broken glass up, and grabbing her purse. She would head to the ATM, take as much cash as she could, and grab Richard. Charlie was probably in his study, nursing his scotch, and wouldn't hear them at all. She would convince Richard to come with her, even if that meant he had to leave his friend Linda behind. She would take her car, and drive...just drive... After that? She wasn't exactly sure. She thought of poor Annie Blackburn driven insane, and refused to believe she would next. Leaving the photograph on her desk, she stared at it one last time before grabbing her jacket, and taking one last look around. She had enjoyed her little business, but knew it was time to go. Flicking the lights off, she shut the door, and hurried to her car. As she walked down the sidewalk, heels clicking she suddenly felt a terrible chill.

Freezing, she turned around and looked with frightened eyes. "Hello?" She called as she started down the back alley to the lot where she left her car. Even though the sun had just set, it was dark...too dark. She looked around before turning around completely. Raising an eyebrow, she didn't quite understand what she was seeing. Suddenly her eyes widened and before she could scream...


That night Richard tossed and turned in his bed. His entire body sleek with sweat from terrible nightmares he was suffering from. He never awoke, and his mother never came to comfort him. His stepfather stayed down in his study, even falling asleep at his chair, with hands neatly folded over his belly. The next morning he wasn't the slightest bit surprised when he saw Audrey had never returned. Richard got up an hour later, and got ready for school. He met up with Linda, and the two walked together. All the while, he kept looking over his shoulder. Linda smirked, playfully jabbing at him.

"What's the matter?"

Richard shrugged shaking his head.

"Nothing I guess..."

By the time he came back from school, he saw his grandmother's car in the driveway. Raising an eyebrow, he also saw a police cruiser. Hurrying inside, he saw his grandmother, that asshole Sheriff Truman, Deputy Hawk, and his jerk of a stepfather Charlie. They were all sitting around. Instantly Richard looked around, frantic.

"Where's my mom?" Silvia sighed.

"Richard come here..."


In the end they explained that the two women who worked for her mother came to find the business locked up. There was a typed letter from his mother, explaining that she couldn't take the mental stress of what had happened, or raising her son. She was leaving, and didn't want to be followed. Nothing more, nothing less. Richard wouldn't believe it. He couldn't. Slowly he backed up shaking his head. Why were they trying to make it like this was his fault? That the burden of raising him caused her to suddenly close her business, and leave town. Charlie remarked thousands were missing from the savings account, and her car was gone. None of if made sense. His grandmother tried to comfort him but he pushed away. Sheriff Truman took his hat off and sighed, explaining they couldn't exactly mark her as a missing person since she did leave a note. They could put an APV on her car, if Silvia and Charlie wanted. Instantly Charlie shook his head disgusted.

"She doesn't want to be found, I know her."

Richard glared, eyes crazed.


Silvia tried to touch Richard, to stroke the back of his head but he flinched and shook her hand away. He knew his mother had problems, but nothing that would make it this bad. Just a few days ago she had spent the entire evening up in his room, laying on her stomach on his bed side by side with him laughing as he tried to show her how to play his newest Playstation game. She was happy, he knew she was. Then he remembered the odd look that overcame her yesterday in the shop. Something had happened. He knew it. Silvia tried to comfort him, saying he was going to stay with her for awhile until they got this all sorted out. Instead, Richard pulled away, screaming for her to leave him alone. Wild, he ran out of the house ignoring the calls that came after him. He jumped on his bike, thrown to the side of the lawn, mounted it, and rode away as fast as he could. When he reached her shop, he remembered the spare key she kept on top of the door. He used it, and let himself in. The place smelled of shampoo, and hair dye. His eyes scanned the room, before he hurried to her office. There was no way she would have left him. She always told him, it was just the two of them. Two against the world. She wouldn't have left him. He wanted to leave and go to Linda's, she would know what to do. That's when he froze, looking down at her desk. The photograph of the man in the black suit laid on the desk No longer in it's frame.

Richard had seen it thousands of times, but had never questioned who the man was in it. He had suspected his father, even though she never mentioned him by name. Slowly picking the photograph up, he gazed at it before turning it over. Written on the back in his mother's handwriting said...

Special Agent Dale Cooper of the FBI - 1989

He stared at it, transfixed before he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, causing him to spin around. There stood his grandfather. Ben Horne. He had only met him briefly a few times by chance, since he knew his mother and him had some sort of falling out before he was born. He knew he owned half the store, including the Horne Department store (where he was forbidden to ever go into) as well as the giant hotel The Great Northern. Having the Horne name meant something in Twin Peaks, and he had suspected he was the reason he hadn't truly gotten in trouble both by the sheriff or at school. He knew his grandmother couldn't stand him, and had seen his photo before. Now he stood there, staring down at him. Richard stared up, before Ben sadly smiled.

"It's all right Richard...it's all right..."

At that exact moment Richard never felt more alone in his entire life.


Linda had died and had been taken off life support after she delivered the stillborn baby. Richard didn't even bother seeing it. None of this mattered anymore. Instead, he climbed out of his shitty car, sore from the orderlies dragging him out of the hospital and stared at the Palmer house. Crazy Sarah Palmer lived there. She had been driving that day. She had been the cause of the accident. Why was it fair that she had lived. A crazy old bitch like her, and Linda had died? He was going to break in, and kill her. He stood there when suddenly something stopped him. He stared at the house and faintly could hear a voice in the back of his mind making him freeze.

"You don't wanna fuck with this, trust me son."

Richard's eyes filled with tears, before he took a step back, suddenly very afraid. He nearly stumbled backwards, before running back to his car, grasping for the door handle, and climbing in. After he raced away, he returned back to his cabin, did a few lines, before sitting on the edge of his bed. One of Linda's T-shirts were still there. Grabbing it, he held it close to his face and inhaled. Linda was dead. She was really dead. Snapping his eyes shut, he moaned. After that, he slowly began falling down a dark abyss of drugs, violence, and much worse...resulting in his tragic death. Linda and the baby were buried. Norma named the baby Alex, and both were buried in the cemetery together. Richard refused to go to the funeral. That wasn't his Linda or baby buried in that box. It was just two bodies. His self-destructive life continued, up until he met his father that cold October night.

"Who's your mother?"

"Audrey Horne..."


"Linda! Linda! Where are you?!"

Richard screamed, trapped in a large room with a strange white and black zig-zag floor, and red curtains surrounding him. Every time he tried to lift to curtains or leave, he was back in the same exact room. Was this Hell? Did he really finally go to Hell for all the terrible things he had done? Franticly, all he remembered was finally meeting the man he suspected was his father, climbing on that stupid rock, and then the bright light and pain.

He wanted Linda, but couldn't find her.

Finally he stopped, looking around his greenish blue eyes filling with tears. He stopped and saw a one armed man in a suit. Richard froze, completely terrified.

"What the fuck?"

"You shall live again...this time right."

With that a loud humming noise came and another bright light. Richard shielded his eyes before everything went dark.

October 2014

The doppelgänger slowly turned around and stared at the sheriff's station. He had driven all night to arrive at these coordinates and had been transferred here. Last night he allowed his only son to walk into a trap, most likely set by both Philip and Ray. It had cost him his child's life. As disappointed as he was, he was satisfied he hadn't sprung the trap. He now knew after all these years, he would find his mother, who had been placed for safe keeping, her mind completely snapping unable to process what had happened. He would find her, rape her, and produce a new heir. He had tried doing so with Cooper's daughter Linda, but both her and the child had died. After that, he would track down Judy and destroy her. Turning, he stared at the parking-lot and then the building. Instantly he stared ahead with his dead black eyes.

"What is this?"

He began walking forward when that idiot Andy turned from his car, holding a basket, his eyes lighting up with joy.

"Agent Cooper! Agent Cooper! We were just talking about you!"

"Hello Andy..."


Cooper stood in the sheriff's station for the first time in nearly twenty-five years. Harry wasn't there, but his brother Frank was. There were friends both new and old who joined together for this wonderful journey. Freddie stood back next to James, his face bloody, but otherwise relieved. It was over. He had watched Bob escape from his doppelgänger's dead body. This bastard had been the reason why he had been trapped in the Black Lodge all these years. Twenty-five years stolen from him, as this evil entity used his body to commit horrible unspeakable crimes. Now it was over. Freezing, he stared at the strange woman dressed in the bathrobe, her face badly deformed, no eyes at all. Staring, he saw the woman perk up when his gaze fell upon her. Both stood across from each other as the woman slowly drifted apart from both Freddie and James. That's when her face seemed to break apart before his very own eyes. He saw the black lodge, as the woman's face broke open.

There before him stood Audrey Horne. She was older, but still just as beautiful.

"Audrey!" She stood there, her sparking green eyes staring at him as he stepped forward. Suddenly it became so clear. Something terrible had happened to her, she had been held captive, and now here she was. She gazed up as he moved closer, both closely studying each other's faces. Audrey had been trapped all these years. The last thing she remembered was leaving her business, walking out as quickly as she could, before turning and seeing something awful. So awful her mind couldn't quite grasp it.

It was a woman, but she didn't have a face. Before she could scream, everything went dark. After that she was trapped in a limbo, a personal Hell without her son. She would replay the same scenes over and over again. She was still married to Charlie, searching for Billy... Who Billy was exactly she wasn't sure, but he looked with a mixture of the deal Dale Cooper, and her son. Her beautiful son...

Over and over again like a stage play it would unfold. First at the house, then the roadhouse, she would dance, then it would start all over. Finally there came a time that she was snapped awake by the loud buzzing sound of energy, like wires humming. She awoke, standing in a bright white room, staring at her reflection, and suddenly knowing for however long she had been trapped there, it wasn't real. She had been held prisoner. Her son Richard, something terrible had happened to her son Richard... He had been left all alone...

Before she could scream, darkness came. She had become blind. She couldn't see. She searched around helpless, not quite understanding what she was hearing or feeling. Now she stood in the sheriff's office, free from her prison. The father of her child, the man who had raped her shot dead on the floor. She looked around at the crowd of people staring, some she recognized, some she didn't. She stepped forward, curious, and unsure before she saw the real Dale Cooper. He smiled as she stared up.

"Cooper...the one and only..."

Both passionately began to kiss. Twenty-five years of build up passion exploding as their mouths opened and closed. Audrey suddenly understood now what had happened. Whatever was laying on the floor that looked like Cooper was the man that raped her and had Richard with her. He had been part of the reason she had been trapped wherever she was. When she went missing, they simply dismissed it that she had suffered a nervous breakdown and left town. She had been taken else where, and now she had returned. All those lonely horrible years trapped. Her son becoming more and more insane, truly believing that she had abandoned him, The evil part of his soul taking over as her mother tried to raise him as he became more and more unstable. Now she knew deep in her heart, her boy was dead. Both stared at each other in complete wonder as Cooper held her close. Just like that, the body of the evil Cooper vanished, the Owl ring now on him, returning to the Hell where he belonged. He had come here for her, knowing she had escaped. Now after all these years, she was free. His eyes stared down at her, the only man she knew she had ever loved and instantly they were filled with so much guilt and pain.

"Do you remember everything?"

Audrey nodded.

"Yes." Both turned staring at the clock as the hands twitched. Cooper turned back, staring at her and took her hand firmly.

"We live inside a dream. I hope I see all of you again. Every one of you."

With that the room began to darken.

"Gordon!" Cooper yelled, grasping onto Audrey's hand, refusing to let go.


Darkness. When he came to, Audrey was leading both him and Gordon down through the massive basement of The Great Northern. She was still dressed in her robe, and walked along the giant furnaces and power boxes. Finally they came to a door where a beautiful humming could be heard. The three of them stopped as Cooper fished into his pocket and produced a key. Turning, he suddenly knew what he had to do before he could go any further.

"Listen, I'm going through this door. Don't try to follow me, either of you."

Audrey looked distressed, but nodded before hugging him tightly. Cooper's heart ached. He hated himself for ignoring his true feelings towards her. He suddenly understood a lot had happened, he wanted so badly to comfort her. Instead, he knew better. He had to do this. Pulling away, he nodded to his old friend. Gordon who smiled.

"I'll be thinking of you Coop!"


The evil Cooper sat in the black lodge, flames flicking all over his body as he sat, staring ahead with his ghostly eyes. He had failed, and had been brought back here. His grip tightened on the armrests, staring into the red curtains. He had thought he would find his son here, instead he was gone. Awaiting something, to be made again, but pure. This enraged him as he stared forward, the flames still flickering across his face.


When Cooper slowly emerged from the forest, he saw Audrey waiting for him. He had lost Laura in the forest and wasn't exactly sure if he had succeeded. Spotting her, she stood dressed all in black, looking absolutely beautiful. He walked past the branches, and stood before her.

"Is it you? Is it really you?"

Cooper smiled.

"Yes, it's really me Audrey."

She cupped the side of his face.

"Is it really you?"

Audrey sadly smiled and nodded.


He smiled at her, as she gazed back. Her eyes relieved, happy, and heartbroken. They stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime before he took her hand.

"Come on, let's go..."


They had found a car, and had driven all night. It was almost as if it had been waiting for them. Cooper didn't ask any questions, and neither did she. Instead, they drove side by side before finally they started to cross state lines. He used the money that was in the glovebox, and filled up the tank. When he climbed back in, he turned and looked at her. Even at this age, she looked completely beautiful.

"I have so many questions..."

"I know..."


Audrey sighed, her eyes heartbroken, but shook her head.

"She had a daughter...Linda. She's been in a mental hospital ever since it happened. Her sister raised the girl."

Cooper dropped his eyes, ashamed. Audrey went on, knowing this was hard, but that he needed to hear it.

"I didn't know much, but her sister legally adopted the girl. She was beautiful..."

"She dead isn't she?"

Audrey stared, not exactly following him. Cooper nodded sadly, staring ahead.

"An accident...it was Judy."


Cooper shook his head. He wasn't certain, but after he left the forest, to a certain degree he remembered things he hadn't been present for. He had gotten sweet innocent, beautiful Annie Blackburn pregnant that morning at The Great Northern. A beauitfuil distraction from all of the madness. She was a wounded bird, he could save. Instead, she had been kidnapped and taken to The Black Lodge, where he became trapped. It had driven her insane, and now she was destined to spend the rest of her years in a mental hospital. A former shell of her true self. A daughter, a beautiful daughter named Linda who looked so much like her. Judy had killed her, while she was carrying a child. He saw his doppelganget's face above hers one night as lighting flashed in a motel room. His dark eyes glaring down at her as Laura Palmer's father's face had all those years ago. He saw his adult daughter, the perfect mixture of both of them with her sandy colored hair, and big eyes stare up terrified as he raped her. Using his body to violate his very own child.

There had been a child, growing in her womb. But Judy had sensed it, and both had died. He saw flashes of a car going off a bridge. Icy water, and the sound of screams. He saw Linda laying in a hospital bed lifeless, and a stillborn baby laying gray and dead on the table. He saw a grave, where Norma Jennings, Shelly Johnson, and a beautiful blond young woman visited, weeping and laying flowers on her gave.

Linda Blackburn...his child was dead. He then stared at her, knowing the truth. In these flashes he had seen a young man. A man who this doppelgänger had made using his body. He saw Audrey laying in a hospital bed, as he watched himself rape her. His stomach turned as his heart pounded, before he opened his eyes and saw Audrey staring at him crying.

"He raped me when I was in the hospital after the bank explosion. It happened the day after the Miss Twin Peaks contest happened and you went into the woods to get Annie. It was a bomb, it killed Pete and two others. I was there and got hurt. He came to me, raped me...and left. I got pregnant."

Cooper stared horrified.


"It was a boy, a beautiful boy...I named him Richard. He was gorgeous. He had problems, but I refused to see it. I loved him so much, and waited for you to come back. I didn't want to believe what really happened. When I finally remembered...I tried to leave town with him, but this thing came at me...she didn't have a face..."


The same thing that had killed his daughter. Audrey was becoming emotional, and blinked her tears away.


"Then what happened..."

"Darkness. I was trapped somewhere. Replaying over and over again...I couldn't leave and protect my boy. Then suddenly...I knew that...whatever it was that had raped me...had found him, and killed him."

Tears now gushed from her eyes as Audrey rocked back and forth.

"He killed our baby...our Richard...oh God...I want him back! I want my baby back!"

Cooper quickly grabbed onto Audrey pulling her close as she sobbed against him. He rubbed her back, allowing her to fully breakdown. He now knew there had been two children. One, a daughter named Linda. A beautiful girl from Annie Blackburn. She had somehow got in contact with his doppelgänger and was raped. She died carrying that evil spawn. Her soulmate, her brother in all manners of speaking Richard had been the result of a terrible attack by his doppelgänger yet again. Raping, and violating the one precious relationship he had in this damned town. Him and Audrey had made a beautiful but disturbed creature, and he had killed him. Their son. Both children, murdered and now gone. He held onto Audrey for what seemed like hours, mourning the death of these children, hating this evil bastard more than ever. He understood the damage had been done with Annie. But maybe, just maybe he could fix things with Audrey.



"You sure you wanna do this...you don't know what it's gonna be like when..."

"I know that. We're at that point now, I can feel it...look we're almost exactly at 430 miles..."

He pulled the car over and turned towards Audrey.

"Exactly 430 miles."

He put the car in park.

"Just think about it Cooper..."

Cooper left the car, walking forward and staring at the power lines. His heart still ached over his two lost children. Even if his doppelgänger had convinced that son with Audrey, it had still used his body. Both had been brutally murdered and he had been completely helpless to stop it. Now he could truly do something. He looked up at the power lines, faintly hearing the noise before checking his watch and then returning back to the car. He took a deep breath.

"This is the place. Kiss me."

He leaned forward, staring.

"Once we cross it could all be different."

Audrey stared at him as both of their eyes filled with tears. There was still so much to say, but there was no turning back now. They tenderly kissed, before they pulled apart. Audrey stared at him and nodded. "Let's go." Cooper started the car, and slowly it rolled over the gravel. The humming became louder, as both stared. A flash then began setting off before them. Like lighting.

Then...darkness. Both were still in the car, but on a different highway now at night. They suddenly knew what had to be done. They drove in silence for hours, before finally coming upon a small motel. Cooper parked and got out while Audrey waited. As she sat in the car, she glanced out and for a brief second thought she saw a woman with red hair. She was beautiful. Then, just like that she vanished. Cooper came back from the office, keys in hand. He walked to the room he had gotten, and waited for her. Knowing what had to be done, she climbed out all the while remembering that time in the hospital when she was just eighteen. Laying there, drifting in and out as the doppelgänger climbed on top of her, raping her. She wasn't certain if she could do this. It had been a fantasy of hers ever since she met him. In her mind she thought the two of them were going to leave Twin Peaks together, solve crimes, and fall in love. A life filled with romance and passion... Now they had to do this. It was the only way. She walked inside and saw Cooper standing by the bed.

"What do we do now?"

"Shut off the light, and come over to me."

Audrey did so slowly, her heart pounding in her chest.


They stared at each other. Audrey stared at the man who had the same face as the one who raped her. The same man she had wanted so badly, and waited for. Slowly, they began to kiss. Undressing, they climbed into bed and Audrey straddled him. She eased herself down, feeling his shaft fill her. There was discomfort for a second, as she settled down and slowly started to pump her hips, working herself up and down. Cooper laid there with no emotion staring up at her. There was only the sound of their labored breathing. Audrey swayed, working up a sweat as she moved on top of him, trying to get it over with. She pushed away with all her strength the thoughts of his doppelgänger raping her. Fighting the images of those dark eyes away. Moving faster, and faster, she felt his hands on her breasts as she continued working up to a frenzy exhausted pace. She gasped, and covered his face with her hands. She couldn't look at him. Not after what happened. Instead she stared up at the ceiling, feeling herself come close. She rocked back and forth and thought of her beautiful son.

She was doing this for him. He deserved a second chance, and so didn't Cooper. Snapping her eyes shut, both Cooper and her climaxed together at the same exact time. Audrey cried out, before falling down against him. They didn't kiss, nor move. Instead, she slowly lifted herself off him, and laid beside him. Cooper laid there in a daze, before sleep slowly took over. Audrey laid there, all ready her hands traveling down to her stomach.

The next morning...

Cooper awoke to find the other side of the bed empty. He sat up confused.

"Audrey? Audrey?"

That's when he saw the note.

Dear Dale, You saved Laura, I'm sure of it. I can't exist in that world anymore. I knew we had to do this. Take good care of him. It's a chance to start over. He deserves a father like you. Give him a life where he won't remember any of the past pain. I'll see you again in another life. - Audrey.

Cooper raised an eyebrow confused, before hearing the first faint cry. Freezing, he tossed back the sheets, sitting up naked and saw a newborn baby boy wrapped up in towels in the chair near the dresser. Rising, Cooper approached him, and saw the infant wiggling up at him. He gazed down. It wasn't possible. Or was it? Had they made a wrong right? Had they convinced this same soul, and had it existed this quickly? In this timeline, anything was possible. He stared down, and knew instantly this was their son. Richard. Stopping the baby up, it thinly cried before he stared at him in complete wonder. He was absolutely beautiful.

"Shhhh...there, there...daddy has you...shhhh..."

He laid the warm infant against the bare chest, and slowly took a deep breath from his soft sweet skin.


Cooper had wrapped the baby up in towels, dressed, and had climbed back into the car. It was a bright warm day, and he planned on driving back home. He would cross over. Audrey had wanted it that way. He wasn't exactly sure where she was, but he was certain this was where she now belonged. She had wanted it that way. If he couldn't fix things with Annie, he had with Audrey. He was sure of it. Now in his fifties, he would return to a home that he had left partly destroyed. If he had saved Laura, maybe things were different.

Maybe even Diane, who that bastard doppelgänger had killed would be back. He planned on driving back and paying her and Gordon, and Albert a visit. He had a feeling they would remember, no matter what had changed. As he drove, he stared down at his beautiful son. He was a father now, and all that mattered was that they were together again,. Smirking, he gently touched his son's belly as it wiggled and gurgled up at him. Staring forward, he drove forward, crossing over, ready to start the rest of his life with his son.

The End